Ghost Whisperer Spoilers Episode 4.17 “Delusions of Grandview”

Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Melinda Pregnant with Jim’s Baby!!!

Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Melinda is Pregnant! Set Photos Prove it!

New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers! Melinda Pregnant, Jim Returning?

Episode 4.17 “Delusions of Grandview

Melinda shares some devastating news with Sam about who he really is and their relationship is left in limbo. Meanwhile, with Sam’s help, Melinda struggles to solve the mystery of a haunting at a local kindergarten before any children are hurt – but her supernatural revelations may drive a wedge between her and the increasingly skeptical Sam.

Jefery Levy directs from a script by Co-Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy (”Body of Water” and 7 others) and Mark B. Perry (”This Joint’s Haunted” and 4 others). Kenneth Mitchell returns as Sam Lucas along with Guest Stars Darby Stanchfield (Jericho), Golden Globe nominee Aaron Hart (Thank You for Smoking), Oscar nominee Michael O’Keefe (The Great Santini, Roseanne), and Mark L. Taylor (Saving Grace, Melrose Place).

Melinda encounters Greer, a pretty but obviously anguished ghost who died in the mental hospital shortly after giving birth to her only child, whom she supposedly drowned after falling into a deep post-partum depression. Now, Greer haunts her former sanatorium, which was recently converted into a kindergarten. But whether she is a dangerous psychotic bent on vengeance or a wronged victim intent on protecting the kindergarteners from harm is a troubling mystery that Melinda must unravel – and fast.

Rating: TVPG

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