One Tree Hill Episode Recap: 6.19 “Letting Go”

One Tree HillPreviously on One Tree Hill: A dog ate Dan’s heart, so he gave up on trying to get a new one.  Haley quit her job and Lucas’ movie went belly-up, causing the posible end to Julian and Brooke’s romance.  Jack moved in with Brooke and Sam while Deb dumped Skills.

Lucas has nightmares about Peyton’s health, but he’s woken up by Nathan, wanting to go play some basketball at the River Court. Jamie scores a ton of baskets as Nathan complains about how hard being a dad is because Jamie’s asking questions about Keith.
Once again, Nathan does everything he possibly can to avoid being a real dad by asking Lucas to talk to Jamie for him. For the past few episodes, Nathan has done everything he can to avoid hanging out with Jamie. Did he accidentally run over Chester with the car?

The three Scott boys visit Keith’s old auto shop. Jamie runs around like a kid in a candy shop without any supervision. The three chat about girls, and Lucas outs Nathan for manipulating Haley in order to get her to go out with him. Nathan mocks Jamie’s crush on his teacher, but the conversation really comes to an end when Jamie asks what happened to Aunt Lindsey.

Jamie puts on some grease facial hair to resemble a baby Keith. The poor parenting decisions pile up when they let Jamie get behind the wheel of the car to start it up. Their night ends with Jamie asking the truly hard question: is it OK for him to still care about Grandpa Dan even though he killed Keith?

Lucas says it is before Jamie delivers the metaphor of the night. He likes the auto shop because it’s a place where you bring something that’s broken and it gets fixed. That anvil pounding you over the head is this week’s script…..READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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