New Bones Spoilers: FOX will push ‘Bones’ ep to fall, but not the finale…

The fans have spoken: Looks like FOX will push ‘Bones’ ep to fall, but not the finale

So, it looks like Booth and Brennan will get their bedroom time this spring after all. No doubt they have their vocal fans to thank for it. As Korbi reported last Thursday, because of President Obama‘s prime time address tomorrow night, “Bones” is in danger of losing a whole hour of its season to accommodate “American Idol“‘s schedule. And as of late last week, FOX’s tentative plan was to push the “Bones”‘ season finale — which includes the long awaited Booth and Brennan hook up — to fall. However, it seems the tentative plan has been tweaked. Though FOX is not commenting on “Bones”‘ schedule, insiders tell me that a revised version of their spring lineup was released earlier today and though “Bones” will indeed lose an episode this season, the finale hour is no longer the one marked for postponement. Instead, they’ve axed ep 4.18 “Beaver in the Otter” (otherwise known on fan sites as ep 4.24, episode numbers are wonky this season due to several year 3 episodes being pushed last spring). Perhaps the network peeped some of the fans’ helpful suggestions and decided to take their feelings into account. Of course all schedules are subject to change, but I will monitor the situation and keep you updated. Assuming the current plan stands, are you satisfied? Or are you pissed that you’re still probably losing an hour of “Bones” this season? Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Exclusive: Is Obama keeping Booth & Bones out of bed?

So, apparently Booth and Bones may not hook up in this year’s season finale after all. Whaa–? Why? Ask President Obama. I just found out our fearless leader is kind of a c-ck block. Because of Obama’s press conference next Tuesday, a few prime time scheduling tweaks must be made, and the “Bones” finale could end up being a casualty. Though FOX has not yet made a definite decision, word is, the romantic crime drama will lose an hour to “American Idol” since “Idol” obviously can’t just cut an episode. This plan, which FOX is dead seriously considering right now, would push the much talked about “Bones” finale — the episode in which we’ve been promised some no nonsense B&B bedroom action  — back to the start of next season. So, thoughts? If this is something you hard core “Bones” fans can’t possibly accept, you better start commenting, because FOX is apparently going to make a final ruling on this any time now… Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Bones Gets a ‘Toon-Up: Boreanaz and “Stewie” Talk Smack

Bones‘ David Boreanaz, Family Guy‘s Stewie

As Bones‘ Booth ponders becoming a family man, he’ll get a visit from Family Guy‘s Stewie, in a “crossover” episode slated to air May 7. The set-up for this unusual merger of genres: When Bones‘ Brennan asks Booth to father her a child, the normally nonplussed federal agent becomes consumed by the prospect of procreating. That, coupled with an undiagnosed health issue Booth is suffering from, sets the stage for a visit from diabolical Stewie, who tenders advice to the prospective pop. Asked about his Bones drop-by, Stewie said in a statement, “Oh, have you seen it? Was I good? Because I heard they said I was amazing and they want me to replace Emily [Deschanel]. But that’s just a rumor.” Boreanaz, in turn, says that Bones‘ wisecracking guest star “was good during the actual scenes … but between takes he literally vanished — nowhere to be seen. “I guess it’s true that Brits and cartoons tend to be standoffish,” adds Boreanaz. “Or maybe it was a Method thing, I don’t know.” What’s your honest take, Bones backers, on this super-strange crossover?

Zach is most likely going to be in the finale on May 14. And he won’t be the only Bones alum appearing in the episode. “The finale is pretty much going to have everyone who has ever been on the show,” reveals executive producer Stephen Nathan, who says Patricia Belcher (Caroline) and Ryan O’Neal (Max) are among the cast members slated to join Eric Millegan (Zack). “It’s going to be an interesting last episode of the season. Very different for us, but it should make sense in the context of the season.” (Michael Ausiello)

The Doctor in the Den – Airing March 26, 2009
The half-eaten body of a doctor is found in the tiger cage at the zoo following a hospital charity event, and Booth and Brennan determine the death was no accident. The team soon identifies the victim as Dr. Andrew Welton, and Cam reveals that she was engaged to Welton and lived with him 10 years ago. Though she is devastated by the loss, she nonetheless joins in the investigation to help find Dr. Welton’s killer for the sake of his 16-year-old daughter who Cam once helped raise, potentially creating a life-changing situation for Cam. The team pieces together Dr. Welton’s final evening as they question the suspects, including Brandon Casey (guest star Lowe), whom Sweets and Angela must hypnotize in order to jog his memory about what he saw the night of the gala. Meanwhile, lust is in the air at the Jeffersonian and Angela is obsessed by sexual thoughts as she tries to maintain her self-imposed celibacy. (Fox)

New 90210 Spoilers: Towards the Season Finale!

