New Gossip Girl Spoilers: More about Serena’s New Socialite Boyfriend!

Episode 2.18: Blair Waldorf’s Day Off Airdate: March 2, 2009

General Spoilers:

When Serena’s grifter love interest is first introduced, he’s in a relationship with her socialite bud, Poppy Lifton! Source: The Ausiello Files

Armie Hammer, Blake Lively Tony R Phipps/Getty Images; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is getting a new squeeze! And this one doesn’t share a half sibling with her. Hurrah! Sources reveal that Armie Hammer—who’s also set to play the Devil’s son, Morgan, on Reaper—will join the cast of Gossip Girl at the end of the season to play Serena’s new beau. The CW just confirmed this casting.

Want the details on his steamy little affair with Serena?  Gabriel Serrano is a European socialite, who is not like any man Serena has dated before. Hammer will join the cast for three episodes toward the end of the season as a part of the Anne Hathaway-esque storyline. Gabriel will be dating Serena’s friend, Poppy Lifton (Tamara Feldman), before he moves on to her. I can already smell trouble with this guy, which is exactly why he’ll fit in just fine on the Upper East Side.

So what do you think of the new casting? How does he stack up with her previous squeezes? (Has to be better than Aaron Rose, right?) Sound off in the comments! Source: E!Online

I still cannot believe that Nate and Blair are hooking up! What will happen with Vanessa?
Jessica Szohr tells us, “Obviously, Vanessa’s a little bit hurt because that’s her boyfriend, but what comes around goes around, so I’m sure Vanessa will be all right.” Looks like Queen B may be getting yet another lesson in karma. Will it humble her or cause her claws to retract? Of course not!

The tentative plan is to make [Rufus and Lily’s son] a major character next season. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Remember when Nate was poor and huddling under a tartan sleeping bag trying to keep warm in the basement of his family’s seized Upper East Side townhouse on Gossip Girl? Well, don’t worry, he isn’t poor anymore because… well, something happened, I’m a little unclear actually. But maybe these two have something to do with it. has learned exclusively that Aaron Tveit and Holley Fain have been cast as Nate’s very wealthy cousin Tripp Vanderbilt and his fiancée, Maureen, who is a girl and therefore does not need a last name of her own. The posh pair will appear in two upcoming episodes, in which Poor Little Match Boy Nate reconciles with his mother’s powerful family. Source: TV Guide Online

The CW’s Gossip Girl spin-off has completed its first piece of casting. Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls alum Krysten Ritter has been tapped to play Lily’s troubled older sister, Carol, in the offshoot, which chronicles the teen years of Kelly Rutherford’s alter ego. Described as sweet but a bit of a disaster, Carol is an actress who’s constantly making bad decisions in life and work. Lily ends up moving in with Carol after a falling out with mom and dad. Circa ’80s Lily and Carol will be introduced in the May 11 episode of Gossip Girl. Source: The Ausiello Files

Sources confirm that the show is planning a season-ending story line loosely inspired by [Anne Hathaway’s] infamous (and fizzled) romance with Italian grifter Raffaello Follieri, who was convicted last October on 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy. In the world of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively’s Serena will play the unsuspecting ingenue who falls for a handsome European socialite — in this case a hunk named Gabriel (casting is under way). Though she won’t confirm or deny the story’s Hathaway-esque twists, executive producer Stephanie Savage reveals that Serena’s beau is “very well-traveled, part of the global elite. He’s not a brooding artist like Dan or Aaron Rose. He’s definitely a grown-up, and that’s something Serena is very attracted to.” Word is that GG‘s version of the story will take a turn that is so much darker than the Hathaway saga that it ultimately puts Serena’s life in danger. Moreover, it triggers the return of Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina Sparks and casts our heroine’s sworn frenemy in the unlikely role of savior. Source: The Ausiello Files

Gossip Girl‘s newest (old) hookup is Blair and Nate. […] According to one insider, “Blair and Nate are both at a crossroads. Blair has to accept she isn’t going to Yale. Nate is being sucked into his family’s expectations, and they are both there for each other and enjoy the familiarity. At first it’s platonic, but, of course, that doesn’t last long.” […] Serena’s insta-gal-pal Poppy Lifton is coming back to make her life even more difficult. I’m guessing another feature in Women’s Wear Daily is not on her to-do list this time around? And Rufus is going to run into some money problems soon.Source: Kristin on E!Online

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