Supernatural Episode Recap 4.16: “On the Head of a Pin”

Jensen Ackles, SupernaturalTHEN: Castiel came back to capture Alastair, the evil demon who tortured Dean in Hell.  Sam continued to flex his incredibly powerful evil demon-crushing power.

NOW: Castiel finds a dead angel with her chest ripped apart. He and Uriel seek out Sam and Dean, who are a little troubled just having come from Pamela Barnes’ funeral. Dean is pissed off at Uriel as always, but the big bad angel doesn’t care because seven angels are dead. They want Dean to help out by interrogating Alastair to find out who the demon is that’s killing angels. Uriel is steadfast, but Castiel clearly has some reservations. It seems Castiel is becoming a bit too close to Dean and is starting to develop emotions. Aww, the relationship between Dean and Castiel (or Cas, as Dean has taken to calling him) is adorable.

Dean is taken to a secret location where Alastair is being held. He’s tired of Uriel’s overly serious nature, but Castiel promises “Urie;ls the funniest angel in the garrison. Ask anyone.” The brilliant part is that he delivers the line in such a deadpan manner. Misha Collins is really getting a chance to do some acting.

Sam meets up with Ruby, asking her to help find Dean. Afer they track him down, Sam says he hasn’t seen her in weeks and needs her to give him a little something. She jumps on him and kisses him, but it’s not about having sex. Instead she slits open her arm and Sam takes a big drink. Uh oh, Sam is drinking demon blood to get stronger. That is so unbelievably wrong, but it’s also fantastic to see Sam get such juicy material.

Dean reluctantly goes in to start torturing Alastair, who is creepy as ever with his lisp. He taunts Dean, thinking that this little Winchester doesn’t have the cojones to go through with it. He ultimately gets through to Dean by asking if he’d be willing to do it “for all the things I did to your daddy.”…READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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