Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Izzie is not Leaving? Season Finale Wedding Scoop!

Izzie Or Isn’t She? Heigl Breaks Silence on Grey’s Exit Talk

Source: TV Guide Online

This particular doctor is in, if Shonda Rhimes has plans to keep her around. So said Katherine Heigl at a party marking Grey’s Anatomy‘s 100th episode, where she for the first time addressed the rumor that Dr. Isobel Stevens is being written off of the show at season’s end.

Should Grey’s keep Izzie alive and kicking around the halls of Seattle Grace, “I’m there,” Heigl told the Associated Press at the ABC serial’s Friday celebration.

Talk of Heigl’s Grey’s days being numbered began last summer, when she appeared to dis the show’s writers for not giving her Emmy-caliber material; Rhimes nipped that buzz in the bud in September. The rumor was resurrected last month when James Pickens Jr. told reporters that both Heigl and T.R. Knight would be leaving the show; Rhimes was quick to dismiss Pickens’ “out of context” quote as “not true.”

Heigl claims that she herself was and is still in the dark. “I was assuming that [Izzie was being written off] and I got a lot of shrugged shoulders and shakes of the head…. I don’t know if that’s a yes or a no,” she told the AP. “No one will tell me, and I don’t know how this is going to go.”

Specifically speaking of her ailing alter ego’s battle with a now-excised brain tumor, Heigl said, “I don’t know if I live or die.”

Heigl is increasingly in demand on the silver screen, where she has had one big success with Knocked Up, and next stars in the rom-com The Ugly Truth, followed by Five Killers (opposite Ashton Kutcher). Is she truly willing to juggle a TV gig with film roles? Says the actress, “I’m more than happy to make that compromise.”

Grey’s creator Rhimes declined to offer the AP a comment on Izzie’s future.

Grey’s Anatomy: Is Izzie Going to Live After All? Katherine Heigl Speaks

Grey's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl, Jeffrey Dean Morgan ABC/RANDY HOLMES

In an article posted by our friends at the HuffPo, Katherine Heigl says she might stay on Grey’s Anatomy (or at least that it’s not for sure that she’ll go), and show runner Shonda Rhimes spills that the show’s 100th episode features the wedding of a twosome you love.

(Wait? Did Shonda Rhimes voluntarily distribute a spoiler? That can’t be right. Mmmm…maybe wedding day doesn’t actually mean wedding. Knowing Grey’s, lightning strikes the bride before any vows are actually read.)

According the report from the show’s 100th-episode party, Heigl says of her future on the show and the fate of her imperiled character Izzie Stevens, “I was assuming that [my character’s days were numbered] at one point and I got a lot of shrugged shoulders and shakes of the head, so I don’t know if that’s a yes or a no. No one will tell me and I don’t know how this is going to go. I don’t know if I live or die. I don’t know how Izzie fares.”

Despite a slow start and the whole dead Denny debacle (we love you Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Izzie’s cancer storyline is at the center of Anatomy‘s current creative renaissance, and right about now the fans are rooting for Iz to live.

So, if a wedding is scheduled to cap off this era in the show’s history, who gets the honors? Well, here’s what Shonda said about that:

“The only thing I’ll tell you about the 100th is that it takes place on Meredith and Derek’s wedding day.”

Awww…after five years of on-again, off-again romance, Mer and Der are about to get the ultimate on-again treatment. Will Mer’s wedding day go better than Cristina’s big day with Burke?

For the record, we’re voting against lightning strikes, strokes at the altar or the shocking returns of secret spouses. Do you think they can pull it off? And are you pulling for Izzie Stevens to live and Katherine Heigl to stay with the show?

Katherine Heigl: I’ll Stay If ‘Grey’s’ Will Have Me

LYNN ELBER, Huffington Post, March 28, 2009

LOS ANGELES — Katherine Heigl said Friday she’s ready to stay with “Grey’s Anatomy” and the decision rests with the show.

