New House Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop!

House, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Thanks for the intel on the House and Cuddy hookup! Any more scoop on the season finale? Yup, our House source spotted finale guest star Carl Reiner (Ocean’s Eleven) on the set, along with a half-dressed male stripper running out of the clinic dressed as a pirate. Either Cuddy is getting twice the action in one day, or House has a crazy patient on his hands.  Source: Kristin on E!Online

House Gets Busy and Brags About It Afterward

Hugh Laurie

Spoiler alert! Dr. Gregory House has bad manners. OK, so that’s not a spoiler—it’s a known fact—but in the season finale of Fox’s House, we’ll learn that his latest transgression against tact and civility is kissing and telling! Yep, House got himself some S-E-X (or so he claims), and he’s not shy about discussing it. What was the hookup, and what does he blab? Find out what our set sources tell us exclusively…  According to sources, in an upcoming episode, our man House (Hugh Laurie) stands near the front entrance of Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital and declares (loudly) to everyone in earshot that he’s slept with Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein)! Yep, the cad announces to everyone at work he’s hooking up with his boss! Now, he could be lying, and he’s definitely being a bastard. But still, after five years of shameless flirting, it seems that Huddy have finally sealed the deal! Pretty exciting, yes? Are you stoked that House and Cuddy are finally doing it? Post in the comments! Source: Kristin on E!Online

Is it true that someone is leaving House at the end of the season? If so, I’d love to know who, or at least get a few hints. MATT: Yeah, a lot of people have been playing catch-up ever since Katie Jacobs told me (back in January) that House’s team will be down a person come season’s end. Jacobs also said that the events of the finale, like last year’s, will have a profound impact on House himself…. In light of recent death/suicide rumors — I can foresee a future where the increasingly put-upon Taub takes his own life, right in House’s office. Hmm, might that make Dr. Nasty’s demeanor less mean? Source: TV Guide Online

House news!

In case you missed it last week, you should know that House executive producer Katie Jacobs didn’t deny that more Huddy sex is on the way and confirmed that House and Cuddy are going to smooch onscreen, right in front of us! “You will see them kiss one more time before the end of the season.” Hells yeah. Source: Kristin on E!Online

‘House’ bosses spill scoop on ‘Huddy,’ ‘Chameron,’ ‘Foreteen,’ and more!

by Michael Ausiello

Source: The Ausiello Files

Housecast_laurie_lAs you no doubt surmised from my last two Ask Ausiellos, I recently chatted with House exec producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs. But it’s probably time I stopped parceling out sound bites here and there and just ran the entire transcript — if for no other reason than to watch the two of them squirm around such topics as Amber’s return, House’s descent into madness, and who’s hanging up his/her scrubs this season.

AUSIELLO: There’s an episode coming up where we learn House traveled to New York under mysterious circumstances. Does that trip tie into the upcoming emotional crisis House will be going through?
It is tied into that. There’s certainly a thru-line within the episode about what he was doing there. I can say we’re certainly exploring House and we’re going a little deeper.
KATIE JACOBS: There’s an accumulation of events — some of which would not normally bother him and some of which would bother him — that are conspiring to make him struggle even more than we’ve seen him struggle before.

How does Cuddy figure into this?
It’s very complicated, but Cuddy does figure into it.
JACOBS: She cares about him.
SHORE: They’re both troubled people. And they both make mistakes. It’s not as simple as she’s this thing and if he could only reach out and grab it everything would be okay.

How will Cameron and Chase be re-integrated into the show in the final four episodes?
We’ve got some really cool stuff coming up, and unfortunately, I can’t even give you little hints at it. It’s a set of dominos: I knock one over, they all fall over.

Do Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison figure into your long-term plans?
They do.

What are your plans for Foreman and Thirteen as the season winds down?
There are obstacles, but it’s not a huge storyline coming up.
JACOBS: They’re not breaking up in the immediate future. But it’s not as much about that relationship or Cameron  and Chase or Cuddy and House… it’s about a family of people who work together, and if something changes in the dynamic of that family, how will they all react as individuals and as family members?

Any romance on the horizon for Wilson?
We do hint at something.

Can you confirm that Anne Dudek will be back as Amber?
SHORE: Katie?
JACOBS: (Pauses) No, I can’t.

Last question: Any cast changes as we head into next fall?
You’ll pretty much see the same cast as last year.

Pretty much?
Thank you, Michael!
JACOBS: Keep watching!

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