‘House’ Spoilers: The shocking story behind last night’s big death

‘House’ exclusive: The shocking story behind last night’s big death

Source: The Ausiello Files

Kalpennhouse_l DEFCON 1 spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen last night’s House, stop reading now. Everyone else, onward and downward!

Here are the six things you need to know up-front about last night’s House:

•    Yes, Kutner was the subject of my “suicide” blind item.
•    No, his death wasn’t a figment of House’s Vicodin-impaired imagination.
•    Yes, Kal Penn has left the show for good.
•    No, he wasn’t fired. He asked to go. (And man, wait ’till you find out where he’s going.)
•    Yes, this was the “cataclysmic” event that Hugh Laurie has been teasing all year.
•    Yes, the trio at the center of this grim turn of events — exec producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs, as well Kal Penn himself — spoke to me exclusively about the surprising story behind Penn’s exit, the decision to have the seemingly well-adjusted Kutner take his own life, and whether the tragedy will drive House-Cuddy and Cameron-Chase closer together or further apart…

Part I: Kal Penn

I understand it was your decision to leave House. True?
Yes. I was incredibly honored a couple of months ago to get the opportunity to go work in the White House. I got to know the President and some of the staff during the campaign and had expressed interest in working there, so I’m going to be the associate director in the White House office of public liaison. They do outreach with the American public and with different organizations. They’re basically the front door of the White House. They take out all of the red tape that falls between the general public and the White House. It’s similar to what I was doing on the campaign.

Will you actually be working in the White House?
This particular office is in the executive building. The White House has two buildings: the actual White House and an old Navy building called the Old Executive Office.

Are you there as long as Obama’s in office?
A lot of that stuff is up in the air. This is a relatively recent development.

Safe to say you’re taking a huge pay cut?
Oh, yeah. There’s not a lot of financial reward in these jobs. But, obviously, the opportunity to serve in a capacity like this is an incredible honor.

How long has this been in the works?
I’ve been thinking about [moving into politics] for a while. I love what I do as an actor. I couldn’t love it more. But probably from the time I was a kid, I really enjoyed that balance between the arts and public service. I went to a performing arts high school, but I still took a bunch of those dorky political science classes. It’s probably because of the value system my grandparents instilled in me. They marched with Gandhi in the Indian independence movement, and that was always in the back of my head. So the past couple of years I thought about it a little more. And in ’06 I started this international studies program at Stanford, where they actually let you do most of the course work online. So it was something I could do while I was acting. And I thought this might be the right time to go off and do something else. The ultimate irony, of course, is that I love being on House. There’s not a smarter group of people that I’ve been surrounded by in television. So I thought about it for a very long time before I went and talked to David and Katie.

What was that conversation like?
We had a very long discussion. And I remember David saying, “Are you telling me that you’re unhappy with the show and that you want to leave so you can go off and do a different show?” And I was like, “Not at all. I’m actually saying the exact opposite, which is I’m having an incredible time, but there’s something aching in me to do something completely different and take a break from the acting thing for a while.” And with their blessing, we were able to work it out.

Are you retiring from acting?
Not necessarily. Who’s to say where any path leads? I still have a passion for it. But for the time being, I won’t be acting.

How did you react when you found out how they were writing Kutner out?
One of the things I love about our show is you never know what’s going to happen. So that news struck me in the same way we hope it strikes the audience: there was a little bit of anger and some depression. You really go through those emotions, especially when somebody dies in that fashion. Ultimately, it was a really interesting choice for them to make. We don’t really know why he did it, unless it’s resolved in the episodes after [I left], which, of course, I’m not privy to anymore. At least in [last night’s] episode, we don’t really know why he did it. There’s no note. There’s no explanation. And as a testament to David and Katie, that’s a huge risk. ‘Cause it is going to make people upset, and it is going to piss off some of the audience. And, ultimately, in my opinion, that’s what art really is — when you can conjure up those kinds of emotions. And it’s rare nowadays to be able to do that on network television, but they managed to.

Were you disappointed that you didn’t get to shoot the requisite good-bye scenes with your co-stars?
From my selfish perspective, you want one last scene with Hugh, you want one awesome bantering scene with Peter, you want something where you and Olivia [Wilde] are doing a diagnostic together. But I had known a couple weeks beforehand [that Kutner would just abruptly commit suicide], so I was conscious in previous episodes of, ‘Okay, this is probably the last time I’m going to get to do a scene with Peter, and this is the last time I’m going to be on screen with Robert.’ And, of course, we’re all still really close friends, so I’ve seen them a ton of times since I stopped shooting.

What were your emotions like on your last day?
It’s always emotional when something incredible comes to an end. The feeling would have been very different if I was not enjoying myself, and if I didn’t love the job. But because I loved the job and the character and the people I’m working with, I think bittersweet is the probably the best way to describe it. The contrast of knowing that I want to move on and do something completely different, with the incredibly violent and incredibly depressing thing that happens to my character… I think bittersweet is the only way to describe it.

Are you bummed you won’t be around to experience firsthand the fallout from Cuddy and House having sex?
Do they really?

That’s the buzz.
See, I didn’t even know that. If that’s the case, yeah, it’s a bummer to not be involved in an episode like that. It’s the emotional stuff that really gets the characters riled up, so if that’s actually happening, it would be neat to see. [Pauses] Well, not see. To be part of scenes like that. [Laughs]

Part II: David Shore and Katie Jacobs

When did you first learn Kal was thinking of leaving House?
It was very early in the process that he told us that he might [at some point] want to move on and work in politics. He has been involved in a number of other things [while working on House]. He worked very extensively for the Obama campaign and he’s been teaching at Penn. Kal is a man with broader ambitions than the entertainment industry. So he spoke to us and said, ‘I love the show and I love working with these people, but there are things that I would like to do.’ And you sort of think, ‘That’s admirable, but there’s no way he’s going to do it.’ This is a good gig he’s got here.
KATIE JACOBS: As time went on, it was still on his mind. And then we took a writers retreat right at the beginning of December and David sort of had this “A-ha” moment about how to both free Kal up to pursue other things and, most importantly, service where David wants to go at the end of the season with House’s story.
SHORE: The fact that it happened over a long period of time allowed him to pursue his goals as a human being, but also allowed us to make it work within the confines of the show.

So why not just have Kutner take a new job at a different hospital?
The suicide was essential to [the story]. The lack of reason behind it — the lack of answers — was what I responded to and is what I got excited about. House, the man of answers, doesn’t have an answer about this guy who he has worked with for two years.
JACOBS: And he didn’t see it coming. It gets under his skin. He is the man who can’t rest until the puzzle is solved. So the idea that he worked in such close proximity to Kutner and didn’t see it coming [was an interesting story to us].
SHORE: It makes him question the most important aspect of himself, which is the ability to find answers. It’s the one thing about himself that he feels good about.

