Ugly Betty Episode Recap

Shades of grey are in fashion on Ugly Betty as Betty, Daniel and even Wilhelmina try to balance what they want with what is deemed right, making decisions that immediately create heartache for all those involved.

As Betty ascends in the world of publishing, some of that shiny, positive spirit will be dimmed, but hopefully not lost. She may have a chance to remain grounded, thanks to her family, but what happens if she chooses ambition over Suarezes?

This is the thrust of the argument that both Papi and Hilda make when Betty skips out time and time again (well, only thrice) on family obligations in order to attend to Mode or YETI business (how abominable! get it?). Huh, I think the Suarezes are overracting un poco.

Twice Betty has to cancel helping Hilda prep her salon relaunch party — once in order to make contacts for her YETI program and later to pick up a Halston dress that is essential to Mode‘s April cover. She strikes out the third time during the party when she skips out in order to fix a humongous mistake that cost Mode major business.

Nikki You see, as Betty networked at a bar (mentored by Marc), she befriended Elle assistant Teri O’Shaughnessy (she of the outdated pink hair streak), who sneakily discovered that Mode needed that Halston dress to lure Keira Knightly and 30 pages of ad buys for the mag. Yoink. Teri picked up the dress instead, sabotaging Mode‘s plans.

Luckily, Betty recalled who Teri said was catering the Elle party, and got him to sneak her and Marc in to steal back the dress. Arriving with the adorned mannequin at Wilhelmina’s party (you can only have your party on that night apparently), Betty gets invited in and has the opportunity to rub elbows with the fashion elite.

Unluckily, by missing Hilda’s party, she finds out after the fact that Papi suffered a heart attack. It’s a rather grim scene when she goes to the hospital and the Suarez clan is gathered around….Continue reading »

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