Private Practice Episode Recap

Katewalsh_privatepractice_240 Crossover episode! Yes, while you were watching Grey’s Anatomy, it seamlessly became Private Practice. Did you even notice? Just in case you all forgot that it was a spin-off series or something.

After yet another tryst with Naomi, Archer suffers a serious seizure, prompting Naomi to rush him to the ER and saying that on her advice, he needs to stay for more tests. He checks himself out, however, and pings her with doctor/patient confidentiality; she can’t tell Addison. When she pushes Archer to get himself examined, he admits that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Naomi can’t lie to Addison though, and tells her everything. Addison immediately goes into overdrive, stating that she’s his sister, and a doctor, and there’s always something that can be done.

Upon hearing the news, Sam, Violet and Pete all gather around while Addison downloads Archer’s brain scans from his doctor in New York. They’re all floored at the results. That’s when Archer walks in, and the assembled intervention grills him. Sam notices that Archer doesn’t have the ability to look up without tilting his head. Addison rushes him to get a new CT scan. In three weeks, the mass has doubled in size. Archer the neurologist realizes that it’s not a tumor, but parasites he contracted overseas. Worms, in fact….. Continue reading »

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