Privileged Season Finale Spoilers: ‘All About a Brand New You!’


2/24 Season Finale ‘All About a Brand New You!’

As Marco and Keith (guest star David Monohan) prepare for their wedding, with the help of wedding planner Olivia (guest star Kathy Griffin), Megan discovers that her father is drinking again. Megan and Lily lovingly tell their father how worried they are; unaware that he has received a letter from their mother asking him to let her explain in person why she left. Sage is upset when Rose reveals that she plans to go on a wilderness trip over Spring Break, rather than going with Sage on their annual spa vacation. Zach worries that Rose is changing and won’t be interested in him much longer. Sage is shocked when Luis tells her he doesn’t believe in gay marriage and refuses to attend Marco’s wedding. Megan gives Laurel the first draft of Laurel’s biography and is relieved when Laurel loves it. Megan and Will have a fight where all of their pent up issues come out and they decide to break up. Attending the wedding alone, Megan meets Simon (guest star Julian Morris), a college friend of Keith’s, and is unsure what to do when Will calls her the next morning to apologize.


Pants will Drop for ‘Privileged’s’ Season 1 Finale, So What’s Up with Season 2?

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Joannagarcia Tonight: Rose will zip line. Sage will stand up for Sean Penn. And Megan will shock your pants off. Seriously. Pants will come off…

These are the spoilery words of Privileged‘s executive producer Rina Mimoun who, along with me and many fans, is crossing her fingers for a season two pick up right now.

If you’re interested in helping the cause, you have to watch this evening’s finale. The fate of the show depends on it and if the numbers dip tonight, we’ll never get to see the fruits of Ms. Mimoun’s latest labor. “We’ve spent so much time working on a second season full of Robert Buckley, dark Will and new, exciting romance for our girls,” Rina tells me. “I can’t imagine not getting to continue.”

Robertbuckley So yeah, Lipstick Jungle lovers, if you want your Buckley fix, you should tune in tonight to ensure that his finely crafted physique stays on television, because the axe has fallen on LJ, but there’s still hope for Privileged and Mimoun plans to keep R.B. around.

As for the first season, that story will finish tonight and it ends with a surprising cliffhanger of sorts. You know, that shocking behavior Rina mentioned before… No, Megan’s not sleeping with Robert Buckley’s character. But if that was your guess, you’re not crazy far off the track. For tonight, as I mentioned before, there will be fights, breakups, betrayals, booze (I hear Megan’s dad has been drinking since mommy dearest disappeared), both sad and happy tears, a wedding ceremony and my girl Kathy Griffin. Oh, and Rose (Lucy Kate Hale) is supposed to sing again… at Marco and Keith’s nuptials I think.

Lucykatehale Now, without a new 90210 on at 8, Privileged has an even tougher wall to scale, sans a proper lead in. So don’t just DVR the hour and plan to watch sometime later in the week. At that point, it’ll be too late. If you like Privileged, make tonight’s finale an event and tell your friends to do the same.

A lot of comments spelling out why you’re obsessed with the series (that The CW will see) could be helpful too…

Privileged Webclip – All About A Brand New You

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  1. The show was awesome until will broke up with megan how mean is that

  2. Rounaq

     /  June 28, 2009

    I like Megan and Charlie together to be honest.
    Hope they get together in season 2, if there ever will be a season 2.

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