Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap 3.15: “Lost and Found”

‘Brothers & Sisters’: “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

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Roblowe_brothersandsisters_240 Once again, it’s a festival of dubious decision-making on Brothers & Sisters. Will the Walkers ever learn — and if they did, would the show be half as entertaining?

Nora goes up to Berkley to meet Ryan, who is shocked to see her. Apparently he’d mentioned wanting to talk, but he didn’t expect her to appear the next day… Oh, Ryan. Watch the show and see what you’re getting into, ok?

Ryan proceeds to run hot and cold with Nora: I need to talk about this! I don’t want to talk about this! I need help! You’re not my mom! You don’t understand what I’m going through! Wait, come back and talk to me! I feel for the kid, but he’s got to make up his mind. Nora eats it up, and ends up buying him a plane ticket and inviting him to come down to Ojai to meet the family. Because meeting the whole passel of Walker siblings wouldn’t be traumatic AT ALL. Ryan backs out at the last minute. I guess that means he’s out of the picture forever! Yeah, right…

Meanwhile, Rebecca flees to New York to stay with David after figuring out about Tommy’s perfidy and fighting with Justin. She refuses to pick up Justin’s or Holly’s calls. David knows something’s up, but Rebecca says she just wanted to hang out with her dad. When David doesn’t buy it, Rebecca goes off in a huff and David tracks her down and apologizes. David then accompanies Rebecca back to LA to see Holly again. Oy.

Patriciawettig_brothersandsisters_240 Holly interrogates Justin about where Rebecca is, and he lets slip something about Tommy and business. She goes through Rebecca’s desk and finds the information she’d gathered about Tommy scouting out the orchard months before the deal.

Holly goes to Saul with the contract and asks for help interpreting this one weird clause — who or what is Omni, and should I be worried? Once Saul figures out what’s going on, he covers for Tommy — nothing to see here, move along! — but he’s furious. He drags Tommy over and reads him the riot act. Tommy admits to raiding the pension fund to buy the land, but he’s unrepentant: It’s our company, not Holly’s! We’ll see about that — Holly takes the contract to the lawyers, who figure out that Tommy owns Omni and that this is a ploy to force Holly out.

Last week, Robert confirmed to Kitty that he was running for governor. Kitty says she’s fine, just fine! with the decision (and his lack of consultation), but Kevin predicts Kitty will explode soon. Yep — in an interview to promote her book, Kitty drops choice quotes like “The Republican party has lost its way; it’s not my party anymore,” and ” My husband doesn’t need an aphrodisiac — he does just fine with women on his own.” Robert is PISSED — “Is it that hard for you to try to present this marriage as even remotely stable?” It sure is, Kitty says, and it doesn’t help that you’re more peevish about campaign issues than the fact that I just said our marriage is in trouble.

Robert tells Kevin to kill the story, and Kevin refuses — this is about your marriage, not your job, so suck it up. So Robert and Kitty talk, and Robert pledges that if he has to choose between his wife and the governorship, he’s going with Kitty. Kitty is so touched that she tells him she’s fine with him running. But the next day, she discovers that Robert interpreted that conversation as permission to kill her interview.

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