New Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair/Chuck/Nate Triangle! Plus More on Georgina & Jenny!

Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester

Question: Got any Gossip Girl/Jenny Humphrey scoops?
According to exec producer Stephanie Savage, Dan’s kid sis “has a big Blair, Mean Girls story for the end of the season that also ties in with the Rufus/Lily story. And you will see that a new course has been charted for Jenny Humphrey in the fall.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Do we know anything about Gossip Girl‘s prom episode?
Only that No Doubt will be performing, just not in this decade and not as No Doubt. “No Doubt is going to be playing in our ’80s flashback/[spin-off] episode,” reveals Stephanie Savage. “They’re playing an up-and-coming ’80s band.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Please, I need some Gossip Girl scoop on Blair and Chuck! And good news, too. I’m tired of the bad news.
I can offer you a little good news about Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, but unfortunately it’s just a setup for the bad news. Nate notices that Chuck and Blair have a major bond (yay!), but that leads him to respond/retaliate by asking Blair to move in with him (boo!). However, there will be some upcoming Chair scenes for you kiddos, because Mr. and Mrs. Marvelous join forces to investigate Serena’s new man, whom they agree they both don’t much like. At least it’s something.

What’s up with season three of Gossip Girl? Do we know anything yet?
I know that Blair gets into NYU and Nate gets into Columbia.

Anything coming up with the Elle/Chuck storyline on Gossip Girl?
According to Kate French (Elle), “Elle kind of steals Chuck Bass’ heart, and it gets really complicated, and he gets entangled in all of these webs of lies and different storylines that are going on. It’s very mysterious.” Hopefully Chuck won’t be smitten for too long, but then again how can we blame him when Blair’s about to go off and hook up with his BFF, Nate? Source: Kristin on E!Online

Korbi, You said that Nate and Blair would be a blip in the Gossip Girl time line, but now I hear that Nate is gonna ask Blair to move in with him. No hope for Chuck and Blair this season? Please, answer me, I really would like to know. I feel like giving up Gossip Girl.
Don’t give up, woman. There is always hope for Chuck and Blair. Always. The writers fully understand that C.B. and Blair belong together, but they can’t just couple them up and be done with it. You’d get bored, don’t you think? Instead, they have to throw roadblocks like Nate Archibald, Carter Baizen (played by Leighton Meester‘s real life boyfriend) and that Gentleman’s Club chick in the way. Yes, not only will Blair and Nate be a thing, but Blair will give it up to Carter even before that, and Chuck will fall for the shady lady he was stalking last we saw him. The good news is, there are a few quality Chuck-Blair scenes on tap for the March 23rd episode. Chuck’s affection for Ms. Waldorf will rise to the surface once again. It’s just too little too late for the time being.

LaurabreckenridgeIf Blair and Nate are going to be together, what happens to him and Vanessa? I like them together.
Me too. And they will be together when we jump back into the Gossip world next Monday. Actually, they’ll be together the following week too. But issues between them will begin to flare up, and ultimately, it seems their lack of common interests and disparate backgrounds will be the death of them.

What’s up with Dan and the teacher on Gossip Girl? Will they get caught?
Affirmative. Rufus finds out what’s going on and he’s not happy. However, Rachel has a dark side that we haven’t yet seen. Seems she has more in common with Blair than we were led to believe. Source: KTV: Korbi TV @

Clip of ‘Gossip Girl’ Reveals the Return of Chuck’s Nemesis

In ‘The Age of Dissonance’, ‘Gossip Girl’ will bring back in town Carter who surprisingly has a link to Chuck’s mysterious fling, Elle.

See larger image

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

A week away from the return of “” on TV screen, The CW have released a clip that features the re-appearance of Carter Baizen (guest star Sebastian Stan). Upon arriving at a restaurant, Chuck spotted Carter dining with a woman whom he recognized as Elle. Kate French who plays Elle dished out the relationship between her character and Chuck, saying “Elle kind of steals Chuck Bass’ heart, and it gets really complicated, and he gets entangled in all of these webs of lies and different storylines that are going on. It’s very mysterious.” Meanwhile, Carter is brought back to help Chuck in winning over Blair.

The March 16 episode is titled “The Age of Dissonance”, a reference to the play “The Age of Innocence” which will be put in production by the students of Constance Billard and St. Jude. Serena develops a crush on the play’s director, Julian (guest star Harmon Walsh), and enlists Vanessa’s knowledge of theater to help her get the otherwise uninterested guy’s attention. Blair receives devastating news about her future that leads her on a witch-hunt for the person responsible. Dan and Rachel agree to stay away from each other in the aftermath of being discovered as more than teacher and student, but find it impossible to keep that promise.

Gossip Girl: Did V Get Cool While We Were Gone?

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Only one week left until new Gossip Girl (the next new ep premieres Mar. 16 at 8 p.m. on the See-Dub), and since we last saw our Upper East Siders, the world apparently went mad, because Vanessa gained a smidge of self-deprecating cool! Check her out and see for yourself in the clip above. She goes out on double date with Serena and the world’s most pretentious guy and comes out ahead. And in the first of the two clips below V gets even cooler (we don’t make the news, we just report it!), and in the second, Chuck tangles with returning guest star Sebastian Star

Good to see the gang again, don’t you think?

