Bones Spoilers: Bones & Booth = Baby!

Emily in Tulsa, Okla.: When the H are Angela and Hodgins getting back together on Bones? Seriously, we want a full-fledged reconciliation with some lovin’ to spare!
No time soon. As Bones bosses Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson told us last week, there’s nothing coming in the finale. But Hart says, “We’ve always thought that Angela and Hodgins were a couple that should be together. They’re destined to be together, but, boy, it’s going to be a long, hard road for them.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 4.17: The Salt in the Wounds Airdate: March 19, 2009

  • When a petrified human body is found buried in a mound of salt in a city de-icing truck, Booth and Brennan are on the case. They discover the victim, Ashley, was a 16-year-old high school volleyball player who had been missing for three weeks. When the team discovers Ashley was pregnant at the time of her death, they are shocked to find that nearly half of her volleyball team is either pregnant or already has a baby, and the press reports an alleged “pregnancy pact.” Booth and Brennan must delve through the complex web of relationships to find a motive for Ashley’s murder. Meanwhile, when Angela and Roxie discuss adopting a dog, they must confront larger issues in their relationship. Guest Cast: Pej Vehdat as Arastoo Vaziri; Nichole Hiltz as Roxie Lyon; Monica Coleman as Becca Hedgepeth; Kayla Ewell as Alyssa Howland; Andrew Borba as Bob Clark; Amy Pietz as Ellen Clark; Ramon De Ocampo as Dr. Sean Fitts; Brando Eaton as Rory Davis; Spencer Breslin as Clinton Gilmour; Matt Bushell as Coach Adam Hawthorne; Heidi Sulzman as Darlene; Earnestine Phillips as Tess; Lu Parker as News Reporter. Source: FOX
  • Booth and Brennan investigate a petrified human body found buried in a mound of salt in a city de-icing truck. They discover that the victim was a pregnant 16-year-old high school volleyball player, and are shocked to find that nearly half of her teammates are either pregnant or already have babies as part of a “pregnancy pact.” Source: FOX

Episode 4.18: The Doctor in the DenAirdate: March 26, 2009

  • The March 26 episode is a big one for Tamara Taylor’s Cam, who discovers that her ex-boyfriend has been murdered. “This was the love of her life,” explains exec producer Hart Hanson. “She lived with him for two years and raised his daughter. She now has to go back and tell the now-16-year-old daughter — who doesn’t remember her — that her father is dead. It’s a very emotional episode for us. And Tamara is brilliant in it.” Source: The Ausiello Files
  • The half-eaten body of a doctor is found in the tiger cage at the zoo following a hospital charity event, and Booth and Brennan determine the death was no accident. The team soon identifies the victim as Dr. Andrew Welton, and Cam reveals that she was engaged to Welton and lived with him 10 years ago. Though she is devastated by the loss, she nonetheless joins in the investigation to help find Dr. Welton’s killer for the sake of his 16-year-old daughter who Cam once helped raise, potentially creating a life-changing situation for Cam. The team pieces together Dr. Welton’s final evening as they question the suspects, including Brandon Casey (guest star Lowe), whom Sweets and Angela must hypnotize in order to jog his memory about what he saw the night of the gala. Meanwhile, lust is in the air at the Jeffersonian and Angela is obsessed by sexual thoughts as she tries to maintain her self-imposed celibacy. Guest Cast: Chad Lowe as Brandon Casey; Eugene Byrd as Clark Edison; Dana David as Michelle Weston; Rebecca Wisoky as Dr. Maura Bailey; Dru Mouser as Nancy Lauder; Linda Purl as Mrs. Diana Annenburg; Joey Adams as Rick Annenburg; Audrey Wasilewski as Trysta; Marston Fobbs as Bill; Candice Coke as Dr. Nora Oldhouse; Christopher Neiman as Langston; Pamela Dunlap as Mrs. Jenkins; Kim Topper as Gretchen Kujawa; Tangelia Rouse as Lauren Dobbs. Source: FOX
  • The half-eaten body of Cam’s former fiancée is found in the tiger cage at the zoo, and Booth and Brennan determine the death was no accident. The team pieces together the fiancée’s final evening and questions suspects, including Brandon Casey (guest star Chad Lowe) whom Sweets and Angela hypnotize to help jog his memory. Source: FOX

