Greek Spoilers: Meet Calvin’s new crush

‘Greek’ exclusive: Meet Calvin’s new gay crush

by Michael Ausiello

Gregorymichaelgreek_lGreek‘s stereotype-shattering gay brother, Calvin, is going to literally have his hands full this semester. (Oh, no he di’int. Oh, yes I did.)

Gregory Michael, who honed his boy-on-boy craft during three years on the gay-themed supernatural soap Dante’s Cove, is joining the ABC Family hit as a love interest for Calvin (Paul James), sources confirm to me exclusively.

Michael’s character is described as a genetically-blessed (see pic, left), closeted Omega Chi active who comes out to Calvin — which is all well and good until the two end up rooming together. Sexual tension abounds, as does some serious heavy petting (or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days).

Michael will recur throughout Greek‘s new season, which premieres on Monday, March 30 at 8 pm/ET.

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  1. alexgimmepussy

     /  January 19, 2009

    shouldn’t a man on man lover be liz pina who was born a man. i had this dream me and jessica stroup were doing it doggy style then I woke up and blew machenzie ackles across the room. someone should throw kyle from csn back into crystal lake beacause kyle is jason vorhees faciallly and is jason vorhees. ’09 coveted gigantic boner award went to cassidy freeman beating out lynnt imberlake and gill fink. eric astarata has 000000.001 mmm long peeeenissssssssss at most. paul walker is yao ming franchesca dekker is chong li. kyle ackles is chin han. jensen ackles ackles had rough sexxx with hommosexxual of the year justin timberlake and jensena ckles and justin timberla e started crying in agony and screaming saying thankyou how goood it felt.

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