One Tree Hill: Episode 6.17 “You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight” Recap

Hilarie Burton, One Tree HillWelcome back!  One Tree Hill returns after a very long hiatus that saw the show get picked up for a seventh season and rumors that said season 7 would NOT include Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton.  So soak up every last moment of Leyton action that you can.

Last time, the movie began production, Mouth and Millie broke up, Skills was MIA, Dan needed a heart, Brooke was boinking Julian, Peyton was preggers, Nathan was on the road, Chase and Mia were an item, Sam was snarky, Haley wanted back into the music biz, Deb was boffing Skills, and Jamie was awesome.  Wow, I forgot how many characters this show has.
To get back into One Tree Hill, the show has nicely divided everyone into five neat, separate subplots. Peyton has a complication with the pregnancy, Mouth and Millie deal with their break-up, Haley and Nathan celebrate their wedding anniversary, Julian and Brooke discuss their relationship status, and Jamie tries to get Dan and Deb back together….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

‘Gossip Girl’ Recap: Episode 2.18 “The Age of Dissonance”

Leighton Meester, Gossip GirlIt’s been a long and lonely winter without new Gossip Girl to keep warm the cockles of our wicked hearts–but tonight’s the night! It’s finally back—everyone’s favorite fictional snobs, snakes, and celebutantes are back tonight. Let’s refresh what last we saw on the Upper East Side: Dan Hump-rhey and Serena’s ment-whore were hooking up, Chuck was on a hunt to find his mysterious escort dream-girl, and Blair got herself in and out of trouble with Miss Carr, but in the end her acceptance to Yale appeared safe.

Tonight, Gossip Girl welcomes us with some Shakespeare: ‘All the world’s a stage’ on the Upper East Side, she says, and this week it’s quite literal, since the seniors are putting on their (mandatory) class play, “The Age of Innocence”. The sly Chuck Bass (of course) managed to bribe a doctor into diagnosing him with “acute stagefright,” so he’ll be off on his own dramatic adventures tonight.
Blair is playing Lady Oleska, the “stronger, more emotionally complex” female lead (her description), while Serena will grace the stage as “pretty” (but clearly simple-headed) May. Before rehearsal, Blair and Serena chat about Dan and Serena’s new crush on their director Julien. In the background, Dorota sees how she’d look with some curly extensions (Fierce, Dorota!). Blair reminds Serena for us that she should be sick of brooding artists by now, but S is clearly addicted. Then bad news strikes: it seems Nelly Yuki got direct word from the Dean she’s been accepted early to Yale. But only one Constance girl per year gets that spot, and it was Blair. Which means….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

New 90210 Spoilers: Ethan and Annie are Over!

Episode 1.17: Life’s a Drag (fka “The Bad & the Trusted”) Airdate: March 31, 2009

  • In an attempt to get close to Liam (guest star Matt Lanter), Naomi offers to be his math tutor, but she gets more than she bargains for when he takes her out for a wild night. Silver takes a class assignment a little too far when she creates a video that documents her love for Dixon. When Silver screens the video for her fellow students, everyone, including Ryan, is shocked when they see Dixon and Silver in an intimate situation. Upon seeing the reaction of everyone around her, Silver blames Ryan for the situation. Ethan and Annie’s relationship remains rocky but more problems arise when Adrianna reveals that Rhonda (guest star Aimee Teegarden) and Ethan shared a kiss at the dance. Harry and Debbie are surprised to learn that Annie quit the school play in order to spend more time with Ethan. Source: The CW

Any new “90210″ news?  Will Ethan and Annie be over forever?  He was so cool before stupid Rhonda!
Really? I thought Rhonda was good for Ethan. She turned him on to a more introspective side and the kid was in need of some depth, don’t you think? But to answer your question, Ethan and Annie will still be together when the show returns in two weeks… although that won’t last. And I don’t see them reconciling anytime soon. Certainly not this season.