Episode 4.19: The Science in the Physicist Airdate: April 2009

Episode 4.20: The Cinderella in the Cardboard Airdate: April 2009

Episode 4.21: The Mayhem on the Cross Airdate: May 2009

  • 02/02 – Pinworm: Male, 19-23, edgy, dark. He is the lead guitarist for the Black Metal band, SPEW. This is a man who wants to be seen by his adoring fans as a Black Metal God, a man who would do – or say he’s done – anything to win their respect. Pinworm even lays claim to the murder of fellow band mate, Mayhem (aka Justin Dancy), assuming that though it makes him legendary, no officer of the law would ever think he was truly guilty. Grinder (aka Daniel Moss): Male, 19-23, sweet face, innocent looking. He is the bassist for the Black metal band, SPEW. On stage he is a hard core, frightening-looking rocker, but when the makeup and costumes are gone he couldn’t be any less intimidating. Grinder replaced his childhood friend, Mayhem (aka Justin Dancy) on bass after his disappearance and like all the other members of the band he seems to claim responsibility for Mayhem’s death. Dr. Sweets (John Francis Daly) and Dr. Wyatt (Stephen Fry) see beneath his on-stage persona and get him to give up information that could lead to the killer’s true identity. Murderbreath: Male, 19-23, very short in stature, diminutive. Murderbreath is the lead singer of a Deathcore band called “Zorch.” He cuts his own throat during one of his band’s shows for the theatricality of it – he wants to be legendary to his fans. Murderbreath tells Booth and Brennan that he didn’t kill rival band SPEW’s old bassist, Mayhem, but that a kid told him where he could dig up Mayhem’s corpse. He admits to finding the corpse, mutilating it and hanging it on his stage as a prop. Serena: Female, 19-23, pretty, sweet-looking but with an edge, think Cat Power or Hayley Williams. Once into the Black Metal music scene. Serena has moved on to a band that plays more mainstream music. She explains to Booth that she and SPEW’s ex-bassist Mayhem broke up when she left the scene to go into lighter fare, but that he had called her six months ago and begged to play in her band. Though she desperately tries to play it cool and jaded for Booth, Serena melts and is truly devastated when she learns of Mayhem’s murder. Dr. Solberg: Female, late-20s to early-30s, Norwegian. She is a Norwegian pathologist who has been called in by her country’s Delta force to determine whether or not a skeleton being used on stage as a prop at a concert by the Death metal band Dod are truly that of a murdered human. Dr. Solberg is Norway’s answer to our Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel). Delta Unit Commander: Male, late 20s to mid-30s, tough, Norwegian. He is the Norwegian Delta Unit Commander brought in by his country to aid in Dr. Solberg’s investigation of a skeleton being used on stage as a prop by the Death Metal band Dod. He doesn’t mind cracking a few skulls to get the answers he needs. Mayhem: Male, 19-23, tall, bigger, husky, like a giant teddy bear. Mayhem is the former bassist for the Black Metal band SPEW. When his mutilated skeleton is found in Norway being used as a prop by the Death Metal band Dod, it launches an investigation into his mysterious demise. Wrath: Male, 19-23, tall, intimidating, like a grizzly bear. Wrath is the very large, very angry and intimidating drummer in the Black Metal band SPEW. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 4.22: Title Unknown Airdate: May 2009

Episode 4.23: The Girl in the Mask Airdate: May 2009

  • Sergeant Ken Nakamura: Male, mid-30s, handsome, must be Japanese. He is the grieving older brother of murdered 21-year old Sachi Nakamura. He is very intelligent and was fiercely protective of Sachi, whom he’d raised since their parents died 15 years ago. Nakamura flies in from Japan to aid Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan in the investigation of his sister’s murder. He and Booth became friends during an exchange program they both attended on managing organized crime. Anxious to help, Nakamura lets his grief get in the way of his investigatory instincts so Booth forces him to sit on the sidelines back at the Jeffersonian. Dr. Asa Tanaka: Male, mid-20s, ambiguous, androgynous, oddly attractive, must be Japanese. Dr. Tanaka is Japan’s equivalent to Dr. Brennan. Brilliant and acutely scientific, he has flown in from Japan to aid Sergeant Ken Nakamura in the investigation of Sachi Nakamura’s murder. While he’s found by Dr. Brennan to be extremely helpful in the lab, the rest of her staff can’t stop trying to figure out if Dr. Tanaka is a he or she. Source: SpoilerTV
  • We’ll be meeting Bones’ Japanese she-male doppelgänger. (For reals.) Look for a character named Asa Tanaka who is Japan’s leading forensic anthropologist but whose gender is indistinguishable, which confuses the Jeffersonian team when they join forces with Asa to solve the murder of a Japanese national. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 4.24: The Beaver in the Otter Airdate: May 2009

