Smallville Spoilers: The End for Doomsday? Season Finale Scoop!

3/12 New ‘Infamous’


Linda Lake (guest star Tori Spelling) returns to Metropolis and threatens to expose Clark’s secret unless he promises to give her exclusive information on the red-blue blur, so she can become a star reporter again. Refusing to be blackmailed, Clark tells Lois his secret and asks her to write his story for The Daily Planet.

Multiple sources confirm that two pivotal characters will bite the dust in this May’s season finale. And in a bit of a departure for Smallville, both deaths will stick. “These characters will die and they will stay dead,” maintains my insider. “This is the real deal.” […] Eh, one more little tease won’t hurt anyone: One character qualifies as a Smallville vet… the other one, not so much. […] The Legion will return in the May finale — in some form. Also, I’m told this season’s final two episodes will focus on a manhunt for Chloe and Doomsday. Source: The Ausiello Files

My Small mole assures me that all principal cast members are on board for next season, with one possible exception: The dude who plays Doomsday. Source: The Ausiello Files

Episode 8.19: Stiletto Airdate: April 2009

  • Juan Riedinger, who previously played “Lowell Wilson” in the Season 6 episode “Progeny,” plays a thug named “AJ” who is stopped by Lois’s stiletto heels. AJ later goes after Chloe to learn what she knows about the Stiletto. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.20: Beast Airdate: April 2009

  • Two police detectives approach Chloe and want to ask her a few questions about Davis Bloome. They think she is covering for him and hiding what she really knows. Davis phones Chloe to tell her that some people have tried breaking in to her apartment. He says that he is “holding them here.” Chloe implores him to release them, but Davis says that if he does that, they’ll go to the police. Davis compromises and tells Chloe he’ll let them go “after we leave Smallville.” Jimmy confronts Davis and refers to him as “Cloverfield.” Davis backhands him and sends him flying into a wall. After that, Davis threatens Oliver. Chloe insists to the detective that she and Davis are “nothing more than friends.” Later in the episode, it seems that Davis has Oliver held in the Talon basement. Source: KryptonSite
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