New Smallville Spoilers: Lois & Clark and Linda Lake’s Return!

Sneak Peek of Tori Spelling’s Return on ‘Smallville’ 8.15: Infamous

‘Smallville’ welcomes back the gossip queen columnist, Linda Lake, who is having another ulterior motive against Clark.

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The re-appearance of as Linda Lake in “” has been teased through a sneak peek. The show is currently taking a hiatus to come back on March 12 with the episode titled “Infamous”. Linda Lake comes back to Smallville and blackmails Clark to undercover his true identity. However Clark decides he will reveal his secret by himself and a fanatic teenager fakes a fall so Clark saves her. Stephen Lobo plays Randall Brady, the Daily Planet’s new City Editor. The episode will also mark the reign of Lois and Clark. Executive producer Brian Peterson said, “Lois returns in a big way, as she finds her feelings for Clark increasingly rivaled by her quest to get closer to the enigmatic Red-Blue Blur.” Linda Lake first appeared in a 2007 episode where she is hired by Lex to gather informations that would bring down Clark. She has the ability to turn to water which she uses to find saucy stories for The Daily Planet.

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Episode 8.15: Infamous Airdate: March 12, 2009

  • Clark: “Lois, I want you to tell my story …. I’m the Red-Blue Blur.” Lois: “I guess I should stop calling you ‘Smallville’ then.” Among the other super scenes and sound bites: Linda sneering, “The only thing people like more than bulding up heroes is tearing them down.” A seemingly conflicted Davis saying, “I was sent to this planet to kill Clark.” Lois Lane giving [Linda Lake] a serious smackdown. Source: TV Guide Online
  • Clark picks Lois up at the airport upon her return to Metropolis. When he shows up a bit late, Lois starts to feel that remembering her isn’t very high on his priority list…. of course once she learns the secret, it all will start to make sense. When Clark tells Lois about his abilities, she at first thinks he is joking. Lois thinks she’s the first person Clark has told, before he reveals that he told Chloe and Lana before her. Davis is curious about how much of the recent weeks that Chloe actually remembers. There is a chance Lois and Clark might be doing something they were interrupted from doing back in “Bride.” Source: KryptonSite
  • Stephen Lobo plays Randall Brady, the Daily Planet’s new City Editor who shares a scene with Tori Spelling’s Linda Lake. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.16: Turbulence Airdate: March 19, 2009

  • We learn a little bit more about what is connecting Chloe to Davis, and some of those revelations may better explain some of the spoilers concerning them for episodes later in the season. Source: KryptonSite
  • 01/25 – Clark tells Chloe that his recent “brush with celebrity ” (in “Infamous”) might mean that having a “double identity” isn’t such a bad idea after all. The red-and-blue combo might just be saved for those occasions. Davis tells Chloe that she can’t blame herself for what happened on her wedding day. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.17: Hex Airdate: March 26, 2009

  • Clark’s birthday gift for Chloe is a vintage copy of “Tales of the Weird & Unexplained.” Jimmy does not attend Chloe’s birthday party. However, he does have a conversation with Chloe when she appears to be Lois. Clark learns fairly early on that “Lois” is actually Chloe. Source: KryptonSite
  • Smallville has a fun new trick up its sleeve, and it involves the CW series’ take of DC Comics trickstress Zatanna. has learned that Serinda Swan has landed the guest-star role. Swan will appear in this season’s 17th episode, “Hex,” as Zatanna, a magician who grants birthday girl Chloe a wish. Having been through the wringer ever since Brainiac mind-boinked her and Doomsday crashed her wedding day, Chloe expresses a desire to lead the comparatively mild-mannered life of Lois Lane. Voilà! Chloe magically inhabits Lois’ (and thus Erica Durance’s) body for the bulk of the hour. Clark is also granted a wish. Source: TV Guide Online

Episode 8.18: Eternal Airdate: April 2009

  • Connor Stanhope, who played Young Lex in the Season 7 episodes “Fracture,” “Veritas,” and “Descent,” will again be playing Young Lex in this episode. Source: KryptonSite
  • Chloe willingly begins harboring [Doomsday]. And being the dutiful hostess that she is, she even throws in free meals. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • In one of the flashbacks, young Lex sees Davis (as a child) in one of the rooms of the mansion. When Davis takes off a wool hat that Lex is wearing revealing his baldness, Davis asks him if he is Warrior Angel. Young Lex discovers that “a man” has been doing experiments on Davis and put needles in him. In the flashback, Martha Kent visits the Luthor mansion (sadly, off screen). Young Davis is left in an alley by Lionel’s aide. In the present day, Chloe and Clark discover that Davis has stopped in the same field that Clark landed back in 1989. While there, they find a charred truck. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.19: Stiletto Airdate: April 2009

  • The four characters that appear in this episode are Clark, Chloe, Lois, and Jimmy. Chloe and Lois finally get some hanging-out “cousin time” until they are attacked by two thugs. Lois takes one of them down with her stiletto heels and begins to feel like a bit of a superheroine herself. The other, however, gets away with Chloe’s car which has some very sensitive information inside. Lois recruits Jimmy for photography help to convince others that “Stiletto” is Metropolis’ newest heroine so she can have the exclusive and then bring the Red-Blue Blur out of hiding. When Clark finds out about this, he tells Lois that she’s a better reporter than one who would lie to advance her career. Lois may end up having contact with the Red-Blue Blur at some point of the episode. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.20: Beast Airdate: April 2009

Chloe’s situation with Davis (see “Eternal” spoilers) is giving her nightmares. Oliver and Jimmy begin to form a friendship. Chloe makes a decision that will change her friendship with Clark forever. Erica Durance (Lois) and Cassidy Freeman (Tess) do not appear in this episode.

Source: KryptonSite

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