General Spoilers:

  • Yes, the much-discussed sex scene between Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Seeley Booth is going to happen in the Bones season-four finale. No, it is not a hallucination. And yes, oh yes, it could lead to something even bigger for the couple. We just chatted up Bones bosses Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, and as S.N. jokes, “We did some research and found out that sex is very closely related to having children. We were shocked ourselves.” So what does the sex mean for our fave twosome, and which beloved character is returning for the season finale? Here’s what we know: You longtime fans will be delighted to know that the writer-producers of Bones are taking this step forward seriously. As Hart says, “I think the audience will be very satisfied with the sex scene, and the way that it sets up the next season and the way things unfold between Bones and Booth.” So why the change of Hart after years of putting the kibosh on B&B? He tells us, “The fact is, when we started Bones, we knew that we would never have to face the day of reckoning of when to have Booth and Brennan consummate their affair, because no show ever goes that long. And now here we are. We have to pay the piper. I think it was about six months ago that Stephen and I just quietly between the two of us started talking about how we were going to contend with that huge, hanging sword of Damocles issue of their sex life.” And for the record, the baby issue is key to the decision, at least on Brennan’s side. Stephen explains, “It started with the idea of Brennan-who has been so adamant about not wanting a child for so long-finally realizing that it might be good for her to have a progeny to have someone as brilliant as she in the world when she leaves. So she is thinking about having a child, and she realizes that Booth is genetically an excellent match for her.” Another hint that this knot of storylines leads to a wee B&B Jr.? When asked about future appearances by Booth’s beloved son Parker, Hart says, “Yes, we will see Parker. Of course, Booth’s family life, including his son, fit into our consequences coming up in season five.” As for the actual sex, they haven’t shot the scene yet, but we have solemn promises that it is not the product of Booth’s currently fevered imagination. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • Look for the return of Booth’s brother Jared this spring. Seems the elder Booth is trying to secure a job for his baby brother, who lost his previous position when he helped save Seeley from the Gravedigger. I’m told the two siblings will get into a huge fight and some damaging words will be exchanged. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • “[Booth] will be going through a major health crisis,” reveals executive producer Stephen Nathan, “which will cause him to hallucinate.” Yikes. But whatever Booth’s ultimate fate (the fact that he’s the star of the show probably bodes well for him), at least viewers won’t be imagining his sweet, sweet lovemaking with his partner. “The last episode[of the season Booth and Brennan are in bed together,” Nathan confirms. “And we can’t have them in bed naked without having sex.” And the morning after? Will there be catastrophic Moonlighting-esque awkwardness? Thankfully, no. “That’s all going to be resolved within that episode,” Nathan promises, “because we also have to resolve the fact that Brennan wants to have a child.”[…] There’s a strong chance you’ll see [Zach] in the season finale. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • According to executive producer Hart Hanson, a series of attacks within the Lab will cause “dissension and suspicion” amongst all of the main players by the end of the season, adding, “It will affect the way each and every character regards the others.” Oh, and the Booth-Brennan sex thing in the May finale? Yep, still happening. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • Booth and Brennan’s first therapist[, Gordon Wyatt played by Stephen Fry,] will come back, though he’s contemplating a permanent leave of absence from psychiatry. He and Sweets will team up to help B&B solve a case, during which, we’ll learn some shocking things about Sweets’ past. Seems his pre-adoption life was more tragic than we were first led to believe. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • What’s the right move when you accidently see your therapist’s woman trying on wedding dresses with another man? Booth and Bones will debate the dilemma — and the merits of marriage — after spying Sweets’ girlfriend Daisy doing this exact thing. But as one couple faces a break up, another couple could be reuniting. Online, anyway. Angela and Hodgins will sign up for the same internet dating service and the computer database seems to think they’re a perfect match. