Grey’s Anatomy: Episode Recap: 5.19 “Elevator Love Letter”

Kevin McKidd, Patrick Dempsey - Grey's AnatomyTonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy begins with an Alex voiceover. I guess Meredith got tired of talking to herself. Alex (Justin Chambers) looks in on Izzie, where she is fast asleep in her hospital room. Callie and Arizona are at Callie’s place, “dancing it out.” In Cristina’s bedroom, Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen are finally spending nights with each other, relaxing by watching videos of surgeries. Cristina falls asleep, so Owen turns the TV off and shuts off the lights. He dozes off, and the peppy, happy music stops, replaced by whooshing sounds of the overhead ceiling fan turning in slow motion. The screen goes dark and the next thing we know, Owen is choking Cristina. She struggles but can’t free herself. Callie walks through the door to see if everything OK, and stops him. Callie (Sara Ramirez) calls Meredith, who rushes over to see if everything is OK. Cristina assures her that she is OK, and that Owen did it by accident in the middle of a nightmare. Owen, sobbing, asks if she is alright, and she soothingly hugs him and says that everything is OK.

OK, but that is NOT OK, y’all. The choking scene scared the crap out of me. Even if it happens accidentally, choking anyone is not OK, especially if it almost results in killing that person.

The next morning, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is back at her house. She is making coffee when Derek (Patrick Dempsey) comes home. He’s still unshaven and unshowered. Without saying a word, he opens the ring box and presents the diamond ring to her. She says, “No, not like this.” She reminds him that it’s his first day back and it’s all about Izzie. He has to save Izzie.

At the hospital, Meredith chides Cristina for wearing a turtleneck to cover up her neck trauma. She doesn’t want Cristina to cover for her boyfriend because neither of them is OK. Alex wants to know if Meredith’s boyfriend is OK because he’ll be cutting into Alex’s girlfriend.

George (T.R. Knight) is upset that Izzie didn’t tell him about her illness. He doesn’t want to think about it, so he asks Callie if he can be on ortho today in order to avoid thinking about Izzie.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) greets the residents before they go into Izzie’s room. She reminds them all that Izzie (Katherine Heigl) needs them to be her friends and not her doctors right now. There is a badass new oncologist, Dr. Swender, overseeing all of Izzie’s treatment and she tells Derek, Richard and Bailey that everything they do needs to go through Swender first. After the discussion about what her treatment will involve, the residents stand there awkwardly watching Izzie as she knits a green scarf. She reminds them that they have other patients and tells them to go save lives. The residents leave the room, and Izzie’s façade of strength fades just a wee bit.

Derek asks Alex, as Izzie’s boyfriend, if he has any questions before her brain surgery today. Alex gets avoidy and bails before going back into Izzie’s room. Later on, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) awkwardly asks Alex whether he wants to produce a sperm sample because they are harvesting Izzie’s eggs prior to radiation treatment in case she wants to have children later, and frozen eggs have a better chance of survival. Alex immediately agrees, without even discussing things over with Izzie first….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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