Why has “90210” been off the air for so long? WTF?
Because “9-0” started its season almost a month before most fall shows debuted, they had to make up for it by taking a few extra weeks off. Also, because the country’s switch to digital was supposed to take place in February, The CW’s schedulers tried to avoid that entire month. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Anything on Ethan and Annie on 90210?
Things aren’t looking too hot. Adrianna accidentally spills the beans to Annie that Ethan cheated on her. They end up breaking up, but that doesn’t mean Rhonda (Aimee Teegarden) will stick around. Ethan wants to be a single man for a while.

90210 scoop? Is Brenda really adopting Adrianna’s baby?
No, Adrianna and Navid decide to keep the baby and get engaged. I’m also hearing that someone is transferring schools midsemester. And Naomi moves in with the Wilsons. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Gossip Girl Spoilers: OMG!!! Blair & Chuck Together Again!!!

Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester

Dara Kushner/

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Gossip Girl fans, this is shaping up to be the best Monday ever.

Not only does the show finally return tonight (thank you, CW!), but the next two episodes are quite honestly better than ever (IMHO), and you’ll never guess who was spotted just hours ago making out on a public sidewalk!

OK, so the photo above totally gives it away. But how do they get there? Is it really what it seems? What is the inside scoop?

What happens with Chuck and Blair!?

Here’s what I can tell you:

  1. Chuck is coming to his senses (about luuuhhhving Blair).
  2. Blair is hooking up with Carter Baizen, played by Leighton’s real-life boyfriend, Sebastian Stan, who just so happens to play a dead ringer for Chuck Bass on NBC’s Kings. Some girls get all the naughty boys with smoldering good looks!
  3. Blair is hooking up with Nate.
  4. You’ll be surprised at how much the Blair-Nate repairing does not suck (at least, not in its initial stages). Honest.
  5. Chuck and Blair = So. Not. Over. For proof, see photo above!

Give us some good gossip on Gossip Girl or I’ll cry!

Well, we can’t have that now, can we?

  1. Serena is arrested, and you won’t believe who calls the cops on her.
  2. Rufus buys an engagement ring!
  3. Prom is coming up, and I ask you, what’s a Gossip Girl prom without a little roofie action?

If Nate and Blair are getting back together, what about Chuck? How will he deal with it?

By scheming to break them up, obv. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Gossip Girl boss needs an ‘unhinged sociopath’

Gossip GirlGossip Girl returns Monday night with the first of eight all-new episodes to close out Season 2. Think there’s gonna be some wild drama? Count on it. Executive producer Stephanie Savage hinted as much in response to a question about the soon-to-reappear Georgina Sparks (played by Michelle Trachtenberg): “You need to have one unhinged sociopath, don’t you?” Serena’s longtime nemesis will surprise you with her bizarre ‘change’ in four upcoming episodes, and Savage didn’t discount Georgina’s presence on the show next season. Savage also told The Futon Critic why she loves writing about teen angst. “It allows you to tell stories where characters can make really bad decisions and not be judged too harshly for them. Teenagers have such a spectrum of emotions and choices they can make where ultimately you can forgive them and fold them back into the family because they’re learning and they don’t know any better. You have a much larger canvas on which to paint.” Trachtenberg, incidentally, has a major role in 17 Again, a big-screen comedy which should do gangbusters at the box-office when it premieres April 17. She co-stars with Zac Efron, Matthew Perry (Chandler on Friends) and Adam Gregory (Ty on 90210).

Gossip Girl – Yes more set photos

(Click to Enlarge)

Gossip Girl – More Set Photos

Source: ED Westwick

Gossip Girl – Set Photos

Source: GG Fan

Episode 2.19: The Grandfather Airdate: March 23, 2009

  • Devastated by the recent plot twist in her life, Blair turns her back on her predictable Waldorf existence in favor of a more wild and unpredictable lifestyle, causing Serena and Chuck to have serious concerns about their friend. Vanessa convinces Nate that it may be time to forgive and forget when it comes to his mother’s Kennedyesque family, The Vanderbilts, who abandoned Nate and his mother when they needed them most. In a misguided effort to be completely honest with each other, Lily and Rufus agree to share lists of their past lovers. Penn Badgley and Taylor Momsen also star. Source: The CW

