Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: “Crime Doesn’t Pay”

‘Desperate Housewives’: Men (and women) behaving badly

Source: Recaps

Evalongoria_desperatehousewives_s4_240 Wisteria Lane heated up this week on Desperate Housewives with liars, cheats and thieves taking center stage. Let’s get things started with the much-hyped killer housewife. While it wasn’t a huge surprise that Maria, Carlos’s boss’s cheated-upon wife, was the murderer, I’m digging this plot. Two thumbs up for the scene where Gaby and Carlos arrive at Maria’s house to find Bradley with a carving knife in his chest and Maria explaining that she just couldn’t listen to him talk about the affair anymore. I like to see the show getting back to its over-the-top soapy roots.

Are there any other musical theater nerds in the house? Because Maria totally reminded me of one of the “Cell Block Tango” chicks from Chicago. He had it coming! (Note to cheating husbands: The best time to break the news of your affair to your hormonal, pregnant wife probably isn’t while she’s holding a carving knife.) I wonder if this means Carlos gets to keep his job…or perhaps Bradley’s? If so, I’m guessing Gaby will bounce back pretty quickly from the tragedy her interference accidentally/indirectly caused.

It’s funny how Tom and Lynette are at once the worst couple and the strongest couple on Wisteria Lane. One minute they’re fighting over a prospective job in front of the employer and making me want to strangle them (well, strangle Tom; cancer references are over the line, buddy!), and the next they’re maturely making up and choosing a path for the future, together. Though I still feel like Tom may be the worst husband ever. But he hasn’t done any time in prison, so I guess that puts him ahead of just about every other husband on the street. Wow. At any rate, I look forward to seeing how Lynette’s latest stab at having a career goes. Here’s to her adolescent husband not sabotaging it!

Danadelany_desperatehousewives_s4_240 Speaking of dumb husbands, Mike somehow thinks it’s okay to hang a painting in Katherine’s house when he moves in without telling her that Susan painted it OR that it depicts the beach where they honeymooned. No matter how ridiculous the events that follow may be, Mike’s offense was the worst, in my opinion. Of course, Susan then should’ve understood why Katherine took it down, and Katherine shouldn’t have felt the need to lie about the reason. But all is soon right with the world as Susan redeems herself by acting like a crazy lady and reclaiming the painting, getting it out of Katherine’s house and looking more nutso than Katherine in the process. Way to play to your strengths, Susan.

As if Orson couldn’t be even more of a catch – a whiny ex-felon with an inferiority complex – he’s now a kleptomaniac, stealing small items from people who he feels have wronged him. What is he, five? Although Bree’s publisher, at least, totally deserved it. I can’t think of many things more annoying than someone reciting unflattering book ideas inspired by you into a tape recorder on the spot. But stealing from Bree? Something tells me she’s the type of gal who would notice an earring going missing. And then would turn you in to the cops.

And finally, more movement on the Dave front! A local priest recognizes him, eventually leading Edie to Dave’s real last name – Dash. Was anyone else surprised to see the priest alive in the last scene when Edie came to see him? I half expected him to turn up dead in the confessional after busting Dave in the liquor store like that.

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