On the subject of “90210” break ups, you should be aware that one of the show’s longest running couples is heading for a split. They’ve had rocky times before, but will be legitimately done by season two. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Adrianna accidentally spills the beans to Annie that Ethan cheated on her. They end up breaking up, but that doesn’t mean Rhonda (Aimee Teegarden) will stick around. Ethan wants to be a single man for a while. (Watch With Kristin)

Someone is transferring schools midsemester. (Watch With Kristin)

Adrianna will go into labor on prom night and deliver a healthy baby girl in the finale. And in case you were wondering, yes, we will see baby daddy Ty (Adam Gregory) back before said delivery. In fact, I do believe he could be stirring up some trouble the night of the big dance. (Korbi TV)

Naomi moves in with the Wilsons. (Watch With Kristin)

Life’s a Drag – Airing March 31, 2009
In an attempt to get close to Liam (guest star Matt Lanter), Naomi offers to be his math tutor, but she gets more than she bargains for when he takes her out for a wild night. Silver takes a class assignment a little too far when she creates a video that documents her love for Dixon. When Silver screens the video for her fellow students, everyone, including Ryan, is shocked when they see Dixon and Silver in an intimate situation. Upon seeing the reaction of everyone around her, Silver blames Ryan for the situation. Ethan and Annie’s relationship remains rocky but more problems arise when Adrianna reveals that Rhonda (guest star Aimee Teegarden) and Ethan shared a kiss at the dance. Harry and Debbie are surprised to learn that Annie quit the school play in order to spend more time with Ethan. (The CW)

Breaking One Tree Hill Spoilers: Is Chad Michael Murray Being Forced Out of One Tree Hill?

Update: Is ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Chad Michael Murray just holding out for more cash?

By now, all web savvy “One Tree Hill” fans have seen the YouTube video shot by a fellow viewer in which series star Chad Michael Murray claims that he’s not returning to the show next year because “they don’t want me… they wanna save money.” If not, you can watch it below. In the video, Chad also encourages fans to go online to “blog and be pissed off that they don’t want me back.” The “they” he refers to is of course assumed to be the network, the studio and/or the series’ producers. This comes less than a month after CMM’s costar Hilarie Burton posted her own cryptic online clip which seemed to confirm that she too will be absent from “One Tree Hill”‘s seventh season. The notion that Murray and Burton are not a lock for the show next year is no surprise to those who have been following the saga. Even before the aforementioned videos were posted, rumors of their departure ran rampant across the web. However, sources close to “One Tree Hill” say the stars’ situation is not settled as of now. The network and studio have declined to comment on any of the Murray/Burton drama, but insiders tell me negotiations with Hilarie and Chad are still ongoing and that the video below is just another example of an actor reaching out to the press with the hope of gaining additional bargaining power. So, is that what this is all about? The Benjamins? Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Is Chad Michael Murray Being Forced Out of One Tree Hill?

Source: Kristin @ E!Online

YouTubers in the Carolinas caught One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray telling fans some shocking tidbits about his future on the CW’s hit drama, including (gasp!), “I won’t be back.”

Other jaw-dropping statements from the footage included:

  • “They don’t want me…I’m not joking.”
  • “See, this is what all the fans should do online, is start blogging and being pissed off that they don’t want that. That’s what they should do.”
  • “They’re not bringing me back next year…because they want to save money.”
  • “This is actually the last scene we’re shooting, right now. Shh…”

The CW has already picked up One Tree Hill for a seventh season, but which castmembers will return remains an open question. Does this mean Murray is definitely out as Lucas Scott? Sure seems like it, but we’re working now to get you the official word from the network, studio and Murray’s reps. Meanwhile, what do you think of this video? Do you trust his off-the-cuff words to fans, or are you waiting for an official announcement? Do you think “they” shafted CMM? Will you watch without him? Post in the comments!

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