New Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Carlos/Lynette Affair? Orson & Edie’s Death!

On Set – 5 March

5-19  “Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know”  April 19

Edie’s definitely dead. We’ll again see Edie’s son Travers (Stephen Lunsford) as the women of Wisteria Lane visit him at boarding school to bring him the urn of Edie’s ashes. In a flashback, Bree visits Orson at prison. In another flashback, Lynette and Edie (Nicollette Sheridan) go to a bar.  Tom may or may not be having an affair with a woman played by Sarah Knowlton.  Jesse Metcalfe returns as John

5-20  April 26

Rose (Gloria LeRoy) an elderly woman recalls chasing Orson out of her home and then seeing a woman die in a terrible accident. Orson doesn’t think anyone will believe the woman’s story as she has dementia. One of the women gets her car pulled over by the police for a minor matter, but the officer discovers a picnic basket of guns and knives in the car. Lynette falls in the shower, and Carlos saves Lynette. Chaos ensues as Carlos saw Lynette naked — and liked what he saw! Later, Gabrielle and Tom attend a local garden club, where Tom badmouths Gabrielle.

5-21  May 3

Gabrielle’s not wearing any makeup, as she wants to teach her kids the value of inner beauty. But when the Solises attend an event in their honor at the country club, and the mayor and his wife see her, she’s desperate to put on some makeup. A woman at the event isn’t eager to share her makeup with Gaby. Bree’s seeking a divorce, and isn’t happy to learn from her lawyer that Orson will receive half her company.

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Latest from Ausiello

Question: Please tell me the rumors aren’t true about Lynette and Carlos having an affair on Desperate Housewives.
Ausiello: First I’m hearing of that rumor. I mean, she will end up working for him. And he will accidentally see her naked. And he will kind of like what he sees. And she will be flattered by the attention. But an affair? Again, first I’m hearing of it.

Source: EW

Episode 5.21 – Casting Call

[ASIAN WOMAN] An upscale woman in her late 30’s – early 40’s, she is reluctant to share her make up with a pushy woman due to her phobia about germs CO-STAR

[PALE REDHEAD WOMAN] Another woman in her late 30’s – early 40’s, she’s wearing garish blue eye shadow and is more than happy to share her makeup. CO-STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 5.21 – Casting Call

[WALLY BERGEN] In his 50s, a white-haired, WASPy attorney, he informs his client that creative ways to get around the system in a divorce are not an option…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR

[PHOTOGRAPHER] A newspaper photographer in his 30s – 40s, he is snapping pictures at a swanky affair…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[BRUNETTE WOMAN] In her mid 30s – early 40s, she’s a country club woman with a similar complexion as Gaby’s, but is paranoid about sharing her make-up…CO-STAR

[ELAINE HEALY] The Mayor’s wife in her mid 40s – early 50s, she tries to cover as she is taken aback by someone’s appearance.SPTV050769..CO-STAR

[MAYOR HEALY] The mayor of Fairview in his late 40s – mid 50s, he is attending an important country club event with his wife…CO-STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Latest from Korbi

Though we’ve known for more than a month that Nicollette Sheridan will leave “Desperate Housewives” this season, the rumors about how her character Edie will depart Wisteria Lane were not officially confirmed. Until now…

Neal McDonough, who plays Edie’s sociopath husband Dave (he is determined to avenge the death of his former wife and daughter), told “Access Hollywood”‘s Billy Bush yesterday that he would indeed be the one to kill his current on-screen better half.

“It was hard for me,” he said to Bush. “Because Nic played my wife all year and she has become such a great friend.”

Fans following “Desperate Housewives” know that McDonough’s character is planning an ominous camping trip with Wisteria neighbors Mike Delfino (James Denton) — whom he holds responsible for his late family’s fate — and Delfino’s girlfriend Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany), which will play out this coming Sunday. But is it possible Edie may change her mind and crash the three-person wilderness party? Seems that way.

“I go hunting in the woods and I’m not hunting for deer,” McDonough admitted. “[It’s] a little WWE.”

However, don’t take the actor’s confession about Edie’s murder to mean that Mike Delfino and Katherine Mayfair are safe. McDonough also hinted that he may have more characters to off. “I’m not saying who I’m whacking.”

Source: Zap2IT

Latest from Ausiello – Nicollette Sheridan’s replacement?

The median age on Wisteria Lane is about to go through the roof.

Veteran character actress Gloria LeRoy is joining Desperate Housewives as a neighborhood fixture — presumably a longtime one — who we’ll first meet next month, right around the time Nicollette Sheridan takes her last breath as Edie.

But a Housewives insider insists the 77-year-old thesp, who’s probably best known for her scene-stealing work as Mildred “Boom-Boom” Turner on All in the Family, is not replacing Sheridan. Rather, my Wisterian mole teases, her character, Rose, “will figure into Edie’s exit in a surprising way” — one that involves an increasingly cuckoo Orson, a violent act, and a touch of dementia. And not necessarily in that order.

In other Housewives casting news, Sarah Knowlton (Medium, House) has been tapped to play a woman who may or may not be having an affair with Tom.

Source: EW

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