New 90210 Spoilers: Old Cast Members Return!

90210 Art Streiber/ The CW

Anngillespie Tell me there are more old 90210 characters coming back to the show. I want to see a familiar face.
Well, if you’re hoping for Dylan McKay, don’t hold your breath. But if you’re cool with seeing Jackie Taylor again, you can get excited. Word is, Kelly and Silver’s loony mom will soon make a return appearance. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

90210′ scoop: Tori Spelling in final talks to rev up Bev

by Michael Ausiello

Torispelling_l I’d love to say I hate to say “I told you so,” but who are we kidding? I love to (and I think perversely, you kinda like it when I do, too). And back in November I told you that by the end of 90210 V. 2.0’s freshman year Tori Spelling would likely be back among the fold as former virgin Donna Martin. Now, a show rep confirms that Spelling is in “final negotiations” to return for multiple episodes, adding that her deal could close as early as today.

Reportedly, a big point of contention for Spelling, who’s currently in Vancouver shooting her big Smallville return, was the threat of crossing paths again with sworn frenemy Shannen Doherty. But since the artist formerly known as Brenda Walsh has wrapped for the season, the set will be a Shan-free zone when La Spelling reports for duty on the last few eps.

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