If anyone on House’s team was going to kill him or herself, the likelier candidate would have been Taub (Peter Jacobson). Were you intentionally setting up a bait and switch?
A little bit. But also, oddly enough, we wanted it to be a character who didn’t make sense — or didn’t superficially make sense. Obviously, there are reasons, but the notion that the reasons are too complicated for even House to figure out is what was drawing us to it. I like the fact that Kutner is almost the least likely guy to do this. And it gets down to the issue of, “Do we know anybody? You work with somebody for two years, but do you really know them?”

There’s an opening on House’s team now. Will Chase or Cameron fill it?
No, there’s a different Chase-Cameron storyline coming up. We touch on it, but that’s not really where we go with it.
JACOBS: There’s fallout in every part of the hospital because of this. This will affect everybody.

Are you planning to fill the position?
SHORE: Not initially. It’s not going to happen this year.

There are rumors that Chase and Cameron may be getting married. Care to comment?
No. But [Kutner’s death] does affect them as a couple. When somebody close to you dies under any circumstances, you take stock of your life and you want to go home and hug somebody. We worked hard to let everyone react [to the tragedy] in a different way.

Does it bring Cuddy and House closer together?
The way House reacts ultimately brings House and Cuddy closer.

Any more cast changes looming this season?
This is the only one you’ll see this season.

Okay, Ausholes: Take a few minutes to absorb everything you’ve read before… alright, minute’s up — react away in the comments section! Oh, and be sure to check out the eleborate memorial shrine Fox has erected in Kutner’s honor.

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House Death Spoilers: Kutner Commits Suicide

Are we going to find out more about the Kutner suicide on House? Could it have been murder? What’s coming up?
Nope. It’s definitely not a murder. The show’s executive producer Katie Jacobs tells us, “It was a suicide.” Period. Executive producer David Chase adds, “Everybody’s going to be impacted. We are going to see, perhaps surprisingly, Cameron and Chase’s reactions to it. We’re going to see more of that. We are going to bring Cameron and Chase to the forefront a little bit.” But, of course, the greatest impact will be on Dr. House. “He’s the one who has the least ability to cope with it, and as a result, it has the greatest impact on him,” adds David. Source: Kristin on E!OnlineYou’ll definitely be seeing Amber this season, the only question is when. A teaser Fox just sent out for the April 27 episode: “House’s lack of sleep starts to play tricks on his mind, but he finds insomnia may be a gift instead of a burden.” (Michael Ausiello)

The twist that follows Cameron and Chase’s forthcoming breakup involves a piece of luggage belonging to Chase. And contrary to speculation, he’s not being deported. (Michael Ausiello)

Finale guest star Carl Reiner (Ocean’s Eleven) was spotted on the set, along with a half-dressed male stripper running out of the clinic dressed as a pirate. (Watch With Kristin)

Preview of ‘House M.D.’ 5.21: The Aftermath of Kutner’s Death

The crew have to deal with their colleague’s shocking death but life goes on in ‘House M.D.’.

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Preview of 'House M.D.'  5.21: The Aftermath of Kutner's Death
See larger image

The “” episode that FOX have described as “beyond words” turned out to be the death of Dr. Lawrence Kutner through a self-inflicted gun shot wound. The death of Kutner, which is commemorated in an online memorial brought an aftermath to the rest of the team which brings them closer. Also in the episode which is called “Saviors”, Cameron postpones her vacation with Chase in order to ask House to accept the case of an environmental radical who collapsed at a protest with unexplainable symptoms. Although suspicious of her motives, House agrees. Since she pushed him to take the case so emphatically, House forces Cameron to take the lead and run many of the tests on the patient. Meanwhile, House is unsure of Wilson’s new healthy diet. “Saviors” airs April 13.

House: Does Cuddy Have Competition in Cameron?

Source: Kristin on E!Online

We all need somebody to lean on! With Kutner’s (Kal Penn) untimely suicide, Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) has taken it upon herself to be that somebody, but she’s finding herself easily drawn to one member of the team in particular, and it’s not Chase. Ruh-roh. Instead, Cameron is saddling up to Dr. House (Hugh Laurie), offering her help and support, but no one, including her boyfriend, Chase, is thrilled with her behavior. Even Cuddy is acting suspicious and maybe even a wee bit jealous.

Latest from TV Guide

Well beyond the immediate aftermath, Kutner’s shocking suicide will have lasting repercussions for House, the remainder of his team, and others in the brilliant doc’s orbit. But who will be affected, and how? In a conference call with reporters, House creator David Shore, executive producer Katie Jacobs and Kutner’s portrayer, Kal Penn, answered burning questions about the latest episode of Fox’s hit drama.

Was Kal Penn — who asked off the show to take a job with the White House — taken aback by Kutner’s suicide?
“Everyone is always taken aback with every episode of our show,” Penn told TVGuide.com. “But obviously yeah, you’re connected to the character you play … so there was more than a little bit of shock and loss when I found out. I was probably as shocked as the audience.”

Were other exit storylines batted around?
“We considered many ways to have [Kutner] leave,” says David Shore. “Ultimately, this was the story that allowed us to really have the greatest impact on everybody, House in particular.”

Were the producers surprised that their suicide secret (mostly) kept?
“Absolutely startled, yes,” says Shore.

Who will be most affected by Kutner’s death?
“The greatest impact is ultimately with House,” previews Katie Jacobs, “because he’s unable to rest with the idea that he did not see it coming and cannot explain it… . He has no resources, no family [to help him cope].”

Might this twist somehow lead to more screen time for the somewhat MIA Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer?
In a word, yes. In addition to seeing House’s team, Cuddy and Wilson reel from the death, “We are going to see, perhaps surprisingly, Chase and Cameron’s reaction to it. [We] are going to bring [them] to the forefront a little bit.” Says Shore, “We will see some fallout with Chase and Cameron in an interesting way. [They] do not have a unified reaction.”

Will Kutner be replaced on House’s team?
Not any time soon. As Shore stresses, “Kutner is irreplaceable.”

Was House onto anything, suspecting as he did that Kutner was instead murdered?
Nope — it was definitely a suicide. Anyone searching for clues suggesting otherwise is, like House, “looking for more answers where there may not be more answers,” says Shore.

Was that Penn playing dead when Foreman and Thirteen discovered Kutner’s body?
Yes. Penn says the director “wanted it to be as authentic as possible, so that [Omar Epps and Olivia Wilde] were fully in that moment.”

Was Penn creeped out to have “his” death memorialized on Fox.com?
“Not really,” he says. “When I heard that it was going to happen, the first thing I said was, ‘Don’t put any of my real family photos on the website.’ It’s very, very clear that it is a Lawrence Kutner memorial page.”

Is Katie Jacobs at all regretting her vote for president, now that Penn is leaving House for the White House?
“It may be the only reason why I didn’t want Obama to be the candidate,” she says with a laugh. “I was in a state of denial. I was just trying to avoid the reality that we would have to face this moment.”