Gossip Girl – Huge Batch of Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Review of Next 2 Episodes

During its first season, Gossip Girl was a frothy guilty pleasure, the sort of television viewing experience that didn’t tax your brain while it offered up a wry tongue-in-cheek look at the scandals of Manhattan’s elite, employing a sardonic wit to chronicle the age-old rivalries between well-heeled high schoolers on the Upper East Side.

Somewhere along the way, Gossip Girl lost its spark. The next two episodes, which kick off next Monday evening on the CW, seem to exist as a sort of shadow of its formerly flush self. Where’s the series’ fun, the intrigue, the devilish twinkle it used to have in abundance?

After a string of disappointing episodes, I was hoping to find that the series had returned to form when it launches a new batch of installments next week. However, the first hour, entitled “Age of Dissonance,” was painful to watch. Focusing on some truly irritating subplots like the much maligned pairing between Penn Badgley’s Dan and Laura Breckinridge’s Shakespeare teacher Rachel and Chuck’s Eyes Wide Shut-inspired foray into the world of underground sex clubs, this episode tries to wrap up these awful storylines while advancing the plot but only manages to irritate more than engage.

Throwing in a heretofore unmentioned senior class play (in which everyone has a role) based on Edith Wharton’s “Age of Innocence” is a head-scratcher. Yes, using this particular source material as a statement about the character’s own romantic and personal choices is about as subtle as hitting the audience over the head with an anvil but the writers miss an opportunity for some real humor by staging some unfunny moments between Dan and Blair in a carriage and Nelly Yuki in a fat suit… and forcing us to watch the characters engage in some dreadful faux English accents on stage for far too long. Yawn.

While the network has requested that I not give away any major plot points from these episodes, I will say that at least “The Age of Dissonance” does wrap up both the Dan/Rachel and Chuck/sex club storylines pretty neatly and tries to throw in a twist or two in the process… neither of which is particularly surprising or compelling. Meanwhile, look for Serena to fall for the play’s director Julian (guest star Harmon Walsh) and to turn to Vanessa for help in a Cyrano de Bergerac sort of way. (Vanessa continues to irk; here she’s filming a documentary about the making of the school play as a means for being involved with the episode’s overarching plot.) Elsewhere, Blair faces the loss of everything she’s worked for, Dan must make a difficult decision, and Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan) returns to town to shake things up for several characters.

While “The Age of Dissonance” is a real snoozer, the following week’s episode, entitled “Grandfather,” is a least somewhat of a step in the right direction. I wasn’t thrilled about this installment either, compared with earlier episodes of Gossip Girl, but it’s relatively more engaging and winning than the previous week’s episode. Unfortunately, it focuses heavily on Nate and Vanessa (never a good thing, in my book) and a subplot involving Nate’s powerful grandfather (guest star James Naughton) and his Kennedyesque family as Nate is forced to make a choice about his future.

However, “Grandfather” does feature some on-screen time for Kelly Rutherford’s Lily and Matthew Settle’s Rufus, easily still the most interesting and compelling characters on the series. Look for these two to spar when details about their past love lives emerge. While it’s a more trivial storyline than we’ve seen them involved with of late, it’s a welcome distraction from the shrill Nate/Vanessa storyline in this installment. (If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge proponent for the typically more interesting adult storyline this season.)

Elsewhere, the episode features a storyline for Blair that I feel we’ve already seen twice so far in the season and a half that Gossip Girl has been on the air, which is real problem given the relative shortness of its run so far. And keep your eyes open for yet another romantic permutation between the characters to take flight.

All in all, I was really hoping for more from the return of Gossip Girl. The series thrives when it manages to shock and surprise with a combination of soapy plot twists and sly humor but these episodes don’t manage to do either particularly well. Despite being such a young series, the next two installments definitely make it seem like this Gossip Girl is already in need of a (narrative) face lift.

Source: Televisionary

Episode 2.22: Loose Ends Airdate: April 27, 2009

  • Michelle Trachtenberg (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) returns as the manipulative Georgina Sparks in a four-episode arc. Source: The CW
  • Georgina Sparks is back on Gossip Girl, and when E! News caught up with her on the set, Michelle Trachtenberg revealed, “We’re filming a scene that’s actually the first time we see Georgina. She has a little run-in with Chuck Bass, who is in shock and awe at her new attire and getup and demeanor.” Looky loos on the set spied a less-glamazony Georgina than the one we remember from last year-could she have been the victim of a tragic makeunder, or is something more extreme afoot? Here’s what we’re hearing about Georgina’s shocking transformation, along with her relationships with ex-lover Dan and sworn enemy Blair… According to our spies, the big Chuck-Georgina reunion happens in the park when Chuck comes upon a group of oddly dressed people at a log cabin. The assembled young people are all wearing T-shirts that read “OMJC,” and one asks Chuck, “Are you a wayward soul in search of direction?” Right about then a hippie-looking, creepy, smiley and altogether weird-seeming Georgina pops up and asks if Chuck’s been saved as well. Has G been brainwashed by a cult? Michelle says, “I think there are definitely evil elements that Georgina can never leave behind, but you will be seeing a different, let’s say reformed, side of Georgina.” Madness! Now, what will this mean for Georgina’s relationships with the rest of the Upper East Siders? According to Michelle, “Georgina has some unfinished business with Blair, but how that’s going to transpire, I’m not sure. Could be a handshake, could be a fistfight, could get wild and crazy, and seeing as how we left Dan and Georgina, there were some crazy sparks a brewin’. I’m sure there will be fireworks.” Source: Kristin on E!Online
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