Greek Episode Recap 2.11: Take Me Home, Cyprus-Rhodes

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Greek” returned tonight just in time for spring break with an episode designed to tie up loose ends from last year and spring all of the characters forward for the shenanigans to come this season. Despite all of the talk of change at the beginning, things are pretty much status quo by the end of the hour.

Casey spent her summer at her supposedly awesome D.C. political internship, but it quickly becomes apparent that her internship wasn’t awesome at all. She tries to keep this a secret from everyone out of embarrassment that she wasn’t cut out for the job, even going so far as to get her own apartment away from the sorority house and Ashleigh in order to become a more serious student in order to prepare her for the real world she will soon face. After working with Ashley and Cappie to put Frannie, Rebecca and their newly formed Iota Kappa Iota (Ashley: “Icky?” Frannie: “No, I Kaps!”) out of business, Casey realizes she can’t stay away from the sorority life she loves and decides to give up her apartment, move back into the sorority house and become rush chair. As for Rebecca’s role in the Ickys? Turns out she’s actually a double agent working for ZBZ in order to sabotage Frannie’s new venture. I love it!

Rusty spent his summer as a camp counselor but is anxious to get back to school and to his new life living at the Kappa Tau house. He goes to great lengths in an attempt to make living at a fraternity house jive with his heavy honors engineering course load, but in the end simply can’t find a way to make it work and ends up living with Dale (who is dealing with roommate issues of his own) in Casey’s now vacant off-campus apartment. It’s a little disappointing to have Rusty end up in the same situation he started in, but let’s face it: “Greek” just isn’t “Greek” without Rusty and Dale as roommates.

As for the boys of Kappa Tau and Omega Chi, they are busy being diametric opposites and both candidates to recruit the new Big Man on Campus Andy (played by Jesse McCartney). Andy is friends with Calvin and one of the top football recruits in the nation, which is really hard to believe considering Jesse McCartney is so tiny. But let’s just go with it! Calvin is sure Andy will be an Omega Chi, but from the way he was loving the Kappa Tau parties it looks like Evan and Omegas have a fight on their hands. As long as they’re not fighting over Casey again, I’m all for it.

Random thoughts:

  • I loved the in-joke of seeing Ken Marino as a counselor at Rusty’s summer camp. If you haven’t seen “Wet Hot American Summer”, please do so immediately.
  • Casey was the Elle Woods of her internship. Hee!
  • Frannie’s using Evan like a piggy bank to back her new sorority. How long until that arrangement goes completely south? One, two episodes?
  • I’m totally down with Calvin warning Evan to stay away from Rusty. That paddle to the face last year was just wrong.

Favorite quotes:

  • “I guess you can say that when it comes to little boys, I have the touch.” – Rusty, talking about his success as a camp counselor
  • “My roommate…is Canadian. How am I supposed to sleep at night with some foreigner waving his alien flag in what’s obviously an act of anti-American aggression?” – Dale, about his new honors engineering roomie
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  1. Rox

     /  April 10, 2009

    Do you know what happen with Max??

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