Episode 2.20: Remains of the JAirdate: March 30, 2009

  • Serena decides to throw Jenny an intimate party for her sixteenth birthday, but things get way out of control when Poppy Lifton (guest star Tamara Feldman) turns the small gathering into a huge social event. In a moment of weakness, Vanessa agrees to help Chuck with a scheme having to do with Blair and Nate. Rufus learns that Dan will not receive financial aid at Yale and tries to figure out another way to cover the cost of his education. Kelly Rutherford also stars. Armie Hammer uest stars as Poppy’s boyfriend, Gabriel. Source: The CW

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.20 – Remains of the J – Promotional Photos

(Click to Enlarge)

General Spoilers:

  • According to exec producer Stephanie Savage, Dan’s kid sis “has a big Blair, Mean Girls story for the end of the season that also ties in with the Rufus/Lily story. And you will see that a new course has been charted for Jenny Humphrey in the fall.”[…] No Doubt will be performing, just not in this decade and not as No Doubt. “No Doubt is going to be playing in our ’80s flashback/spin-off episode,” reveals Stephanie Savage. “They’re playing an up-and-coming ’80s band.” Source: The Ausiello Files
  • The writers fully understand that Chuck and Blair belong together, but they can’t just couple them up and be done with it. You’d get bored, don’t you think? Instead, they have to throw roadblocks like Nate Archibald, Carter Baizen (played by Leighton Meester ‘s real life boyfriend) and that Gentleman’s Club chick in the way. Yes, not only will Blair and Nate be a thing, but Blair will give it up to Carter even before that, and Chuck will fall for the shady lady he was stalking last we saw him. The good news is, there are a few quality Chuck-Blair scenes on tap for the March 23rd episode. Chuck’s affection for Ms. Waldorf will rise to the surface once again. It’s just too little too late for the time being. […] Rufus finds out what’s going on [between Dan and Rachel] and he’s not happy. However, Rachel has a dark side that we haven’t yet seen. Seems she has more in common with Blair than we were led to believe. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
  • Chuck’s hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold from the Eyes Wide Shut party turns up again like a bad penny. Emphasis on bad. And pennies. […] Andrew McCarthy has been cast in Lily, the CW’s tentatively titled Gossip Girl prequel spinoff, says the Hollywood Reporter. McCarthy will play no less than teenage Lily Rhodes’ father, Rick, who is a music biz exec. […] Also on board for the spinoff is One Tree Hill alum Matt Barr, as Keith van der Woodsen, a love interest of Lily’s. It is speculated that given the character’s surname, he eventually could wind up marrying Lily and siring Serena. Source: TV Guide Online

New Supernatural Spoilers: 4.16 ‘On the Head of a Pin’

3/19 New ‘On the Head of a Pin’

Someone found Lucifer’s sword and is using it to kill angels. Castiel and Uriel have captured Alastair (guest star Christopher Heyerdahl) and ask Dean to use the torturing skills he learned in hell to extract information from him, so they can stop the murders. Sam is concerned Dean can’t handle the job, but Dean agrees to do it. However, when Alastair reveals some shocking information, Dean’s world is shattered.

Exclusive Interview with ‘Supernatural’ Star Misha Collins

Misha Collinsw, Supernatural Great news for fans of Misha Collins. The Supernatural star revealed in an exclusive interview with BuddyTV that Castiel will not only play a big role in the final eight episodes of this season, but he is also in the final stages of signing on as a series regular for Supernatural season 5.

In our interview with Misha Collins, we also spoke about what’s in store for Castiel this season, his interactions with fans, whether he’ll finally get to wear something other than a suit and trenchcoat, getting into trouble with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, his grandmother’s reaction to his shocking and disturbing guest appearance on Nip/Tuck, and the possibility of more than just five seasons for Supernatural…..READ FULL INTERVIEW AT BUDDY TV

Misha Collins Jsquared Photography

Love the reveal in the last ep that the Supernatural boys can go where angels fear to tread! And speaking of angels, any news on Castiel, Uriel or Anna?
‘s very gracious angel in residence Misha Collins tells me, “We just shot an episode where we meet the man who Castiel possessed—the body that he’s in—and that was a lot of fun for me to shoot, playing a different character. I think that’s episode 20.” Can’t wait!