And if Penn was leaving the show for any other reason…?
Jokes Shore, “If he had come to us and said, ‘I’ve been offered a great part on CSI,’ then yeah we would have [killed Kutner via] autoerotic asphyxiation or something like that. But we were thrilled for Kal.”

Source: TV Guide

‘House’ The suicide of Kutner

Zap2it.com Recaps

Kalpenn_house_s5_240 Tonight, House really did deliver the unexpected. So much so that I don’t even know how to write it about, because it just seemed out of the blue. Which was rather the point, I suppose, because the whole team is at a loss for how to react.

And just like his colleagues, I am stunned and thinking about his behavior over the last season and wondering if there were signs that I missed. I can’t recall any indications that he was depressed enough to want to take his own life. And that makes it hard to concentrate on the POTW – or, rather, the Patients of the Week. It’s a couple (the man played by Meatloaf – so MPOTW) who start out with him dying of heart failure until Charlotte (henceforth, FPOTW) gets sicker and he gets better. Taub thinks their love is rallying his recovery and House thinks Taub is an idiot. And it does seem out of character for Taub, but given what his own relationship is going through, maybe grasping at romantic straws is starting to feel natural.

House spends most of the episode looking for someone to blame for Kutner’s death – going so far as to assign guilt to his adoptive parents for letting him change his last name and become even further disconnected with his personal heritage. 13 refuses to feel guilty for not knowing something was troubling Kutner and Foreman takes a day off to grieve alone. Tuab, however, out-Houses House, by stating that suicide isn’t always a cry for help and some people just want to die. He also insinuates that he feels pity for Kutner but thinks that his permanent solution was idiotic.

House just thinks the POTWs are idiotic, because FPOTW is faking her illness so MPOTW will hold on longer. Which insinuates that House believes such things are feasible. However, she can’t fake the sudden bruising or the disappearing muscle that arises, so the team gets back to work. Mostly without House, who turns his attention back to the loss of Kutner by going to his apartment, where he decides it wasn’t suicide but murder. He develops a few theories, looking at the man in prison for killing Kutner’s parents as someone with a motive, but Wilson thinks he’s avoiding dealing with the fact that he may have missed something in Kutner beforehand. And therefore, be in danger of losing his gift to catch the things no one else sees.

Meanwhile, FPOTW attempts to kill herself so MPOTW can get her heart. Instead, she survives but destroys her liver. So MPOTW decides that he wants to give her his liver, which will mean he dies on the operating table despite the fact that Cameron figured out he was misdiagnosed and his ailment is totally treatable. This means that MPOTW would do anything for love….even that. House entertains the idea while 13 refuses to commit murder and Taub announces MPOTW’s plan to FPOTW, knowing she will refuse the organ and make the whole debate moot. FPOTW still wants MPOTW to get her heart but the team still wants to diagnose her.

The Epiphany comes when House, in a fit of frustration, decides that they’ve missed something in the differential, or else they are idiots. 13 goes back to the basics by naming the things that could cause the newest infection and when she mentioned places, House recalls an earlier conversation. He marches to the POTW’s room and instead of his usual song and dance, confronts FPOTW about her trip to Rio, which the MPOTW did not accompany her on because it was a dirty little secret. The infection was from sandflies that occur in Rio, not Hawaii – but the diagnosis comes too late. She flatlines as MPOTW kisses her hand.

The ending montage is one of the most powerful I’ve ever seen House pull off. The team attends the funeral except for Taub, who attends to the patients until FPOTW dies – when he finally breaks down sobbing. Meanwhile, House scours Kutner’s apartment for any explanation for his suicide, stopping only to stare at a photo where Kutner’s face is turned away from the camera, suggesting an inner life that couldn’t be captured in any objective sense. Not even by those he spent the most time with. With Foreteen only reconnecting with each other at the Hindi services and Taub finally feeling a sympathetic emotion, House is the only one whose issues feel completely unresolved.

How did you react to the loss of Kutner? Personally, I thought out of all the cottages v2, Kutner was the only one that I would want anything to do with. He seemed to have interests outside the hospital while the rest only seem to exist in the two dimensional world of their workplace. Without Kutner’s interjections of geek-centric humor what are we left with? 13’s snottiness, Foreman’s arrogance and Taub’s indifference. How do you think this will change the series? Did the peek of next week make it seem like Cameron is going to be coming back on the team?

Secret Life of the American Teenager Spoilers: Season 2 Scoop & Death!

Episodic Spoilers

September 7  “Be My, Be My Baby” (Episode 2-12)

  • Fittingly, the Labor Day episode features Anne going into labor. Anne gives birth at home with the help of her dog Moose and Amy, Ashley, and George.  The baby’s name is Robie.
  • Ben and Amy work on their relationship, but can they make things work out?
  • George and Ashley pack up to move back to the Juergens’ home.
  • Adrian and Ricky decide to pursue counseling.

Reid Scott again appears as Kathleen’s boyfriend Jeff. Jack and Grace faces a problem in their relationship which forces them to make difficult decisions.

2.1 June 22 “The Big One”

Mimsy’s back with a much younger man who’s either her driver or her lover. Grace and Jack have sex. Anne’s pregnant, but who’s the father? Ben’s uncomfortable with Ricky spending time at Amy’s. He’s also uncomfortable with Amy’s larger-than-usual breasts. Ben’s dad Leo is dating Betty the hooker (Jennifer Coolidge).

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 2.01 – The Big One – Promotional Photos

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER – “The Big One” – The second season finds Anne dealing with the surprising news of her own pregnancy, while Amy slowly adjusts to motherhood and a new life filled with midnight feedings and diaper changes. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack take their relationship to the next level, but just when things are starting to come together, an unexpected tragedy changes everything, on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” premiering MONDAY, JUNE 22 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/RANDY HOLMES) KEN BAUMANN, SHAILENE WOODLEY

(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc. / RANDY HOLMES)

2.2 June 29 “What’s Done is Done”

Grace feels incredibly guilty. Ben tries to figure out where he fits in Amy’s life.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 2.02 – Promotional Photos

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER – “What’s Done is Done” – Grace is struggling with what has happened, whilst Ben wonders what part he plays in Amy’s new life, on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” premiering MONDAY, JUNE 29 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/RANDY HOLMES) SHAILENE WOODLEY, MOLLY RINGWALD

Source: ABC

2.3 July 6 “Par for the Course”

Ricky tries to help Grace after she withdraws from everyone. “Going and Coming” George doesn’t like that David knocked up Anne. Grace and Jack regret having sex. Everyone at school knows they’re no longer virgins.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 2.03 – Promotional Photos

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER – “Par for the Course” – When Grace begins to pull away from everyone, Ricky takes it upon himself to try to help her out, on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” premiering MONDAY, JULY 6 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/RANDY HOLMES) TOM VIRTUE, LUKE ZIMMERMAN, JOSIE BISSETT, MEGAN PARK

Source: ABC

2.4 July 2009 “The Summer of Our Discontent”

  • George is served divorce papers. Anne’s surprised to meet David’s parents, as he leads her to believe they’re clients.
  • Grace turns down offers to go to cheerleading camp or medical camp because she’s still depressed.
  • Ben’s not happy his dad’s engaged to Betty.
  • Ben’s heading to Italy for the summer.

