New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers! Melinda Tells Sam he’s really Jim!

Episode 4.15: Greek Tragedy Airdate: February 13, 2009

Sam is having second thoughts about his relationship with Melinda when he catches her in several lies. Guest cast: Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell, Courtney: Sarah Ramos, Juliette: Di Quon, Vanessa: Samantha Krutzfeldt, Emily: Amanda Schull, Ashley: Aaliyah Franks, Makenna: Shosana Bush, Rebecca/Ghost: Andrea Bowen, Girl In Black: Erica Mer, Girl In Black: Trish Coren, Young Lauren: Courtney Halverson, Lauren Sable: Kerrie Keane, Volunteer: Tom Choi. Source: CBS

Promos 4.15 Greek Tragedy

Episode 4.16: Ghost Busted Airdate: February 27, 2009

Melinda shares her special gift with Sam and his reaction is not what she expects. Guest cast: Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell, Linus Van Horn: Patrick J. Adams, John: Edwin Hodge, Devon: Linara Washington, Male Ghost: Michael O’Neill, Carrie: Jenna Leigh Green, New Client: Debbie Campbell, 10-Year-Old Boy/Jacob: Brandon Killham, New Client Husband: Jeffrey Stubblefield. Source: CBS

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Episode 4.17 – Delusions of Grandview Airdate: March 6, 2009


“Delusions of Grandview” – Melinda shares some devastating news with Sam and their relationship is left in limbo, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, March 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Melinda Gordon: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy: David Conrad
Delia Banks: Camryn Manheim
Eli James: Jamie Kennedy
Ned Banks: Christoph Sanders

Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell
Greer Clarkson/Sad Ghost: Darby Stanchfield
Penny: Ogy Durham
Straight Jacket Man: Kirk Bovill
Rosalyn: Caitlin Dulany
Todd: Aaron Hart
Jill: Raquel Bell
Todd’s Mother: Kelly King
Dr. Byrd: Michael O’Keefe
Doug Clarkson: Mark L. Taylor

WRITTEN BY: Laurie McCarthy & Mark B. Perry
DIRECTED BY: Jefery Levy
Source: CBS

Episode 4.18 – Leap of Faith Airdate: March 13, 2009


“Leap of Faith” – When Sam rescues Melinda from harm’s way, he comes close to death himself, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, March 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad
Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim
Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy
Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders

Sam Lucas……………………….. Kenneth Mitchell
Ben Tillman……………………….. Mark Pellegrino
Dr. Byrd………………………….. Michael O’Keefe
Anne Tillman…………………… Stephanie Michels
Clarissa……………………………….. Chad Morgan
Det. Sam Blair……………………….. Ion Overman
Bike Shop Owner………………….. Arnell Powell

WRITTEN BY: Executive Producer P.K. Simonds & Laurie McCarthy
DIRECTED BY: Executive Producer Ian Sander
Source: CBS

Episode 4.19: Thrilled To Death Airdate: April 3, 2009

  • Eli works to figure out a connection between a younger woman, an artist, and an older man, an actuary into high-thrilling adventures, who attended some sort of group therapy together. He figures out both were dying but can’t figure out why they had such a strong connection. Jim/Sam remembers his former occupation as a paramedic and Delia tries to comfort him as he gets a little sad because of it. Source:
    Morgan: early to mid 20’s female, lives in the same building as Eli, and is being haunted by the ghost of Rick Hartman. Melinda and Eli track the connection to a cancer support group they were both members of, to find out that Morgan is dying herself. Rick Hartman: mid 30’s, died 6 months ago in a tragic parachuting accident, the ironic thing is his job, when he was alive, was an actuary – someone who assesses risks of others. With a little investigating by Melinda and Eli, we find out that Rick had cancer and had made a “bucket list” of things he was to accomplish be he died, the last thing on his list though was “Morgan”. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.20: Stage Fright  Airdate: April 10, 2009