Preview of ‘Supernatural’ 4.16: Castiel and Dean Against Alastair

4When Castiel is back to ‘Supernatural’, he requires the help of Dean to extract important information from Alastair.

See larger image

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

It’s another showdown between Castiel and Alastair and the former seeks the assistance of Dean in getting an information out of the latter. In the next ““, Angels are found dead, murdered by someone who uses a stolen Lucifer sword. Castiel and Uriel suspect that Alastair is behind all of this. The angels have captured Alastair and ask Dean to use the torturing skills he learned in Hell to extract information from him so they can stop the murders. Sam is concerned Dean can’t handle the job but Dean agrees to do it. However, when Alastair reveals some shocking information, Dean’s world is shattered. After a long break, the show is back with the episode which is called “On the Head of a Pin”, airing March 19. “Supernatural” has been ordered for a fifth season. Castiel’s depicter Misha Collins said that his character will be back for another season. “Well, I’ve been told that I’m coming back, so the odds are good. I’d have to screw something up between now and the end of the month!” he informed TV Guide.

New Smallville Spoilers: ‘Turbulence’

3/19 New ‘Turbulence’

SmallvilleTess invites Clark to a press conference in New York, but when an explosion rocks the private jet they are on, Clark must figure out how to save them without Tess learning his secret. Unbeknownst to Clark, Tess orchestrated the explosion to get Clark to reveal his powers. Meanwhile, Davis discovers a surprising way to control the monster within.

Any good Chloe spoilers in the Smallville pipeline?
Thanks to Zantanna (Serinda Swan), Chloe and Lois are going to be switching bodies in “Hex,” but there could be more crazy stuff for Allison Mack to come. Cassidy Freeman tells me, “I think it’s really interesting what they’re doing with Chloe. You have this show that has been on for so long, and you have this character that’s not really in the mythos and has had to create her own self. You can do anything with her and that’s kind of what they’re doing.”

How about a good Smallville spoiler?
How’s this? Meteor freaks start dying in Metropolis, but don’t be so quick to think Doomsday is the culprit.

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Smallville: Guess Who Finds Luthor’s Journal?

Source: E!Online

Smallville, Tom Welling, Cassidy Freeman The CW

What would life be like for Clark Kent (Tom Welling) on Smallville if everyone knew that he is actually a Superman? What if there were a journal that held every detail about Kal-El, Krypton and Clark Kent? Well, in an upcoming episode Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) discovers there is such a journal, and it’s not at all clear that she can be trusted with that info… We just chatted up Cassidy about Tess’ arc this season, and not only does she hold the key to Clark’s secret but she’s in grave danger herself and may not even be back next season…

Tess and Clark are going for a little flight, and the episode is called “Turbulence”—plane crash anyone?
Ding, ding, ding! It’s me and Clark. I approach him in a very different way than Lex did; I see Clark as an opportunity for security in a way that I’ve never felt before. I, like everybody else, need a hero, and I’m looking to Clark for that.

Does Tess know about Clark’s powers?
She knows what she’s read, she’s knows what she’s seen, she knows what she’s heard, but she wants him to trust her.

Wait, read?
Tess uncovers Lionel Luthor’s diary, and she learns everything.

Smallville, Tom Welling Frank Ockenfels/The CW

Clark shouldn’t trust her then, right?
That’s a good question. We’ve seen that Tess can kill people, but she’s not predictable. You can’t really count on her to be one way or the other, but she does things she feels she needs to, even if that means doing a really, really evil thing.