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • After months of teasing, creator Hart Hanson confirmes Bones and Booth will hook up in this year’s season finale. “They’re actually in bed having sex,” Hanson tells me. “And they won’t be able to just walk away from what happened. It will have seious ramifications.” Booth is able to open up after working with his therapist, Dr. Wyatt (Stephen Fry), to confront problems from his dark past. “Booth’s father had some issues, David [Boreanaz] says. “We’re going to find out more about how painful it was for me growing up with that man. My grandfather was a much nicer person.” So nice that it’ll be revealed that were it not for Grandpa, Booth would be dead. Casting will soon get under way for Gramps, a fighter-pilot hero, who will appear in late April or early May amid a Booth family crisis. ” […] Viewers will meet Booth’s father, an ex-military man-turned-barber, later this season or early next. Hanson says Booth’s mom is “probably alive’ but “wasn’t around for most of his life.” Bones’ father, Max, is in limbo due to Ryan O’Neil’s ongoing, real-life legal drama. Source: TV Guide
  • [Roxie will be leaving the show.] Source: The Ausiello Files
  • Tamara Taylor wouldn’t say if it was a boy or a girl [that Cam would be getting], but did tell me the child would be in “the awkward years.” Also, since Emily Deschanel told me Booth and Bones would be in bed together, I had to dig a little deeper. Turns out, it could be a trick! Taylor says, “They’ve been toying around with interesting ideas about alternate realities, where perhaps they’re married, where we’re all in interesting, different roles. So we may get to see it, but it may not be real.” Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • Long time Bones fans know that Cam was a police officer prior to assuming her position at the Jeffersonian, but we’re about to learn a great deal more about Dr. Saroyan’s previous life and how it shaped who she is today. For starters, Angela ain’t the only one with an ex-fiance to speak of. Seems our favorite coroner was once engaged to marry a single dad whose daughter she was very close with. When the ex-fiance is murdered in an upcoming episode, Cam will offer the teenage orphan a new home with her. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • [Exec producer Hart] Hanson says the rotating intern experiment has an expiration date. “We don’t to do the Murphy Brown thing,” he says. “But we’re getting a lot of good stories out of these new people coming in and shaking things up in the lab.” Two more interns are on the way, including a devout Muslim (played by Pej Vahdat) and someone who is hearing impaired (not yet cast). […] The new Muslim intern I mentioned makes Angela a soothing mix tape after her heart is broken by Roxie. Coincidentally, Hart Hanson tells me that the Angela/Hodgins love story is not over. “We’re not done with them,” he says. “But they have some obstacles to overcome.” Source: The Ausiello Files
  • Angela’s romantic relationship with Ms. Roxie won’t last forever. Word is, Roxie will dump our favorite facial reconstructionist, who doesn’t take the rejection well. The upside? I hear she may be jumping into bed with Hodgins and making out with Sweets post break up. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • Seems the Bones duo will be stopping by a strip club and getting a lap dance later this season. Could this be part of Brennan’s new effort to be more human? I’m hearing the brilliant scientist is interested in learning how to better connect with people. Apparently, she’ll enlist the help of Sweets to accomplish her goal. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • “I think we’ll do a little better this season than just an actual, real kiss,” [Hart] Hanson teases. “But you tell me in about three months whether we’ve succeeded or not. There are a couple of things I’ve already said they’ll do: I’ve said they’ll be naked in bed, and I’ve said she will ask him to father her child. So, I think we’re moving toward something bigger than just a kiss.” What could possibly be bigger that sucking face? Yep, sex was my first guess, too. “The truth is,” Hanson counters, “if two people share a kiss and they’re in their mid-’30s, how long is it going to be before they consummate? My intention is to keep the audience very frustrated.” […] Explains Hart Hanson: “Booth has some issues with his dad, so we may bring in his father this season. We also talked about having his grandfather show up, but I’m not sure that will happen.” Source: The Ausiello Files
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