New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Tommy’s Shocking Exit!

Balthazar Getty, Brothers and Sisters ABC/SCOTT GARFIELD

Episode 3.19: Spring Broken  Airdate: March/April 2009

[Rebecca]’ll be too late in telling the Walkers that Holly’s figured out Tommy’s big plans. […]

Kitty and Robert’s baby-to-be is a boy. […]

Producers have penned what appears to be an exit storyline for Balthazar Getty. And it’s perfectly scandalous…and perfectly fitting. After weeks of rumors that Getty has been causing problems on the set, sources tell us exclusively that episode 19, titled “Spring Broken,” will be Getty’s last of the season. According to insiders who work on the show, Getty’s character, Tommy Walker, will have a very dramatic and surprising storyline in coming episodes, in which he will- spoiler alert! -go to jail, get out on bail and go on the lam in Mexico. But here’s the really scandalous part… Sources tell me that before he goes, Balthazar’s Tommy will get thoroughly wasted, flirt with young girls and get a nice slap across the face from his mother, Nora. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Balthazar Getty’s Exit From ‘Brothers and Sisters’ Only Temporary

‘Brothers and Sisters’ executive producer, Alison Schapker, insisted that though Balthazar Getty is indeed taking some time off from the show, he will return as Tommy Walker before the season is over.

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As the speculations surrounding Balthazar Getty’s alleged exit from “” intensify with reports that the actor will last be seen in the 19th episode, one of the series’ executive producers, Alison Schapker, stands up and uncovers what is really going on. To Los Angeles Times, Schapker confirms that Getty’s character will leave Los Angeles in the particular episode, but he will return before the end of the season. “Balthazar is taking time off from the show right now because we felt that character was really on a downward spiral and you see him really go on it,” the producer who has also co-written some of the episode explains. “In almost trying to be his dad, he’s destroyed by it, and he has lost everything by the end of the year.” Schapker, in addition, claims that Getty’s Tommy Walker will go through a period of spiritual examination and renewal before the Walker clan can get its hands on him again. “Tommy is in no way permanently gone,” she further reassures. “This is just the logical end to this year’s story. What we’d like to do is bring him back next year in a different way.” Before Schapker came out with the statement, E! Online reported that episode 3.19 of the ABC’s family drama series entitled “Spring Broken” will be Balthazar Getty’s last appearance on the show. Insiders suggested that in the episode, his character, Tommy, will “go to jail, get out on bail and go on the lam in Mexico”. Moreover, Tommy will be seen getting thoroughly wasted, flirting with young girls and getting a slap across the face from ‘s Nora. — Source: Ace Showbiz

Episode 3.15: Lost and Found Airdate: February 15, 2009

Nora decides it’s time that she connect in-person with Ryan, Rebecca disappears to find her father in New York, and Tommy’s plan to get regain control over Ojai Foods hits a major road block. Guest starring are Ken Olin as David Caplan, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Andrea Grano as Barbara Whitaker, Jim Gleason as Walter Geary, Patty Yu as the female barrista, Subhash Mandal as the cab driver and Carole Gutierrez as the B&B owner. Source: ABC

Episode 3.16: Troubled Waters, Part 1 (fka “Family Legacy”) Airdate: March 1, 2009 at 9 p.m.

In a special two-hour television event, the Walker family experiences the thrill of a new life born and the desperation and terror of loss when one of their own has a life-threatening crisis. Meanwhile, Rebecca turns to her father for help when she discovers some information that could destroy the family business and send one of the Walkers to prison. Guest starring are Ken Olin as David Caplan, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Sonja Sohn as Trish Evans, Michanne Quinney as the secretary, Maia Danziger as the ER nurse, Kristina Lear as Dr. Pat Michaels, Tyrees Allen as Dr. John Massey and Amol Shah as paramedic. Source: ABC

Another Walker will step in to replace Tommy by the end of the season, much to Holly’s horror. Source: The Ausiello Files

Brothers and Sisters – Set Photos – 6th Feb

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