Saturday, August 1, 2009 ABC Family will air the 12 episodes that aired January-March from 7 AM to 7 PM. Monday, August 3 the six episodes of season 2 that have already aired will air from 2-8 PM.

August 3 “Summertime” (Episode 2-7)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 2.07 – Promotional Photos

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER – “Summertime” – George tells a secret to Anne, and summer vacation is coming to end, on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” on MONDAY, AUGUST 3 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/RANDY HOLMES) KEN BAUMANN, SHAILENE WOODLEY

(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc. / RANDY HOLMES)

  • George makes a big revelation to Anne. If you can’t guess what the revelation is, you clearly haven’t been watching the show this season.
  • Summer’s over and school’s back in session. Ashley’s attending high school for the first time. Ricky’s protective of Ashley at school. Ashley meets and quickly befriends a gay freshman named Griffin (Brando Eaton).
  • Remember how Ricky and Adrian were discussing their commitment to each other? Well commitment didn’t work out for either of them, as they’re both sleeping with other people.
  • Madison dumped Jason but is having doubts about it.
  • In class, almost all of the teens are thinking about sex. Henry and Alice have had oral sex. Ben blurts out his thoughts about Amy. Will Ben dump Amy?

August 10 “A New Kind of Green” (Episode 2-8)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 2.07 and 2.08 – Spoiler Pics

Here are some spoilerish pictures (LQ) from episode 2.07 and 2.08.

Source: SpoilerTV

  • Ashley and Griffin made a pact not to date guys in high school but Griffin’s committment to the pact wavers. Ashley has a love interest named Mark.
  • Adrian pushes George and Anne together so she can get George’s house for her family.

August 17 “Hot Nuts” (Episode 2-9)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Episode 2.09 – Promotional Photos

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER – “Hot Nuts” – Adrian and Amy’s fighting escalates and Ricky intervenes, on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” premiering MONDAY, AUGUST 17 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/RANDY HOLMES) MARK DERWIN, MOLLY RINGWALD

(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc. / RANDY HOLMES)

  • Ben may have had sex in Italy and fears his dad knows about it.
  • Adrian and Amy continue to fight, leading Ricky to intervene.
  • George has a special needs dog that can call 911, which comes in handy when Anne goes into labor. George, Amy, and Ashley help Anne give birth at home.

August 24 “Knocked Up, Who’s There?” (Episode 2-10)

  • The teens attend a church event where Grace is introduced as a girl who everyone knows has had sex. Grace makes an impression on Adrian.
  • Ashley spends time with her love interest, Mark. Griffin tells Mark’s mother that Mark’s in love with Ashley.
  • Amy gets mad when Ben wants her to talk to a pregnant teen (Rumer Willis). Amy does offer the teen advice. Amy attempts to maintain Ben’s attention.

August 31 “Cramped” (Episode 2-11)

  • Amy’s jealous when Ashley gets her own room in the garage. Ricky tells George that Ashley shouldn’t have her own space.
  • Although Adrian seems uninterested in him, Ricky pursues her anyway.
  • While trying to buy feminine protection for Grace, Jack runs into Grace’s mom Kathleen–who’s with a younger guy and is buying condoms.
  • Betty’s having a yard sale to get rid of her hooker stuff as she prepares to marry Leo.

September 7 No known title (Episode 2-12)This will be the last episode of 2009. The show will probably return in January.

Probably January 2010

“You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”

  • Maria, the Italian girl who Ben met in Italy, shows up in town. Ben hides her in his closet but when his father exits, Ben and Maria make out! Ben stops this because he’s still with Amy. Maria calls her father and tells him she wants him to get Ben for her!
  • The teens skip school to go to the beach. Leo’s mad because Ben takes Leo’s new Mercedes. Maria shows up at the beach; through binoculars, Anne sees the girl kiss Ben.
  • Grace admits to Jack she kissed someone; he doesn’t believe it was a quick kiss.
  • Mayim Bialik joins the show in the role of Dr. Bink, the new guidance counselor. Unlike her predecessor, she’s a bit mentally unstable and evil.

“Til It’s Gone”

  • Kathleen and her boyfriend Jeff (Reid Scott) are discovered in bed by his mother, who’s not at all embarrassed by this.
  • Amy flirts with a boy named Jimmy in the grocery store. Jimmy gives Amy the nickname “Pimento.” He’s the son of Anne’s high school boyfriend, Josh, who wants Anne to kiss him.
  • Jack thinks Grace is cheating on him by masturbating. She doesn’t care what he thinks, because she’s in a great mood.

“Loved and Lost”

  • Ricky apologizes to Adrian for cheating on her, and they kiss.
  • Tammy’s parents come to Kathleen, as Tom and Tammy have broken up. We learn Tom wanted sex from Tammy, and wasn’t simply happy with having phone sex. Tom announces to Tammy’s parents and his family that he’s going to marry Adrian because they love each other.

“Just Say Me”

  • Griffin is still around with Ashley, who doesn’t have a boyfriend.
  • Ben and Amy have split up. A girl asks Ben for help with her Italian homework. Amy pointedly tells the girl that Ben’s very good with Italians. Amy runs into Jimmy again, this time at school.
  • A good looking guy asks Lauren out on a date.
  • Grace has come up with a new sexual movement called Just Say Me, which is all about masturbation. The girls at school love it, while the guys feel threatened. It makes the news.

“The Second Time Around”

  • Amy kisses Jimmy.
  • Griffin sends Ashley a pizza–more specifically, he sends her his cousin, a pizza delivery boy who’s 16, named Grant, and who falls madly for Ashley at first sight. The two may make out before the night’s over.
  • Will George and Anne get back together? George heads to Mimsy’s house to see Anne; instead, he finds Anne’s high school sweetheart Josh there, holding Anne’s baby. When Anne heads back home to see George, she sees him chatting with another woman, and she leaves before he sees her. (George is chatting with the woman because his dog impregnated her dog.)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Casting Call

[GIRL] Legal 18 to play 16-18. This beautiful young Italian girl comes to visit Ben (Kenny Baumann) after they have spent a summer together in Bologna…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR / ACTOR MUST SPEAK FLUENT ITALIAN

[POLICE OFFICER] 40s. MALE. This by-the-books police officer pulls over some students after they skip school…CO-STAR / PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIESSource: SpoilerTV

Exclusive – The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Til It’s Gone – Casting Call

This episode starts filming on the 6th July.

