Privileged Episode Recap

Kristina Apgar

“I didn’t do it.” Such is the very first thing Lily says to Megan when Megan comes to visit her in jail, after the two sisters haven’t spoken in months. Not ‘Nice to see you, Megan,’ or ‘We have a lot of catching up to do,’ or ‘Let me tell you about my wedding,’ or even ‘Does this blue jumpsuit make me look fat?’ Lily isn’t much for pleasantries. She just quickly explains what happened – she was found with a backpack full of drugs in her hotel room, while new husband Sammy vanished without a trace, leaving Lily to take responsibility – and insists that Megan needs to get her $25,000 bail, believing that Megan now lives in a world where people can just snap their fingers and make $25,000 magically appear.

Megan takes the news back to her parents, with Will driving her. Megan starts to put together a plan of how the family could raise $25,000 without having to mooch off their wealthy associates, but while Will steps in and immediately offers to pay the bail himself, Megan’s dad Arthur stops him and says that nobody is going to pay the bail. Arthur thinks that Lily needs a little dose of Scared Straight to get her act together, and could use a little time in jail. Arthur’s an AA veteran, and knows that sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you’re willing to pull yourself back up. This decision thus made, Megan, for reasons that would only make sense to Megan, decides that she will be the one to tell Lily the news.

Brian HallisayBut first, Will and Lily talk about the decision, with Will saying that he totally disagrees with the call and he thinks Megan does too, only Megan wouldn’t stand up to her dad. Megan defends her dad, who’s trying to do something strong and parental for once – and Megan notes that it’s a bit of a relief not to be shouldering all this burden herself, as she’s used to. After being the one who had to look after Lily for so long, Megan is grateful to pass the buck this time around. Will thinks it’s a cop-out.

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