Fans want to see more of Tess this season—what can they look forward to?
There’s another episode coming up which is called “Eternal,” directed by James Marshall. It’s super Tess-heavy, probably the most I’ve ever been in an episode. I say more words than I’ve said the entire season, and Tess and Davis finally meet.

Davis Bloome or Doomsday?

Is she in danger?
Yeah, she gets bitch-slapped. She definitely presses buttons. She’s out there; she’s like f–k all, I want to know the truth.

It’s nice to see a little love connection with Oliver and Tess as well.
We do have an interesting relationship. We haven’t touched on the romance of that; I think their romantic relationship lives in a certain time, and it may live again, but right now she’s trying to live her life without a man or a father figure or anyone telling her what she should or shouldn’t do.

Michael Rosenbaum The WB/Brian Cyr

Is Lex really dead? Could he show up in the finale?
No one is ever really dead on Smallville, just like no one is ever really human.

They’ve taken to humanizing you, though.
I am one of the only humans on the show, really, or the only person who hasn’t been affected by Kryptonite or Brainiac. I love that about Tess; when she’s doing bad things, you’re rooting for her, and then when something horrible happens to her, you kind of feel bad for her in a way.

The finale is still untitled, but do the writers have a plan now that they’ve been picked up for a ninth season?
They were doing “choose your own adventure.” They were doing either a series finale or season finale. So now that we know that we’re going another season, they’ve had to pull things over to a season finale.

The show is picked up for the ninth season, but are you?
I officially have not had the invite back, but I hope that I’m back. I think that it would be awesome to have Tess back. That scene when she’s talking in the mirror to Lex and she shuts him off, that was really her turning point for me, because before she was this character that was always looking for Lex. She was really in the show to take on that role because Michael Rosenbaum left, and that’s the moment she starts to build her own character.

Promise you will not die this season.
I hope not. If they don’t bring me in [for the next season], I will promise you that I will storm into the production office, and there will be a beatdown until they put me in the show.

Should Tess Mercer come back for the ninth season? What do you make of the elusive Lionel Luthor diary? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

Smallville airs Thursdays on the CW at 8 p.m.

—Reporting by Natalie Abrams

Clip of ‘Smallville’ 8.16: Davis Controls the Monster Within Him

Apart from Tess’ attempt to reveal Clarks’ power, next week in ‘Smallville’, Jimmy will confront Davis who is trying to suppress the monster inside him.

See larger image

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

While the preview for “” 8.16 released yesterday was focused on Clark and Tess, a clip that has just been released by The CW takes on another side of the episode called “Turbulence”. Jimmy is accusing Davis of having something with Chloe and he wants him to confess. While being confronted, Davis tries his hard not to unleash the monster within him. When Jimmy is taken down, Chloe approaches him and he discovers a surprising way to control the monster inside him. Also in the episode that airs March 19, Tess invites Clark to a press conference in New York but when an explosion rocks the private jet they are on, Clark must figure out how to save them without Tess learning his secret. Unbeknown to Clark, Tess orchestrated the explosion to get Clark to reveal his powers.

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: More on Izzy Diagnosis & Previews “Stand By Me”

Who’s More Doomed on Grey’s: MerDer or Izzie?

Source: E!Online

Whoa. Mucho story progress on tonight’s installment of Grey’s Anatomy. Check out a sneak peek above of next week’s episode (wherein Izzie and the robot fight for the future…), and then read on for a breakdown of what went down with Alex & Izzie, Sloan & Lexipedia, Callie & Arizona, Owen & Cristina, and, of course, Mer & Der…

Alex & Izzie: Aw, as the interns said, “The girl is toast.” As correctly predicted by our commenter MDs, Izzie has “Metastatic melanoma with mets (metastases) to liver, skin and brain” and her prognosis, even with chemo and radiation, is supposed to be no more than a few months. Meanwhile, she’s preternaturally calm and happy, enjoying her silly bickering friends and her boyfriend with a bright future, and doing an amazing job teaching her students. And Izzie’s diagnosis and terminal illness is not just going to kill her—the consequences are going to be devastating to George and Alex, too. How are you handling it? Post in the comments.