[MA] 60s. This woman is Kathleen’s (Josie Bissett) new boyfriend, Jeff’s (Reid Scott) mother. She finds him and Kathleen in bed and has a discussion with them about their future…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR

[JIMMY] Legal 18 to play 16-18. This good-looking guy meets Amy (Shailene Woodley) in the grocery store. He is the son of Anne’s (Molly Ringwald) high school boyfriend. Jimmy and Amy flirt with one another before Anne drags her off.sptv050769..ONE- DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRINGSource: SpoilerTV

General Spoilers

  • Shawn Johnson will return to the show in 2010, in scenes with Jack and Grace.
  • There will be conflict between Ricky and Amy over who gets to take care of John, and Ricky may take legal action to get what he wants.
  • Adrian’s family will eventually move into the house George now owns. Adrian continues to have an on-again-off-again relationship with Ricky, and we’ll learn more of her backstory to explain why she loves sex more than her peers.
  • According to Ken Baumann (Ben) something huge happens with Ben around episode 23 of this season; that will probably air in March 2010. Yes, that’s a vague spoiler.
  • Amy loses sleep, misses several social events, and struggles juggling a baby, a job, a boyfriend, and her friends.
  • Someone slaps Ben.
  • Adrian’s parents reunite and move with Adrian into a house. Their neighbors are someone we already know. Adrian continues to have an on-again-off-again relationship with Ricky, and we’ll learn more of her backstory to explain why she loves sex more than her peers.
  • Can you give me any scoops on the upcoming season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager? I heard some rumors about a death! — Christina TIM: Those aren’t just rumors, Christina. Someone dies, and the death affects pretty much everyone on the show. You can also expect conflict between Ben and Ricky as they try to share dad duties, and a baby for Molly Ringwald’s Anne Jeurgen — which means her child and her grandson (the baby born to 15-year-old Amy last season) will grow up together. The new season premieres June 22. Source: TV Guide Online
  • A significant male character will die early into the season. And something happens as a result of it that will probably piss off the [insert name of conservative TV watchdog group]. (Michael Ausiello) A reader says the death will be Grace’s dad.
  • What’s going on with Ricky and Amy’s relationship on The Secret Life of the American Teenager? We caught up with Daren Kagasoff, who plays Ricky, and here’s what he told us: “I think deep down he wants to be with her and he wants to try to make this work, but the stage he’s at in his life right now, it’s just not going to happen. And I think his main focus right now is just trying to be the best dad he can to the kid, regardless of if his relationship with Amy works out. So, that’s his main objective—just taking care of the kid.” Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • Rumer Willis is having a baby! At least she’ll be pretending to have one on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Bruce and Demi’s actress-offspring will play a pregnant teen in an episode to air in mid-August. Secret Life’s second season gets underway June 22. Source: EW
  • You don’t talk about it much, but do you have any scoop on the next season of Secret Life of the American Teenager? We just caught up with Amy herself (Shailene Woodley), who tells us, “I’m in love with my boyfriend, who is not the father of my baby. And the father of my baby, I don’t really like him, but there’s always that question in the back of my mind: ‘He is the father, so could he be my boyfriend someday?’ There’s a lot of drama [this season], just in the sense that my boyfriend Ben gets very jealous because Ricky’s at my house every night taking care of the baby, and Ben thinks maybe something else is going on.” Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager premieres Monday, June 22nd @ 8/7c on ABC Family.
  • Question: Do you have any scoops on the new season of The Secret Life of The American Teenager? Ausiello: I have a scoop: Brando Eaton (Mental, Bones) has been cast as Ashley’s new gay sidekick, Griffin. Source: The Ausiello Files

The Secret Life of the American Teenager – Cast Promotional Photos

(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc. )

Secret Life Season 3 Promo

Source: Cinema Blend

When the second season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager wrapped up, Amy went from being pregnant teen to full-on teen mom. The third season is set to premiere in June and we’ll get to see where the story’s going to go for Amy, her friends and her family. Amy’s a new mom in high school and she’s missing out on everything! Yeah, apparently, being a teen mom isn’t the party you might think it would be. Based on the promo for the third season (below), Amy’s not loving missing out on all the fun. And speaking of fun, it looks like Grace and Jack might be ready to seal the deal. Think they’ll go through with it? Also, what’s this big secret they’re teasing us with?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 2 Preview

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 2 Clip

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager: Death, Babies & Drama

Source: Kristin on E!Online

The Secret life of the american teenager, Shailene Woodley, Daren Kagasoff, Francia Raisa ABC FAMILY/BOB D’AMICO, ABC FAMILY/RANDY HOLMES

In the season-two premiere of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, somebody major dies, somebody gets pregnant and somebody loses their virginity. But what we’re more excited about is that at some point this season, which kicks off June 22 on ABC Family, Rumer Willis will be guest starring.

Yes, the offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis is making an appearance this season. Rumer, who did a bang-up job on Medium as a prostitute recently, will play a pregnant teen. “It’s very dramatic how she comes onto the show,” says Francia Raisa (Adrian Lee). “There’s always a chance she can come back and do another episode. But I can’t say more.”

But she and her costars, Shailene Woodley (teen Amy Juergens, who just gave birth to baby John) and Daren Kagasoff (Ricky, Amy’s baby daddy), did say more about what’s in store for the kids this season…

Adrian’s Sexual Past: “You learn more of Adrian’s backstory about why she’s so into the sex and why it’s not so dramatic for her like most people,” says Francia. “And I know there is more sex involved and a lot more regrets when it comes to sex. Some people lose their virginity in the new season.”

Amy, Ricky & Ben Make Three: “It’s kind of a love triangle,” says Shailene. “I mean, I’m in love with my boyfriend [Ben] who is not the father of my baby. And then, the father of my baby [Ricky], you know, I don’t really like him. But there’s always that question in the back of my mind, like, he is the father, so could he be my boyfriend one day? There’s a lot drama just in the sense that my boyfriend, Ben, gets very jealous of Ricky because he’s at my house every night taking care of the baby. And Ben thinks something else is going on. It’s this difficult triangle.”

Death Comes a Knocking: “I think everybody is affected by it,” says Daren. “Because it kind of brings a realization to every family in the show that this could happen to your family as well. So that is a big element that I think it’ll be great for viewers to see. And we were all at the funeral when it was shot. So we all kind of had a place. It brings everyone together.”

The Secret Life of the American Teenager returns to ABC Family June 22 at 8 p.m.

Are you in on Secret Life? What do you make of all the baby drama, and who do you think dies in the first new episode?

‘Secret Life of The American Teenager’: Who’s dying? Who’s getting engaged? Who’s giving it up?

