Gossip Girl Episode 2.20 Recap: “Remains of the J”

Taylor Momsen, Gossip Girl We open on a New York morning, and Serena’s on the phone with Blair. Blair’s lying about where she is, saying she’s at home with Dorota when she’s really out on the street walking somewhere—wonder why?

Out in Brooklyn, Dan basks in his own importance with his first “fan letter” and his entry package to Yale. The Humphreys make jokes about how they were sure Jenny’s bad life choices would have led to her death before age 16, which she turns tomorrow.  They head over to the van der Woodsens’ in Manhattan for breakfast before school, which means it must be about 5 AM right now. Which doesn’t stop Vanessa from popping in to worry about why Nate hasn’t called her in a week and let her apologize for getting mad at him last week. Just then, she gets an email from Nate asking her to stop by in half an hour.

Out on the street, Serena runs into Poppy, who is so pleased to tell Serena about her glorious life with her boyfriend Gabriel in Spain. They’re only in New York for 48 hours. Serena “updates” Poppy on her life, and Poppy notes that everything is exactly the same as when they last saw each other. Serena says she’s throwing a Sweet Sixteen party for a friend, and Poppy is unimpressed. She brushes Serena and her “little party” off, and Serena is sad to realize how boring and cyclical her life is.

The Humphreys get to the VDWs’ for breakfast. Lily (Kelly Rutherford) is so clearly pregnant, but maybe they’re trying to make it look like she has an eating problem, what with the massive spread of carbs she’s got on her kitchen island. The fam discusses Jenny’s birthday. Lily and S pitch their surprise: a lovely party with a caterer and a DJ. Jenny says she’d rather have a quiet night at home with the family and two nerds from her Chemistry class, with chili and board games. The VDWs say they will cancel the good party if she really wants them to. Rufus looks at the paperwork Dan gave him and sees that his Financial Aid application to Yale has been denied.

At school, S doesn’t understand why Little J doesn’t want a big party, and Eric speculates that maybe she’s worried no one would show up. The Plastics walk up to Serena and snidely thank her for canceling her party so they don’t need to pretend to feel bad for going to Penelope’s instead. Not one to be outdone by the Girls of the Steps, Serena decides to bring in the big guns, and calls Poppy.

Vanessa walks to Nate’s house and sees B and Nate together leaving Nate’s house, and hugging goodbye. Chuck approaches in his limo and says it’s been going all week. He’s the one who emailed her from Nate’s account (password “soccer” since fifth grade, because he had email when he was in fifth grade) and when she’s ready to do something about it, she should call him….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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