Smallville Episode 8.16 Recap: “Turbulence”

Cassidy Freeman, SmallvillePreviously on Smallville: Everything that happened was erased by the Legion’s time travel ring, but on the bright side, Davis Bloom killed Linda Lake as Doomsday slowly took him over.

Davis Bloom is in church confessing his sins to a priest. This could take a while. Davis reflects on how he spends his nights riding around in his ambulance, chasing down bad guys and killing them, which keeps Doomsday dormant. I guess that’s good, right?
Clark is feeling pretty good about himself because he’s upping his appearances as the Red Blue Blur to help inspire the masses. Chloe has her doubts, but Clark speeds off and shows her his quick changing ability. She’s not too impressed by his America’s Next Top Model moment.

Hey, it’s some complete stranger lying in a hospital bed. Oh wait, that’s Jimmy. He’s been MIA since Doomsday’s wedding attack, so forgive me for not recognizing him. He’s in severe pain, but he tries to hide it claiming he just wants to go home. Jimmy is still worried that Doomsday might come back

It’s affecting him a lot, as he wakes up with night sweats after having terrible flashbacks to his wedding day. He gets up and begs the nurses for more morphine, but no one is around. I guess this job market really is bad, since even a major metropolitan hospital can’t afford to employ anyone at night. A scared man runs by begging for help, and soon after that a man shows up to kill the first guy. Jimmy gets a glimpse of the killer’s face, and it’s Davis.

The next morning Jimmy calls Chloe over and tells her that Davis was the killer. However, Davis is also there, explaining that Jimmy must have been delusional from a morphine overdose. Jimmy doesn’t buy it for one second, but Chloe sides with the man who tried to kiss her before her wedding day. It’s a pretty bad start to a marriage if she’s already siding with the man who wants to have an affair with her over her own husband.

Chloe gets upset and cries on Davis’ shoulder. The problem is this happens not five feet from Jimmy’s hospital room, and he’s watching his new wife tightly embracing another, much hotter dude. His brilliant plan for revenge is to dress up like a paramedic and dig around Davis’ ambulance….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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