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

ShailenewoodleySecret Life of the American Teenager” returns this week and I’ve got exclusive scoop on what’s to come. To get you set for this second season premiere, I thought I’d answer some of your questions today…

I heard someone is dying on the “Secret Life” show. Is it one of the series regulars or some random character that we barely even know?
Oh no, we know this person pretty well. He — yes, it’s a “he”! — has been on the show since the beginning and will be killed off in a tragic, dramatic accident.

So Molly Ringwald’s character on “Secret Life of The American Teenager” is pregnant?
Yep. Knocked up by that guy she started seeing last season and I’m hearing they’ll soon be engaged.

Grace is the person losing their virginity on “Secret Life,” isn’t she? I mean, she’s pretty much the only one left who hasn’t done it. Unless it’s Ashley.
It’s not Ashley.

Now that Amy’s had the baby, what will happen between her, Ricky and Ben.
She and Ben are still together, but they’re in for a rocky road this year as Ricky becomes more involved in Amy and the baby’s life. Actually, Ben won’t be all about Amy and only Amy forever…

Got any scoop on The Secret Life of the American Teenager? There’s a big shocker in the next season of, according to Shailene Woodley, who plays Amy Juergens. She tells us, “Next season we heard that someone dies. I can’t imagine any character not on the show, so I have no idea who it might be.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

The Saint of Secret Life Spills Season 2 Secrets

Source: TV Guide Online

Ken Baumann, Secret Life of the American Teenager

The secret of The Secret Life of the American Teenager is out: Monday’s Season 1 finale included the long-awaited birth of baby John and the beginning of Amy’s new life with her boyfriend, Ben. But Ken Baumann, the multitalented 19-year-old behind the role — he’s written two novels, and several stories you can read here — promises plenty of other secrets await. He talked to us about a major death when Season 2 starts in June, Ben’s dynamic with Ricky, the father of Amy’s baby, and whether Ben will finally get to stop solving everyone else’s problems.

TVGuide.com: Ben is kind of a saint. He’s always counseling the people around him, including the father of his girlfriend’s baby and his own father. Will we ever see him freak out or reveal a not-so-good side? Baumannn: Yes. There is certainly a little more temptation for Ben to go down the wicked path. And first of all, I’d like to thank you very much for being the first person to say Ben is a saint. I’ve never heard that before, but I’ve always kind of felt that reading the scripts, like, “Wow! This guy, he can just take it! He can take the pain!” But yeah, there’s certainly a more challenging arc for Ben ahead. He’s got a lot of problems that he’s going to have to deal with. I can say that he does not get pregnant, so you can rule that out as a possibility.

TVGuide.com: Ben and Ricky work out a deal to be kind of co-dads in the season finale. But that can’t last, can it? Baumann: I think the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I think they’re going to try. You know, who knows? I’m sure that that sort of situation has worked out, but I think it’ll take a lot of patience and a lot of maturity from two hot-headed 15-year-old kids. But I think it’s inevitable for it to crumble a little bit. It’s not going to be perfect but it provides for some interesting television.

TVGuide.com: For Season 2, now that the baby’s born and her secret life is kind of over, how does the focus of the show change? Baumann: I think that the focus remarkably is still pretty centered on the family dynamic of the Juergens. Once you’ve had the baby, sure, the baby secret is revealed, but at the same time you’re having a 15-year-old freshman in high school raise a child with two warring fathers and parents in the midst of a divorce and sister precariously balanced on the edge of good and bad. I think there’s certainly enough to keep the show propelled. There is no end to the drama. It seems to only have gotten a lot more complicated. I think, yeah, the secret’s out but at the same time, these are all teenagers and they’re going to create a never-ending recursive loop of secret-creation.

TVGuide.com: And someone dies next season? Baumann: Yes, someone does die! I don’t think I can disclose who…

TVGuide.com: Can you say how tragic it is? If we assume an old person’s death is less tragic than a very young person’s death… Baumann: I’ll tell you this: It’s incredibly tragic and it has a very, very wide effect. Young and old alike, everyone is mourning. It certainly presents a lot of problems. … I don’t know if I can essentially say, “Oh, it’s a kid,” or “Oh, it’s a parent,” but everyone is affected, really harshly too. There are a few key younger people that are very affected.

TVGuide.com: But we can assume it’s not the baby? Baumann: Oh, God no. I will go so far as to say no. That would be awful, awful, awful.

TVGuide.com: Secret Life is one show that doesn’t seem afraid to talk about religion. Does that apply to the cast too? Baumann: I think that everyone realizes that the show from the get-go has been very morally centered. It definitely has a moral imperative. … I grew up in Texas, so I grew up in the South, I kind of grew up in the bucket of the Bible belt, so the religious stuff with Grace and Jack, it certainly rings true. I knew kids like that. So I think everyone is on board because they realize it’s well-written. We all believe it. If it was dealt with in a way that was just really over-the-top and two-dimensional, then I think you would have some division in the cast. But I think everyone’s happy that that’s being brought up because, my God, that’s 40 percent or 35 percent of people in this country. So I think that by leaving that out you’re kind of doing a disservice to your audience. What did you think of the Secret Life finale? Are you excited for Season 2 in June?

New Lost Spoilers: Towards the Season Finale Death!

Episodes 5.16 and 5.17: The Incident (season finale, parts 1 and 2) Airdate: May 13, 2009 from 9 to 11 p.m.

Question: Got any scoop on the Lost finale? Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. “All I will say is that it is time for the time travel craziness to end,” he said. “And once it does end, something very, very surprising will happen in its wake. It is a little bit of a game-changer.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Any spoilers about Lost‘s season finale? Please! Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof Jorge Garcia at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. “People will find out why [Hurley] got on the plane and how he came to get that guitar case in his hands,” he said. “I’ve been wondering about that, too. I remember at one point asking a question about it and getting a, ‘We don’t know yet.’ I had to ask once, ‘How heavy is it? Is it just a guitar? Is it something else? How heavy is it supposed to be?’ Sometimes I get an empty case to lug around in a scene and sometimes it has a guitar in it, but we don’t actually know what’s in it because that has not been [revealed] yet. It could be a case full of food or money or guns or papers or anything. So you see me get the case by the finale, but I don’t know that we will find out what’s in it. It was hard for me to play because at first I did not understand why Hurley would have ever changed his mind about going back to the island, and I’m sure fans are thinking the same thing. So it will be nice to be able to give them that information.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Preview of ‘Lost’ 5th Season Finale: The Incident

Jack’s plan meets a resistance from the people close to him, in the fifth season finale of ‘Lost’ where the deads will be walking once again.

