One Tree Hill: Episode 6.17 “You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight” Recap

Hilarie Burton, One Tree HillWelcome back!  One Tree Hill returns after a very long hiatus that saw the show get picked up for a seventh season and rumors that said season 7 would NOT include Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton.  So soak up every last moment of Leyton action that you can.

Last time, the movie began production, Mouth and Millie broke up, Skills was MIA, Dan needed a heart, Brooke was boinking Julian, Peyton was preggers, Nathan was on the road, Chase and Mia were an item, Sam was snarky, Haley wanted back into the music biz, Deb was boffing Skills, and Jamie was awesome.  Wow, I forgot how many characters this show has.
To get back into One Tree Hill, the show has nicely divided everyone into five neat, separate subplots. Peyton has a complication with the pregnancy, Mouth and Millie deal with their break-up, Haley and Nathan celebrate their wedding anniversary, Julian and Brooke discuss their relationship status, and Jamie tries to get Dan and Deb back together….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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