Sloan & Lexipedia: As Marc put it, “You think you broke me Little Grey? You’re the one who put me back together!” They are ridic. Love them. Love. Also, Chyler Leigh does not look pregnant!

Callie & Arizona: Two words for you on this situation: Arizona = Yay! They have mega chemistry, Callie is so darn winsome, and Arizona is the cutest little trick in shoe leather. More, please.

Owen & Cristina: It’s awful that these two have to suffer, but if they didn’t, they would be the odd men out in this world. Looking forward to Owen getting his head on straight, because Dr. and Mrs. Dr. McBadass have a lot to offer the world, not to mention this show. P.S. Regarding Izzie’s statement to Cristina before she revealed her cancer (“You’re a robot. You can take it.”), was it overly harsh, or was it pitch-perfect for the characters and their relationship?

Mer & Der: Wow. Just wow. For an episode that started with Owen slamming Cristina into a wall, it was the end of the episode that was disturbingly violent. One of the creepiest things to appear on Grey’s Anatomy since Rebecca/Ava’s (Elizabeth Reaser) psychotic break was the moment when Derek swatted Mer’s engagement ring across the meadow and then tossed the baseball bat at her. How are you feeling about their relationship right now? Mer is terribly believable when she says she’s sticking with him, but how much can she (and we) be expected to take?!

Long story short: This episode was crazysauce with a side of nuts.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 5.18 Preview: Izzie’s Disease Exposed

In the episode ‘Stand by Me’ of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Izzie drives away her friends’ assistance to her medical condition.

See larger image

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Months of speculation and several denials after, “” finally brings the story of Izzie’s unfortunate fate. George notices something is wrong with Izzie while the she herself, does her best to keep her medical record a secret. This has been speculated as an exit story for , who in February was rumored leaving the show to move on. Words have been circulating now that Izzie actually suffers from cancer. Co-star aka Alex also confirmed this to TV Guide, saying “Izzie has cancer, so I’m there to support her. I would expect Alex to shut down a little bit if something awful happens to Izzie, but these are opportunities to see his chivalrous side and his true love for her, so there should be some interesting stuff coming up.”

The episode “Stand By Me”, airing March 19, will talk a lot about this medical problem. Beside that, Meredith tries her mightiest to bring Derek back to work after fellow surgeons fail to do so. Meanwhile the hospital is abuzz as Mark attempts a rare face transplant surgery. Cristina, at last awarded her first solo surgery, is more focused on the needs of her friends.

Grey’s Anatomy 5×18 Stand By Me & 5×19 Elevator Love Letter Promotional Photos

Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Edies Death Preview “A Spark to Pierce the Dark”

Preview of ‘Desperate Housewives’ 5.18: Death Falls Upon Edie

‘Desperate Housewives’ will lose one of its women in the March 22 episode, but most importantly, what or who kills her?

Update: New Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Carlos/Lynette Affair? Orson & Edie’s Death!

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Nicollette SheridanAfter an on-screen kiss between Susan and Jessie, “” moves on with another shocking upturn. This may as well be the episode where a main character is dead. who plays Edie Brit had announced her departure from the show by having her character killed in an electric shock. The March 22 episode is aptly called “A Spark to Pierce the Dark”. Bree considers selling her business to save her marriage, Lynette is threatened by her new boss, boundaries are crossed for Gaby and Carlos, Katherine is caught in the most unexpected of circumstances and Edie’s worst fears come true.

Spoiled previously, Edie’s death will take an effect on the remaining housewives who must now find Edie’s 15-year-old son Travers to inform him about his mother’s death. The housewives are set for a road trip that turns out to be a good bonding experience. Meanwhile, Neal McDonough who plays Edie’s psychotic husband Dave Williams dished out on the episode, saying “I had to do something nasty to my wife in the show. It was hard for me because Nic played my wife all year and she has become such a great friend.” He added, “I go hunting in the woods and I’m not hunting for deer. (It’s) a little WWE.”