Attending a studio party to mark the ABC medical drama’s 100th episode, Heigl said it’s premature to think her days as Dr. Izzie Stevens are numbered.

“I was assuming that at one point and I got a lot of shrugged shoulders and shakes of the head, so I don’t know if that’s a yes or a no. No one will tell me and I don’t know how this is going to go,” Heigl said, noting series creator Shonda Rhimes’ passion for plot secrecy.

“I don’t know if I live or die. I don’t know how Izzie fares,” said the actress, who’s played the character since the show debuted in 2005.

“I’m there” if Izzie remains part of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Heigl said. She called the set “one of my favorite places to be” and said her colleagues are also friends.

She and fellow cast members, including Ellen Pompeo (Dr. Meredith Grey) and Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Derek Shepherd), were on hand for the celebration that included a cake decorated with scalpels and syringes made out of icing.

Rhimes, who’s also an executive producer for the show, called the milestone a “huge accomplishment” and thanked the cast and crew for their efforts.

In an interview, she dropped a tantalizing clue about the episode airing May 7.

“The only thing I’ll tell you about the 100th is that it takes place on Meredith and Derek’s wedding day,” Rhimes said. “That’s big … and that’s all I’m going to say.”

On Thursday’s episode, Izzie was seen surviving brain surgery. There’s been speculation that Heigl wants to pursue her blossoming film career (“Knocked Up,” the upcoming “The Ugly Truth”) full-time, and that her character might be killed off.

Rhimes declined comment on what would happen to Heigl’s character.

Last month, fellow cast member James Pickens Jr. said Heigl was leaving the show, along with T.R. Knight, both of whom declined comment at the time. Knight missed the studio party because he’d previously scheduled the day off, an ABC spokeswoman said.

On Friday, Heigl said she’s comfortable balancing movies and TV by working on big-screen projects during the summer hiatus for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I’m more than happy to make that compromise. As my agent likes to say, ‘High-class problems,'” Heigl said.

“I don’t know if I want to continue for five years working 12 months a year, but I can take at least another year or two,” she said.

Dempsey said he intends to fulfill the remaining two years on his contract with “Grey’s Anatomy and “then we’ll see what happens after that.”


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Save the Date, May 7: Nice Day for a Grey’s Wedding?

Source: TV Guide Online

Will Grey’s Anatomy‘s Mer becomes Mrs. McDreamy?

The only question is whose, exactly.

At a party marking the filming of Grey’s Anatomy‘s 100th episode, series creator Shonda Rhimes confirmed that the milestone hour will air May 7 — and indicated that it might feature the nuptials of the show’s central couple.

“The only thing I’ll tell you about the 100th [episode] is that it takes place on Meredith and Derek’s wedding day,” Rhimes told the Associated Press at the show’s celebration.

“That’s big,” Rhimes underscored, “and that’s all I’m going to say.”

Of course, were one to be hyper-analytical and parse words, it’s not for certain that the Mer-Der wedding goes without a hitch. For one, it would represent a mighty short engagement (he will have only non-proposed six weeks prior). Secondly, this is Meredith and Derek we are talking about.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, Rhimes has previously said that the wedding taking place toward season’s end would be a “surprise.” Now, is that “surprise” as in the aforementioned short engagement or “surprise” as in the couple that emerges at the end of the aisle is not the same one that started down it?

What do you think? Will Mer-Der actually tie the knot in the May 7 episode?

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    I vote for the Lovely Izzie & really wish that She Stayes, cause it was her from Season 1 till Now hwich Made the TV show watchable and im not into TV showes easly but got captivate by her acts and i really wish for her to continue , if she leaves Now this is 1 Person Left, now it Might Not make a Differnce but how many People world wide have the same thoughts on the character..

    Over & Out.

  2. the movie The Ugly Truth is an interesting movie and i really love Katherine Heigl “

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