Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Will Edie be Killed off?

Is Edie Gonna Die? Housewives Husband Shares His Take

Will Desperate Housewives‘ mysterious and murderous Dave Williams do away with his wife, Edie, so as to escort Nicollette Sheridan off the show she has called home for five years?

Although conventional wisdom (as well as a setside source) tells us that Sheridan will be killed off the ABC serial later this season, Neal McDonough sheepishly laughs when presented with such a scenario by “Uh … I am sworn to secrecy,” McDonough said.

“[Nicolette] is going to have a fantastic sendoff,” her leading man promises. “We’ve had a blast, and I’m going to be sadder than anyone to see her go.”

Speaking hypothetically about Edie’s demise, McDonough ventured, “Dave would be crushed, because Dave really does love Edie. And that’s what I love about playing this character. [He] really does love Edie so much, and a piece of him loves Mike as his best friend.

“But there’s another piece of him,” he continued, “that has to slap him out of it every once in a while and say, ‘Stay the course. Do your job. You have to finish this.'”

McDonough says Sheridan “took it great” when she was told that Edie was being written off the show. As he points out, “Here’s a girl who has worked 20 years in television without stopping. So they came up with a[n exit] storyline, and she was like, ‘Yeah, it’s fine. No problem.'”

Source: TV Guide News

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