Any scoop on Sunday’s murder-ific episode of Desperate Housewives?
We just checked in with Marc Cherry at the Douglas Blasdell Foundation Outreach event, and he told us, “On Sunday, the question will be asked, ‘Who’s in trouble on Wisteria Lane?’ The press is putting out one story, but it’s possible that there’s another Housewife whose life is on the line.” Gulp! As for Cherry’s true feelings about Nicollette, Cherry says: “The thing I’ve said to Nicollette I will say publicly: What a great broad. What fun we have working together. She’s a throwback kinda dame.”

Is there any way we can keep Neal McDonough on Desperate Housewives even though his character Dave is total psychosauce?
Just asked Marc Cherry that and he tells us, “I will tell you quite honestly that I had a discussion with Neal McDonough today. I can tell you, he is not only a great actor, but what a nice guy.” But wait, a discussion about what? What did you decide?! Aaargh! The world’s hottest melanin-challenged man must stay.

Private Practice Spoilers: Preview 2.19 “What Women Wants”

‘Private Practice’ 2.19: Addison Suppresses Feelings for A Married Man

In the episode ‘What Women Want’, Addison must gather herself up to differentiate between her personal feelings and the professional work.

See larger image

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Oppressing her feelings to a very unattainable person, Addison finds herself in a similar situation with Sam. On March 19, “” will again juggle the personal lives of the staff as well as their professional work.

After Addison discovers that a mentally unbalanced pregnant patient has lost her baby, Violet must convince her that the baby has died and that surgery is necessary, while Cooper must tell a longtime patient he must remove part of his jaw due to a fast-growing cancer. Meanwhile, Dell copes with the absence of his daughter after his ex moves for a new job.

The episode called “What Women Wants” is guest starring Josh Hopkins as Dr. Noah Barnes who develops interest in Addison, Amanda Detmer as Morgan Gellman and Amanda Foreman as the pregnant patient, Katie.

New House Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop!

House, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Thanks for the intel on the House and Cuddy hookup! Any more scoop on the season finale? Yup, our House source spotted finale guest star Carl Reiner (Ocean’s Eleven) on the set, along with a half-dressed male stripper running out of the clinic dressed as a pirate. Either Cuddy is getting twice the action in one day, or House has a crazy patient on his hands.  Source: Kristin on E!Online

House Gets Busy and Brags About It Afterward

Hugh Laurie

Spoiler alert! Dr. Gregory House has bad manners. OK, so that’s not a spoiler—it’s a known fact—but in the season finale of Fox’s House, we’ll learn that his latest transgression against tact and civility is kissing and telling! Yep, House got himself some S-E-X (or so he claims), and he’s not shy about discussing it. What was the hookup, and what does he blab? Find out what our set sources tell us exclusively…  According to sources, in an upcoming episode, our man House (Hugh Laurie) stands near the front entrance of Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital and declares (loudly) to everyone in earshot that he’s slept with Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein)! Yep, the cad announces to everyone at work he’s hooking up with his boss! Now, he could be lying, and he’s definitely being a bastard. But still, after five years of shameless flirting, it seems that Huddy have finally sealed the deal! Pretty exciting, yes? Are you stoked that House and Cuddy are finally doing it? Post in the comments! Source: Kristin on E!Online

Is it true that someone is leaving House at the end of the season? If so, I’d love to know who, or at least get a few hints. MATT: Yeah, a lot of people have been playing catch-up ever since Katie Jacobs told me (back in January) that House’s team will be down a person come season’s end. Jacobs also said that the events of the finale, like last year’s, will have a profound impact on House himself…. In light of recent death/suicide rumors — I can foresee a future where the increasingly put-upon Taub takes his own life, right in House’s office. Hmm, might that make Dr. Nasty’s demeanor less mean? Source: TV Guide Online

House news!

