New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Melinda and Jim/Sam’s Misadventures in Dating!

Episode 4.14: Slow Burn Airdate: February 6, 2009

Melinda helps the ghost of an overbearing mother who is holding onto a deep, dark secret. Guest cast: Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell, Kristy Marks: Brittany Curran, Jeff: Kendall Schmidt, Tim Dwight: Will Rothhaar, Deborah Marks: Gretchen Egolf, Douglas Marks: Brian McNamara, Gail Dwight: Romy Rosemont, Craig: Sabin Rich. Source: CBS

As Melinda and Sam decide to give dating a try, Melinda must also help the ghost of Deborah Marks protect her teenage daughter from a supposedly bad-news boyfriend.

Deborah Marks: In her early 40s, accomplished, she’s a civil litigation lawyer who is married to a judge. Deborah died one month ago in an accident that left her bruised and seemingly burned. She begs Melinda for help in preventing her daughter, Kira, from spending time with Tim Dwight, one of Deborah’s work-probation kids. Deborah rescued Tim from juvie and tried to set him on a new path, but now she regrets ever bringing him into her and her family’s life.

Kira Marks: Legal 18 to play 17 years old, troubled and frustrated, with bitterly conflicted feelings about her late mother Debora, she is a high school student who used to be in orchestra with Ned. Kira’s date to the dance is a total creep, so she calls her older friend and crush, Tim, to come pick her up. Kira is convinced that her mother wanted Tim for herself, and she fears that Deborah cared more about her work-probation charity cases than her own daughter.

Douglas Marks: In his mid 40s, imposing but a bit worn out, he’s a newly-appointed judge who met and fell in love with his late wife Deborah when he was in law school and she was an undergrad. He hasn’t had the heart to look through the items in her safe yet, and reveals to Melinda that he’s not thrilled about his daughter Kira hanging out with Tim Dwight.

Tim Dwight: 20 years old, rugged and protective, he spent time in juvie for a robbery and was rescued by Deborah Marks, who got him a work-probation job at her law firm. Tim feels a connection to Deborah’s 17-year-old daughter Kira, and picks her up from the dance when her date proves to be a jerk, but he doesn’t encourage her crush. Now, just when he’s about to turn his life around, he’s considered a suspect in Deborah’s death.

Gail Dwight: Tim’s mother, she’s in her late 40s, poised and stalwart, convinced of her son’s good character but worried about him. She explains to Melinda that Tim’s stint in juvie was the result of Tim taking the rap for someone else. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.15: Greek Tragedy Airdate: February 13, 2009

Sam is having second thoughts about his relationship with Melinda when he catches her in several lies. Guest cast: Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell, Courtney: Sarah Ramos, Juliette: Di Quon, Vanessa: Samantha Krutzfeldt, Emily: Amanda Schull, Ashley: Aaliyah Franks, Makenna: Shosana Bush, Rebecca/Ghost: Andrea Bowen, Girl In Black: Erica Mer, Girl In Black: Trish Coren, Young Lauren: Courtney Halverson, Lauren Sable: Kerrie Keane, Volunteer: Tom Choi. Source: CBS

A sorority girl goes missing in the woods during a secret initiation ceremony, and Melinda is confronted with the uneasy spirit of a sad ghost who encountered tragedy during that same ritual 40 years ago. Emily Harris: This attractive 21 year old, college sorority girl is the ringleader of a secret initiation ritual in the woods that is specifically designed to terrorize the sorority’s young pledges. Emily has a frictional relationship with her sister, Courtney, a pretty, popular pledge whom she seems reluctant to let into the sorority. When Courtney goes missing in the woods, Emily is sincerely distraught. As we later learn, Emily truly loves Courtney and was actually trying to make the initiation easier for her. However, their long-standing mistrust of one another almost results in tragedy. Courtney Harris: Emily’s younger sister 18 years old (must be a legal 18 years old), this college freshman is a pretty, popular, smart girl who is in demand at every sorority on campus. She wants to pledge her sister’s sorority, but Emily seems oddly reluctant to admit her. When Courtney goes missing during an initiation ritual in the woods, her disappearance triggers a massive manhunt, but whether she has survived her terrifying time in the wildneress remains to be seen. Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.16 – Ghost Busted – Promotional Photos

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Source: Copyright CBS

Episode 4.16: Ghost Busted Airdate: February 27, 2009

Melinda shares her special gift with Sam and his reaction is not what she expects. Guest cast: Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell, Linus Van Horn: Patrick J. Adams, John: Edwin Hodge, Devon: Linara Washington, Male Ghost: Michael O’Neill, Carrie: Jenna Leigh Green, New Client: Debbie Campbell, 10-Year-Old Boy/Jacob: Brandon Killham, New Client Husband: Jeffrey Stubblefield. Source: CBS

Linus Van Horn: Mid to late 20s, good looking but “geek chic” (think Adam Brody and Zachary Levi type). Linus has been hired by one of Melinda’s neighbors, John and Devon, to come “investigate” a haunting in their house. Linus is a ghost hunter and uses all of his high tech equipment to try to capture real evidence of this haunting. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.17: Delusion of Grandview Airdate: March 2009

