Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap: 4.18 “Leap of Faith”

Yesterday’s Ghost Whisperer episode should satisfy many fans, Jim may still be in Sam’s body, but he now remembers he is really Jim, and thankfully he has forgotten how mean he was to Melinda about her gift. It was an amazing episode!

There is a lot of wonder about how Jim remembered his past life. It is not a rebirth or baptism from the water as many suggested. While he was swimming that long distance, Sam/Jim went sort of unconscious, it was in that state between the conscious and unconscious, that he was able to tap into his subconscious, where all his memories of being Jim was stored although repressed from the trauma and shock of entering another body. Of course, being stuck and the pipes noise triggered memories of being of shot, because the noise was similar and tugged on the arm that was injured.

Now that Melinda and Jim and back together, now for the baby!

I didn’t want to put a spoiler in the headline, so it was either “Ghost Whisperer: The episode we’ve been waiting for!” or “Ghost Whisperer: … Yay!” If you saw the promo for last night’s show in which David Conrad… Read More

‘Ghost Whisperer’: A rebirth. From the sewer.

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On “Ghost Whisperer”… Jim/Sam takes a literal leap of faith into a water-filled sewer to save Melinda’s life and Melinda & Jim emerge from the sewer as a brand new (old) couple. And Dr. Byrd is around to creep us all right the hell out.

Melinda tells Delia that she doesn’t think she loves Jim/Sam anymore because Jim had faith in her and Sam doesn’t and she can’t live without that. Melinda leaves to go pick something up at the store. Ominous thunder and lightning crash and none of the lights work. Spooky. I hope there’s not a man with a hook for a hand in the Gorton’s Fisherman outfit waiting for her.

Turns out there is a mechanic named Ben, not a ghost, in the store. At least, he’s solid enough to knock over a vase. Melinda chases him (and she has the good sense to kick off her shoes) as he runs through a hole in the basement wall. Dr. Byrd then tells her there’s “more where he came from. How safe do you feel now?” Creepsville.

It turns out Ben is a “step-in” like Jim/Sam. A man named Joseph stepped into Ben’s body when he died and now Ben has all these old memories for Joseph’s life. Dr. Byrd encouraged Joseph to do it because he is essentially running experiments on step-ins so that he himself can successfully become a step-in one day. Again: Dr. Byrd is the creepiest creeper who ever creeped.

Part of Ben’s memories from Joseph’s life include his wife Clarissa. He is essentially stalking her, so Melinda and Eli go to Ben’s apartment to talk to him about it. At Ben’s apartment, Melinda and Eli find the walls papered with names from Joseph’s old life. They explain to Ben what has happened to him and how his memories are from Joseph. Melinda tells him they’ll talk to Clarissa for him. Naturally, Clarissa is skeptical. Ben overhears her disbelief and runs off through the town tunnels, eventually bursting a pipe in a fit of rage and filling up the room in which he is trapped with fast-rising water.

Ben narrowly escapes through a hatch in the ceiling, but Melinda is not so lucky. She gets trapped on a catwalk as the water gets closer and closer. Dr. Byrd goes to get help from Eli, who happens to run into Jim. Jim is skeptical but he can’t leave his damsel in distress so he jumps into the sewers to help Eli, who conveniently can’t really swim. Jim takes a “leap of faith” to dive in after Melinda.

As he swims for her, all sorts of Jim’s memories flash through his head. The swim seems to go on for like 5 minutes. I start to wonder if they show is just going to drown them both. The End. But no, Jim has a near drowning and when he emerges he wonders why Melinda keeps calling him Sam. Melinda tearfully hugs him and they climb out of the sewer together. Like the rebirth of their relationship. From the sewer. Romantic.

Melinda debriefs with Ben/Joseph about her reunion with Jim. He also thanks her for helping him make sense of his life and vows to start moving on with his life now. Dr. Byrd finally says he’ll stop encouraging ghosts to commandeer other people’s bodies, which is nice of him, and goes into the light.

Finally, Melinda, Delia, Ned and Eli take Jim home. Eli blathers on about rebirth and Melinda shows Jim his new visage. He freaks a little but they cry and kiss and it’s all sweet.  Delia, Ned and Eli hug on the porch. Happy endings all around.

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  1. Rachel

     /  March 15, 2009

    Melinda and Jim wed again in episode 4.26 !!!!!


  2. Your write up really maked me think. I really like posts just like this one. I kind of hate that my lap top battery is about dead.

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