Privileged Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop!

Privileged Preview: Is Rose Ready to Bloom and Go Solo?

by Matt Mitovich TV Guide

Lucy Kate Hale

As the charming CW comedy Privileged (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) unspools its final freshman-season episodes, Rose will find herself ready to make a change — one that could forever alter her relationship with twin sis Sage. Lucy Kate Hale teased the twists and turns ahead, as well as weighed in on the “mean people” who booed NBC’s Bionic Woman, to whom she played sis. What’s your favorite thing about Rose? And what would you change about her?
Lucy Kate Hale:
My favorite thing about her is she’s genuine and vulnerable. She wears her heart on her sleeve. The one thing I’d change is that she becomes more independent and creates more of an identity for herself. I have that exact teaser here on my desk: “Rose makes a move to become more independent in the last two episodes [airing Feb. 10 and March 10].”
Yeah, and it’s a big change. It’s sad for fans of the twins and how they’re always together, but we are going to learn they are two different people and don’t always have to be together. What sort of move does Rose make? Does she shack up with boyfriend Zach, dye her hair blonde …?
She doesn’t move in with Zach, not yet. Zach is around to stay, and if there’s a Season 2 — knock on wood — he’ll be there. But it’s a pretty big move, literally. In the second-to-last episode, all these surprises and secrets that were kept from Rose are thrown at her, and that leads her to make big choices. Are you glad that Zach isn’t the traditional stud/arm candy?
I am so glad, because the first boyfriend that Rose had was not very nice to her. Zach totally would be my type in real life —sweet, smart, funny and quirky. It’s good for the audience to see that Rose will go for the underdog. Please, please, please tell me that Ashley Newbrough isn’t nearly as nasty as Sage is.
She definitely isn’t — and I know that because I’m moving in with her! We’re getting an apartment together. She’s literally one of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve been told that the sweetest people play the best bitches. Does she ever get in a funk playing the meanie?
Yeah, because she doesn’t want people to dislike her. You know how Leighton Meester is a bitchy character [on Gossip Girl], but you love her? It’s the same way with Sage. Plus, they’ve been showing more of why Sage is the way she is, that she’s damaged and puts up a guard. Are you as sweet on JoAnna Garcia as I am?
I adore her. She’s been so great to Ashley and I. She was on Reba for like seven years, and she’s given us tips and pointers …. Is she like a big sis, or are you all-out gal pals?
Both. We can hang out with her and have a good time, but there is that big sister quality. She’s so honest and has a way of saying things. If we can talk about Bionic Woman for a bit… . Was it hard seeing that show get dissected and critically slammed last TV season?
It was such a bummer. It was my first show, and for that to be my first experience … was hard. I mostly felt bad for Michelle [Ryan], who worked her ass off every single day [as the series lead]. People were so mean about it. It just wasn’t meant to work out, I guess. Did we ever get a story on why Jaime Summers’ kid sister [played in the original pilot by Mae Whitman, then recast with Hale] ceased being deaf?
All I heard was that they wanted to go a different way with the character. Mae Whitman was incredible, and I don’t know why they made that choice. I didn’t ask any questions. I just went in and did what they asked! Tell me about the horror movie you have coming out this year, Deep Cove. It looks like a real CW “all-star team” effort.
Deep Cove should be interesting, for sure. It’s an independent horror film I did after we shot the pilot for Privileged. Haylie Duff (7th Heaven) is in it, and Aaron Ashmore (Smallville)…. Any chance you will resurface on How I Met Your Mother as Robin’s sister?
You know what? I’m really going for it, because outside of Privileged, that was the most favorite thing I’ve ever done. Keep your fingers crossed, because I sure am!

Have you heard anything about Robert Buckley on Privileged?

He’ll be stirring up some drama with the relationships on the show. Buckley says, “I mix things up. I definitely shake it up—I really, really make things hard for the guys in this show.” — Source: Kristin on E!Online

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