Preview of 'Lost' 5th Season Finale: The Incident Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image Jack wants to set things right on the island but is met with strong resistance by those close to him. In the two-part season finale of ““, Jack’s decision to put a plan in action is facing a roadblock and Locke assigns Ben on a difficult task. The May 13 episode called “The Incident” will be a two-hour event on ABC before the show wraps up. Many hints have been released in the past few months regarding this finale including a death that reportedly is from a major character. While one (or some) are leaving, many will also return, from the death. Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, had confirmed “We see some people from the past. It keeps us speculating why certain people seem to be holding on and revisiting the living in some interesting ways.” One of these ‘ghosts’ is most probably Sayid’s wife Nadia who was tragically murdered. Additionally, sightings of the younger versions of Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet will also be in the finale along with the final revelation of the Goliath four-toed statue. “She’s Taweret, the goddess of childbirth,” Michael mentioned previously.

Lost Season S05E16 / S05E17 “The Incident” Season Finale Promo 5×16 5×17 full spoiler

LOST 5×16/5×17 The Incident – Sneak Peek #1

I know you guys have some hints about Lost‘s finale. Don’t hold out. TIM: ABC’s promos spoil that Sawyer, Kate and Juliet return to the island, so we asked Patrick Fischler (aka the Dharma Initiative’s Phil) what could possibly turn the sub around. “Let me see, how do I put this? Sawyer,” he said. Fischler says Phil plays an “interesting part” in a season finale that answers lots of questions, but ends with a game-changing cliff-hanger. Might Phil face the music for belting Juliet last week? “I think Sawyer may have to have a little payback,” says Fischler.

What can you tell us about the Lost finale? As Michael Emerson so impressively put it: The Lost finale will make you eat your soul. Also, stuff blows up, Jacob walks among us and we cry like crazy.Source: Kristin on E!Online

The last episode of Lost killed my Skate shipper heart. This should be the moment when you comfort us by telling us everything will be OK. Right? Right? You guys have got to stop living episode-to-episode (you’re going to give yourselves coronaries!) and start thinking long-term. Why? Because long-term, everything will be OK! Promise. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Lost Finale Preview: Michael Emerson Talks of Ben’s Sacrifice, Jack’s Plan and Meeting Jacob

Source: TV Guide Online

Michael Emerson, Lost

The pieces are being moved into place as ABC’s Lost tees up its two-hour season finale (Wednesday, starting at 9 pm/ET). While Jack and Sayid pal around with Jughead and submariner Sawyer and his ladies somehow manage an about-face, Ben has been left to join Locke on a journey to meet — and perhaps kill — the mysterious and mighty Jacob. Michael Emerson, who previously has described the season-ender as “explosive,” shared a cryptic look at what exactly it beholds.

TVGuide.com: We have two hours left in the season. Is it going to take Locke, Ben and Richard 119 minutes to get to Jacob?
Michael Emerson:
It’s going to take a while. I mean, we’ve been making our way to Jacob for a long, long time. I think we can last a little bit longer.

TVGuide.com: Is it safe to say we will meet him in this finale?
Jacob is certainly a character in the final two episodes. [An ABC spokesperson interjects to say, “We can neither confirm nor deny that Jacob will be in the season finale.”] There seems to be a suggestion that we’re moving in that direction, but what Jacob might be or how he might be revealed, if he ever is, is one of the juicy surprises of future Lost work.

TVGuide.com: Might Ben and Richard try to stage a coup to overthrow Locke?
Ben and Richard have always seemed to me to have a somewhat fraught and edgy relationship. I don’t think Ben is in a position right now to make aggressive alliances with anybody. Ben is doing well at this point to put one foot in front of the other.

TVGuide.com: But what about “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”?
Well, there’s something to be said for that, and that is a philosophy that Ben has put to good use in the past. But Ben seems to be in as low a place as I have ever seen him. He seems to be shaken and no longer the general that he used to be. He is in fact no longer possibly the chess player that he used to be.

TVGuide.com: To add in yet another metaphor, are you saying he has run out of aces up his sleeve?
That may be the case. But he isn’t completely out of cards yet. No matter how whipped he is, he continues to be alert to the possibilities of every situation.

TVGuide.com: I was surprised — and I am curious if you were, too — to learn that Jacob can be killed. Or at least Locke believes he can.
That was such an interesting statement for John Locke to make. Based on everything I ever knew about Jacob, it seems a sort of unlikely thing to say.

TVGuide.com: Right, this is Jacob we’re talking about!
Yeah — Jacob seems to be somebody that has gotten along fine for a long, long time, and seems to be impervious to the frailties of the flesh.

TVGuide.com: Ben is asked to make a sacrifice in the season finale. What can you tease about that?
Ben has sacrificed his leadership and authority [to Locke], but he’s also going to be asked to serve someone else’s interests, not his own.

TVGuide.com: In your mind, if Jack were to detonate Jughead and thus keep 815 from crashing, what then? What moment immediately follows that instant? Do we cut to a plane full of mild-mannered people?
I think it cannot be that simple, if that were a thing that happened. We’re wrestling with these ideas of what can be changed with time travel and what cannot be changed. I don’t thing a thing lived can be unlived. In one of the recent episodes, someone alluded to the idea that whether it’s past, present or future, it is your life in the order it happens to you. I don’t think anything done can be undone. This is an issue the writers and we the actors are wrestling with, and I don’t have a good answer. Jack seems to be saying that he can erase the events of the last five seasons … but I think that’s unlikely.

TVGuide.com: Will you be back next season?
Well, nothing that happens in the finale suggested to me that Ben’s work was done. But like everyone else, he is vulnerable to accidents … or injury. I’m hopeful that I will be among the actors who appear in Episode 601, but nothing is written in stone at Lost.

Well, nothing except some ancient hieroglyphics.

Preview of ‘Lost’ 5.15: Follow the Leader

Jack finds out that if they had followed the journal, they would have landed in Los Angeles instead of crashing on the island, all new on ‘Lost’.

Preview of 'Lost' 5.15: Follow the LeaderSource: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image With two episodes left in the season, “” brings an arc story where survivors are trying to cheat the past in order to get out of the island and spare their mystery. Jack and Kate find themselves at odds over the direction to take to save their fellow island survivors. Locke further solidifies his stance as leader of “The Others”. Sawyer and Juliet come under scrutiny from the Dharma Initiative. Titled “Follow the Leader”, this episode airs May 6. The next week on May 13, “Lost” will have a two-part season finale. Someone will revisit the past to meet the characters’ youth. Also, according to E! Online’s spoiler scoop, there will be the re-appearance of Sayid’s tragically murdered wife, Nadia.