  • An actor is killed with what is supposed to be a prop gun and Melinda and Eli talk to him and his castmates, a woman he had dated and a man who she wants to be with now, when they originally think the dead man blames the castmates for his death. They learn that it was none of their faults and are relieved. Source:
  • When a popular soap opera films on location in the town square, an apparently vengeful ghost seems intent upon wreaking havoc on the shoot. Janet: 40’s – This average housewife, is attending the Hope’s Edge (soap opera) question and answer with the cast and has a question for them. Please Submit all Ethnicities. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.21: Cursed Airdate: April 17, 2009

  • When a little girl communicates with the spirits trapped in a haunted dollhouse, Melinda suspects that the restless dead may have pernicious designs on the living.
  • Lucy: In her mid to late 30s, she’s a put-together single mother with a bit of an edge. Lucy has been raising her niece, Emma, ever since Emma’s family died, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning. Lucy has a troubled relationship with Emma, who will inherit the bulk of her family’s considerable estate when she turns 18, just days away. In fact, Emma is the only one standing between Lucy and a fortune, and Melinda suspects that Lucy has been dabbling in voodoo with evil intentions. Despite suspicious appearances, Lucy may actually be a loving, concerned aunt whose intentions towards Emma have been seriously misconstrued, not only by her niece, but by the uneasy spirits of her dead, dangerously resentful relatives.
  • Emma: Just about to turn 18 (must work as a legal 18), she seems like a typical teen — until we learn of her tragic past. The sole survivor of a tragic accident that claimed the lives of her family, Emma is now being raised by her aunt Lucy. Emma is very close to her 7 year old cousin Drew, but feels emotionally distant from her aunt. An heiress who inherits a fortune when she turns 18, Emma is suspicious of her aunt’s motives, and those fears are exacerbated by a mysterious dollhouse that seems haunted by the spirits of her dead family, who also suspect the worst. But as Emma later learns, she, her aunt, and her departed loved ones may all be the well-meaning victims of a gross misapprehension.
  • Drew Stanton: This cute 7 year old girl (please submit 7 to small 10 year olds) discovered a mysterious dollhouse in her attic, and now spends most of her time communing with the spirits who are trapped within. Drew is very close to her cousin, Emma, who lost her family and is now being raised by her aunt Lucy, Drew’s mother. Drew is upset by the whispered insinuations of the spirits, who accuse her mother of unspeakable acts. Terrified and confused, Drew doesn’t know whether the spirits are perniciously motivated or simply mistaken.
  • Zoe: This exuberant character in her early to mid 30s is Eli’s fellow professor, a loopy but grounded individual who is Eli’s “old friend and maybe more.” An expert in voodoo practices, she consults with Eli about Melinda’s recent discovery in the dollhouse. Although her chatty manner can drive Eli crazy, there’s still a strong affection between these two.
  • Father Ghost: The spirit of Emma’s father, in his early 40s, he seems trapped within the dollhouse facscimile of his family home, now destroyed. He whispers dreadful insinuations about his sister Lucy and her intentions towards his daughter, Emma. However, as Melinda later discovers, the circumstances of the family’s deaths might actually have been the result of pure accident, not design, as the spirits now suspect.
  • Mother Ghost: This mother ghost, in her late 30s, also lost her life, apparently in a tragic accident. Now trapped in a dollhouse, she also suspects that Lucy may have lethal intentions towards her daughter, Emma — but her suspicions are later dispelled, thanks to Melinda’s intervention.
  • Waitress: This frazzled waitress in her early 20s apologizes for giving Jim and Melinda the wrong check.
  • Boy Ghost: The ghost of Emma’s little brother, 12 years old, he alerts his parents about the lovely “light” that has just appeared. Source: SpoilerTV
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  1. I’m a huge fan of GHOST WHISPERER but i just dont understand….. does Jim NOT no that melinda can see ghosts…. i watched this clip… ITS CONFUSING……. EMAIL ME BACK PLEASE

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