In case you missed it last week, you should know that House executive producer Katie Jacobs didn’t deny that more Huddy sex is on the way and confirmed that House and Cuddy are going to smooch onscreen, right in front of us! “You will see them kiss one more time before the end of the season.” Hells yeah. Source: Kristin on E!Online

‘House’ bosses spill scoop on ‘Huddy,’ ‘Chameron,’ ‘Foreteen,’ and more!

by Michael Ausiello

Source: The Ausiello Files

Housecast_laurie_lAs you no doubt surmised from my last two Ask Ausiellos, I recently chatted with House exec producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs. But it’s probably time I stopped parceling out sound bites here and there and just ran the entire transcript — if for no other reason than to watch the two of them squirm around such topics as Amber’s return, House’s descent into madness, and who’s hanging up his/her scrubs this season.

AUSIELLO: There’s an episode coming up where we learn House traveled to New York under mysterious circumstances. Does that trip tie into the upcoming emotional crisis House will be going through?
It is tied into that. There’s certainly a thru-line within the episode about what he was doing there. I can say we’re certainly exploring House and we’re going a little deeper.
KATIE JACOBS: There’s an accumulation of events — some of which would not normally bother him and some of which would bother him — that are conspiring to make him struggle even more than we’ve seen him struggle before.

How does Cuddy figure into this?
It’s very complicated, but Cuddy does figure into it.
JACOBS: She cares about him.
SHORE: They’re both troubled people. And they both make mistakes. It’s not as simple as she’s this thing and if he could only reach out and grab it everything would be okay.

How will Cameron and Chase be re-integrated into the show in the final four episodes?
We’ve got some really cool stuff coming up, and unfortunately, I can’t even give you little hints at it. It’s a set of dominos: I knock one over, they all fall over.

Do Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison figure into your long-term plans?
They do.

What are your plans for Foreman and Thirteen as the season winds down?
There are obstacles, but it’s not a huge storyline coming up.
JACOBS: They’re not breaking up in the immediate future. But it’s not as much about that relationship or Cameron  and Chase or Cuddy and House… it’s about a family of people who work together, and if something changes in the dynamic of that family, how will they all react as individuals and as family members?

Any romance on the horizon for Wilson?
We do hint at something.

Can you confirm that Anne Dudek will be back as Amber?
SHORE: Katie?
JACOBS: (Pauses) No, I can’t.

Last question: Any cast changes as we head into next fall?
You’ll pretty much see the same cast as last year.

Pretty much?
Thank you, Michael!
JACOBS: Keep watching!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: ‘The Age of Dissonance’

Gossip Girl

3/16 New ‘The Age of Dissonance’

The Constance Billard and St. Jude seniors put on a production of The Age of Innocence and find their personal lives mirroring conflicts in the play. Serena develops a crush on the play’s director, Julian (guest star Harmon Walsh), and enlists Vanessa’s knowledge of theater to help her get the otherwise uninterested guy’s attention. Blair receives devastating news about her future that leads her on a witchhunt for the person responsible. Dan and Rachel (guest star Laura Breckenridge) agree to stay away from each other in the aftermath of being discovered as more than teacher and student, but find it impossible to keep that promise. Chuck enlists help from an unlikely source, his nemesis Carter Baizen (guest star Sebastian Stan).

Edwestwick “Gossip Girl” is finally back! It’s finally back! Can you tell me, have you seen tonight’s episode? Is it worth my overwhelming excitement?
It is. If you felt like “Gossip” was lacking a bit of luster in its episodes of late, you’ll be pleased to know that this evening’s hour delivers on several important levels: the wardrobe, the drama and the devilish wit. Granted, there is very little Chuck-Blair time, but the two characters have separate stories to contend with this week. They’ll butt heads quite a bit next Monday.

Laurabreckenridge How long is Ms. Carr (or should I call her Rachel?) sticking around on “Gossip Girl”?
Not long. I think we’ll see the last of her tonight.

Anything on “Gossip Girl”?
Rufus and Lily are making a “past loves” list. Let’s just say the former Mrs. Bart Bass has been around the block… like 50 or 60 times more than Mr. Humphrey. And he’s a former band member who toured the country on a bus, so you know, that’s kinda bad. But instead of just owning it, Lily may decide to cover her tracks. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

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