Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap

Brothers & Sisters: Family, business

Calistaflockhart_brothersandsisters The Walkers are all up in each others’ business this week on Brothers & Sisters — which is hardly unusual, but this time, it’s actually mostly about business. Well, sort of — even when they’re talking about loans or potential new jobs or takeover plans, there tends to be a whole lot more going on beneath the surface.

This spoiler looks adorable in a hard hat.

Greenatopia is in trouble — they’re preparing for a conference that will be crawling with investors, but it looks like they don’t have the money to get the product done in time. Sarah vents to Nora, which Sarah had to know was a mistake. Sure enough, Nora tells Kitty, who is flush with cash because her book is doing well. Nora asks Kitty to lend Sarah the money, but do it subtly, so Sarah thinks it’s her own idea.

Problem: Sarah is not easily led, and Kitty is too impatient to coax her into asking for money. Kitty whips out a check. Ethan and Kyle are thrilled, but Sarah is furious: You don’t get to come in here and wave your money around like you’re so much better than me… I don’t need handouts! The Startups are more than happy to take handouts, but Sarah finally pushes Kitty too far, and she snatches the check back and stalks out.

Score one for Sarah’s pride, but it’s a problem for the company, because the small business loan she applied for was denied. Nora gently chides Sarah for never wanting to ask for help, and Sarah finally relents. She asks Kitty for the loan, but Kitty refuses — you made some good points when we fought before, and can’t you take out a second mortgage on your home? Are you crazy? That’s too risky! Sarah says. That… was not the correct response.

Kitty, meanwhile, is dealing with her book tour, and discovering that no one but Nora will be attending her reading. Oh, come on! The book tour is a big deal, and all the seats reserved for Walkers remain empty. This family sometimes… But it’s enough to get Kitty to realize that she hates them all and if they can’t support her, she doesn’t need them. Kidding! She decides to help Sarah by co-signing on the mortgage. Greenatopia lives!

Robert and Kevin
Roblowe_brothersandsisters_240 The reason Robert and Kevin weren’t at the reading is because Robert was meeting with Gordon Alexander, a political power broker in Sacramento. Robert tells Kevin to keep this quiet, but surely that doesn’t mean keep it from Kitty, right? Yeah, it does — when Kevin tells her, she gets pissy because she realizes Robert is feeling out Alexander for support on running for governor.

Kevin admits that he told Kitty, and Robert reads him the riot act. You’re my staffer, and I need to be able to tell you things without you blabbing them to anyone, including your sister. I tend to think hiring Kevin for a non-blabbing position was problematic to begin with, but Robert doesn’t listen to me when I yell at the TV. Kevin eventually agrees, which is when Robert reveals that yes, he’s running for governor, and no, he doesn’t want Kitty to know until things are set. Robert tells Kevin he won’t have to lie to his sister… but that’s just what Kevin does.

Nora is put out because Roger is an egotistical ass who is bent on designing whatever he damn well feels like while belittling anything Nora says. He sends over  a model that’s a bunch of modernist cubes with a glass tower, which is NOT what Nora wanted at all. When Roger tells her not to worry her pretty little head about it, Nora snaps and smashes the model with an umbrella. Hee!

Nora resolves to give herself a crash course in architecture (“So when I tell him to shove it up his flying buttress, I know exactly where it’s going,” she tells Saul), but in the process of doing so, she realizes that Roger is actually really, really good. Like, maybe his genius isn’t just self-proclaimed. She apologizes for doubting him, then reasserts that what he gave her isn’t what she needs. Roger hands the project over to an associate. But later, when Nora goes to he site to praise the associate’s design, she discovers that Roger did it himself. He likes the challenge of working with her, he says.

Tommy and Saul
Balthazargetty_brothersandsisters_2 Tommy presents a proposal to Saul: We buy up a nearby orchard using a shell company, sell the land to Ojai for stock, and use that to regain control  and oust Holly! Saul says no — what he’s suggesting is perilously close to illegal, and that’s not how Saul rolls. But after Tommy and Sarah discuss how ballsy William was — he raided the pension fund to get money for an investment! (Hang on, is that legal?)  — Tommy puts the plan in motion.

But Tommy’s sneaky. He wanders into Rebecca’s office, says a few things about needing more land, and makes Rebecca think it’s her idea to start searching for nearby orchard space. Holly is always willing to listen to her daughter, who she thinks is a natural-born businesswoman. In this case? It looks like Rebecca is also a pawn.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • Seriously, I can’t believe that NONE of the Walker siblings — or Saul, or Robert! — showed up for Kitty’s book signing.
  • Kitty learns that there will be a media event after the book signing, and asks Nora what she should wear — “Should I sell the sizzle or the steak?” After Nora clucks that it’s demeaning for a woman to compare herself to a side of beef, Nora says “The sizzle. Look at Ann Coulter — she sells millions of books, and believe me, there ain’t no protein in that package.”
  • Poor Ethan and Kyle — they had no idea what they were getting into signing up with a Walker. Kitty walks in with a check, and they think they’re saved, but then it’s time for Walker family fireworks. Ethan even tried sucking up to Kitty — “I voted republican once!” Nice try, kid.
  • Roger really is a condescending jerk. Even when admitting he was wrong (sort of), he tells Nora the conflict — and encountering someone who didn’t roll over and do what he wanted — was “bracing.” “What that a compliment?” Nora asks. “It was more a compliment for myself,” Roger replies. “Do you do that a lot?” Nora sighs, exasperated. “Not enough,” Roger says.
  • Nora tells Kitty not to hide her light under a bushel just to make Sarah more comfortable. I gave your father loads of ideas and let him take credit for them. “I was a more powerful woman than I let myself be,” Nora says. That’s probably the case, but I don’t think it’s a danger Kitty really faces. She seems more than willing to stick up for herself and demand credit. What she needs to work on is not being so abrasive, and realizing that Sarah is incredibly insecure around Kitty. What Sarah needs to work on is getting over that.
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