New Greek Spoilers: Rusty and Dale Roomies Again?

Bummed that Rusty and Dale are no longer roomies? You’re going to be very pleased with what happens in the closing minutes of episode 4. Also, get ready for Rebecca Logan: Double Agent. (Michael Ausiello)

Take Me Home Cyprus Rhodes
Casey returns with secret plans to move out of the ZBZ house; a new freshman is highly desired as a pledge; Rusty tries to balance studying with life in the Kappa Tau house. (SpoilerTV)

From Rushing With Love – Airing April 6, 2009
Rusty tries to recruit Andy during Rush Week; Casey and Ashleigh doubt Rebecca’s “mole” motives. (SpoilerTV)

Engendered Species – Airing April 13, 2009
Casey wishes Max and Cappie could get along as friends; Rusty competes with an unexpected rival for a young woman’s affection. (SpoilerTV)

Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp – Airing April 20, 2009
Rusty learns that Andy hooked up with Jordan; the arrival of Evan’s brother stirs up family money issues and leads to a bombshell for Frannie. (SpoilerTV)

Evasive Actions – Airing April 27, 2009
A dodgeball game ensues after Frannie challenges the sisterhood of the Zeta Beta Zeta girls. (SpoilerTV)

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