Private Practice Spoilers: Preview 2.19 “What Women Wants”

‘Private Practice’ 2.19: Addison Suppresses Feelings for A Married Man

In the episode ‘What Women Want’, Addison must gather herself up to differentiate between her personal feelings and the professional work.

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Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Oppressing her feelings to a very unattainable person, Addison finds herself in a similar situation with Sam. On March 19, “” will again juggle the personal lives of the staff as well as their professional work.

After Addison discovers that a mentally unbalanced pregnant patient has lost her baby, Violet must convince her that the baby has died and that surgery is necessary, while Cooper must tell a longtime patient he must remove part of his jaw due to a fast-growing cancer. Meanwhile, Dell copes with the absence of his daughter after his ex moves for a new job.

The episode called “What Women Wants” is guest starring Josh Hopkins as Dr. Noah Barnes who develops interest in Addison, Amanda Detmer as Morgan Gellman and Amanda Foreman as the pregnant patient, Katie.

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