New One Tree Hill Spoilers! Death Comes to Tree Hill!

Laetitia from Paris: Salut, Kristin, I heard that Peyton from One Tree Hill is gonna lose her baby in a car crash? She’s my favorite character. Please tell me it’s not true.
I love that your favorite character is one you haven’t even met yet! I have a soft spot for Peyton and Lucas’ spawn, too. (Or wait, did you mean Peyton is your fave?) Anyhoo, regardless, a source tells me this: “There is a car crash, but Peyton will not lose the baby because of that. She will be OK. But so far we don’t know if the baby lives or dies yet in the finale.” Ugh. Have your family-sized Kleenex box standing by, just in case!

Tree Hill, Supernatural and 90210 Killer Twists

(Contains spoilers) Reading about the impending demise of TV characters can sometimes make a viewer numb. But the reality is, writing teams often use an unexpected death to shake up a series and produce an emotional response—both on-screen and in your living room. As we near the second half of this season, several CW shows will tread down that one-way path, including One Tree Hill, Supernatural and 90210. Only one of the three departing faces has been uncovered online, so fans are free to speculate about the identities of the “beloved” characters who’ll exit Supernatural on March 12 and 90210 on May 12. At least two of these deaths are being described as “major.” Any guesses?

One Tree Hill / Monday 9pm (new episodes return March 16) 90210 / Tuesday 8pm (new episodes return March 31) Supernatural / Thursday 9pm (new episodes return March 12)

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  1. Jessica

     /  February 24, 2009

    who is the departing cast member of One Tree Hill that has been “uncovered online”? I can’t find anything anywhere.

  2. Melani

     /  March 2, 2009

    I read that both Chad and Hilarie arent coming back for the seventh season. Hilarie even made a video, that is probably a goodbye to her fans, saying that she wishes she had creative control over the show, because she loves Peyton Sawyer, and she wishs it could go on forever. And if it was up to her, she wouldnt be leaving. You can find it on youtube.

  3. beth

     /  March 6, 2009

    umm yea everyone is coming back for the 7th season including hilarie.

  4. heyy everyone,

    one tree hill

    one tree hill is my fave program atm, just a quick thing, apparently nathan dies in a car race type thing and peyton does NOT lose her baby, she has a little girl and they call it sawyer! sorry if i ruined too much!

    90210 –

    u no at the end of the first series, naomi gets in a strop with annie? well when annie goes off in a hissy fit who does she hit with her car? coz people at my school say it was ethan, but i think it was either Ty or silver!

    Supernatural –

    i dont watch supernatural so dont have any spoiler or nufink

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