With Sam’s help, Melinda struggles to solve the mystery of a haunting at a local kindergarten before any children are hurt — but her supernatural revelations may drive a wedge between her and the increasingly skeptical Sam. Sad Ghost/Greer Clarkson: A pretty but obviously anguished ghost in her mid to late 20s, she’s the spirit of a woman who died in the mental hospital shortly after giving birth to her only child, whom she supposedly drowned after falling into a deep post-partum depression. Now, Greer haunts her former sanatorium, which was recently converted into a kindergarten. But whether she is a dangerous psychotic bent on vengeance or a wronged victim intent on protecting the kindergarteners from harm is a troubling mystery that Melinda must unravel — and fast. Dr. Byrd: A brisk, efficient psychiatrist in his 50s, seen in flashback, he’s present at Greer’s fatal electro-convulsive therapy treatment. Greer’s trusted counselor, he is actually the uneasy and malevolent spirit of a deceased doctor whose pernicious and destructive presence has survived the decades, doing harm to those in both the spirit and living worlds. Possible recur. Doug Clarkson: A kindly, likeable man in his early 50s, he’s a happily married family man who talks to Melinda about the mother he never knew, namely, Greer Clarkson. He wishes he could have had a chance to express his love to Greer, who died in a mental hospital when he was still an infant. Thanks to Melinda’s kind intervention, he is finally able to get his wish. Rosalyn Hartsell: A warm, efficient woman in her 30s, she’s the head of Early Start Kindergarten, which used to be a local mental asylum. She knows and likes Sam, who helped in a recent renovation of the school. Believing Sam and Melinda to be a couple looking for a school for their unborn child, she shows them around the premises. Later, she is horrified when an entire kindergarten class goes missing. Penny Stovall: This dedicated kindergarten teacher, 25 years old, works at the Early Start Kindergarten. Disturbed when a young charge writes a bizarre message on the chalkboard, she’s even more upset and horrified when her entire class goes suddenly missing. Jill: Melinda’s friend, this female police officer in her early 30s explains the nature of the emergency at the Head Start Kindergarten. Straight-jacket Ghost: The male ghost of a former mental patient in his 40s, this anxious, glazed-eyed ghost has also been systematically bullied and terrified by the pernicious Dr. Byrd. Todd: This kindergartner, 5 years old, upsets his teacher, Penny Stovall, when he scrawls a disturbing message on the chalkboard — and the fact that he can’t even write yet makes the incident doubly creepy. Todd’s mother: Todd’s mother, late 20s to early 30s, she’s vastly relieved to be reunited with her missing son — but she’s frightened by his inexplicably odd behavior. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.18: Leap of Faith Airdate: March/April 2009

Ben: 30’s, This high powered businessman is now working for the department of water and power in Grandview as a mechanic, after walking up 3 years ago with no memory of himself. What he doesn’t know is that he has been a “Step In” like Sam, for the past three years, but without the support from other people. A “Step In” is a person that either died or had a near death experience and was brought back to life with another spirit in the host body, the original spirit does not return. Hence, the reason behind why Ben can’t remember anything before his accident. Ben is thoroughly convinced that he is crazy and dangerous, but he doesn’t know why. Ben is “disturbed” but not brain damaged, he has a conscience. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.19: Thrilled To Death Airdate: March/April 2009 Eli works to figure out a connection between a younger woman, an artist, and an older man, an actuary into high-thrilling adventures, who attended some sort of group therapy together. He figures out both were dying but can’t figure out why they had such a strong connection. Jim/Sam remembers his former occupation as a paramedic and Delia tries to comfort him as he gets a little sad because of it. Source:

Morgan: early to mid 20’s female, lives in the same building as Eli, and is being haunted by the ghost of Rick Hartman. Melinda and Eli track the connection to a cancer support group they were both members of, to find out that Morgan is dying herself.

Rick Hartman: mid 30’s, died 6 months ago in a tragic parachuting accident, the ironic thing is his job, when he was alive, was an actuary – someone who assesses risks of others. With a little investigating by Melinda and Eli, we find out that Rick had cancer and had made a “bucket list” of things he was to accomplish be he died, the last thing on his list though was “Morgan”. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.20: Stage Fright Airdate: April 2009

An actor is killed with what is supposed to be a prop gun and Melinda and Eli talk to him and his castmates, a woman he had dated and a man who she wants to be with now, when they originally think the dead man blames the castmates for his death. They learn that it was none of their faults and are relieved. Source:

When a popular soap opera films on location in the town square, an apparently vengeful ghost seems intent upon wreaking havoc on the shoot. Janet: 40’s – This average housewife, is attending the Hope’s Edge (soap opera) question and answer with the cast and has a question for them. Please Submit all Ethnicities. Source: SpoilerTV

General Spoilers:

Hilary Duff will appear in an upcoming episode of Ghost Whisperer as a “beautiful woman of mystery” who may or may not have been involved in the death of some dude. Source: The Ausiello Files

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