What can you tease about the Lost finale? Look for another game-changing finale. Based on the rumors we’re hearing about what happens, you may find yourself wondering how they could still even do the same show after this. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Jack’s decision to put a plan in action in order to set things right on the island is met with some strong resistance by those close to him, and Locke assigns Ben a difficult task. Guest starring are L. Scott Caldwell as Rose, Sam Anderson as Bernard, John Terry as Christian Shephard, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Francois Chau as Dr. Pierre Chang, Patrick Fischler as Phil, Eric Lange as Radzinsky, Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana, Brad William Henke as Bram, Jon Gries as Roger Linus, Alice Evans as younger Eloise Hawking, Andrea Gabriel as Noor “Nadia” Abed Jaseem, Kevin Chapman as Mitch, Mark Pellegrino as man #1, Titus Welliver as man #2, Emily Rae Argenti as young Kate, Tanner Maguire as young Tom, George Gerdes as Mr. Springer, Agnes Kwak as Aunt Soo, Amy Stewart as mother, Rylee Fansler as young Juliet, Savannah Lathem as young Rachel, William Makozak as Captain Bird, Daniel James Kunkel as anesthesiologist, Sonya Masinovsky as Russian nurse, Keegan Boos as young Sawyer, Colby French as Uncle Doug, John Pete as prison clerk, Michael Trisler as father, Sally Davis as woman and Adam Bazzi as cab driver. Source: ABC

Lost (May 13, ABC)
Charles Widmore told John Locke that a war would take place on the island, and that if John didn’t return, the wrong side was going to win. We’re still a little unclear on who — and when — the sides will be (Hostiles vs. Dharma; Oceanic 6 vs. creepy Ajira survivors; Smokey vs. everyone), but it’s clear that tensions are mounting all over, and will probably culminate in at least one shocking season-ending death. Other intriguing tidbits: The finale will introduce us to Jacob, the island’s spiritual leader, and we’ll see a wedding that takes place off-island. Thump! Source: TV Guide Online

After you see the finale, you’ll understand why season five of Lost has not handed you Sawyer and Kate on a plate. (Watch With Kristin)

Sayid’s wife Nadia is back in the finale. We’ll also be meeting young Kate, young Tom (Kate’s friend from Iowa), young Juliet, young Rachel (Juliet’s sister) and young Sawyer, and several of those sightings happen because a pivotal figure in the Island mythology (Jacob) wants to check in on the castaways in their youth. (Watch With Kristin)

Jack’s plan to “un-crash” Oceanic Flight 815 is not foolproof, sadly. But it doesn’t lead to the deaths of everyone involved — just one person. And that death, though heartbreaking on the scale of Charlie’s end, will one day seem necessary because it sets up a raft of amazing future storylines and brings closure to some other long-running stories. (Watch With Kristin)

Among the crucial questions you’ll get answers to in the season finale, are “How did Hurley get that guitar case that he brought on the Ajira flight to Guam?” But also, “How did Hurley get out of jail?” Also, we’ll see Vincent the dog again — but while the fate of Bernard and Rose will be alluded to, we may not actually see Bernard and Rose in person. We’ll also see the face of the four-toed statue, which Michael Emerson believes is Tawaret, goddess of childbirth. And the season finale’s title, “The Incident,” is a clue to the direction the show is moving in. It’ll end with several major characters in jeopardy, until the final season begins in 2010. (TV Guide)

Are there any spoilers for the two-part season ender for Lost? We just can’t wait! Thanks. Sayid’s wife Nadia is back in the finale. Yes, technically she’s his tragically murdered wife, but still: whee! We’ll also be meeting young Kate, young Tom (Mr. Friendly Kate’s friend from Iowa), young Juliet, young Rachel (Juliet’s sister) and young Sawyer, and several of those sightings happen because a pivotal figure in the Island mythology wants to check in on our heroes in their youth, à la Richard Alpert’s test visit (“Which of these are yours?”) to John Locke. Source: Kristin on E!Online

The major-ish Lost death is coming up soooooon. Also, it’s less ish and more major than I first thought. Source: The Ausiello Files

Supposedly Daniel Faraday is the son of Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking. And after Faraday returns to the island via submarine, he goes to talk to Dr. Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle and tells him the truth about the island and Chang’s son, Miles. Daniel tries to convince Chang to evacuate the island. Daniel then ventures to the Others’ camp and tries to talk to his mother, Eloise. But before he gets the chance, she shoots him and he dies. She doesn’t realize until afterwards that he was her son. She finds out from Jack and Kate what Daniel was planning to do, and she swears to carry it through with help from Richard. (ODI)

There will be a bit more “playing of the house” for Juliet and Sawyer — as well as a little kissing — before the action-packed ramp-up to the May 13 season finale. (TV Guide)

Jack is going to only become more unlikable. (TV Guide)

Some Like It Hoth – Airing April 15, 2009

Suspicions about a possible breach intensify after Ben is taken from the infirmary, and a reluctant Miles is forced to work with Hurley when he’s asked to deliver an important package to a top Dharma official. (ABC)

When are Sawyer and Kate getting back together on Lost? No time in season five, but check back for season six. You should like what you see… (P.S. Exec prod Eddy Kitsis says, perhaps jokingly, perhaps not, “Season six is free to be you and me. Do what you feel.”) Source: Kristin on E!Online

My favorite Lost characters have remained Jack, Charlie, Boone and Sayid since the first ep. I’m down by two. So, can you help a sister out: Are Jack and Sayid a sure bet to live through next season? I can’t imagine a Lost series finale without either of them! No promises about a series finale, but neither Jack nor Sayid are the major Lost death happening in season five. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Hey, guys, any word yet on what the code name for the Lost finale’s final scene will be? Yes. It’s not as boring as “The Bagel,” but not as laugh-out-loud silly as “Frozen Donkey Wheel.” This year’s name was chosen from fan submissions, and the winning name is…”The Fork in the Outlet,” according to ABC reps. The actual episode, though, is titled “The Incident.” Sounds like the Losties are going to be messing with the electromagnetic power of the Island, to return to the future or to unleash the metal-shavings monster. (Remember what Michael Emerson told us about Smokey? “I think it all has something to do with metallic dust. I think the smoke monster is connected to that ring of powder that surrounds Jacob’s cabin. They’ve established that there are supermagnetic forces at work on the Island, so what better medium for those forces to work through than through fine filings of metal.”) Source: Kristin on E!Online

Question: Do you have any snippet to share with us about Lost‘s season finale? Ausiello: We will come to learn that the dude who may or may not be playing Jacob bore witness to pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer. Speaking of Lost, I wanna say a few words about Evangeline Lilly’s performance in tonight’s episode: Wow. (Okay, one word.)

Question: Will we ever find out what happened to Rose and Bernard on Lost? Ausiello: I’m hearing we will.

Episode 5.12: Dead Is Dead (Ben-centric)Airdate: April 8, 2009

To atone for sins of the past, Ben must attempt to summon the smoke monster in order to be judged. Guest starring are Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Sonya Walger as Penelope “Penny” Widmore, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Sterling Beaumon as young Ben, Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana, Sad Taghmaoui as Caesar, Melissa Farman as young Danielle Rousseau, Brad William Henke as Bram and Matt Hoffman as Jed. Source: ABC

In order to atone for the awful sins of his past, Ben attempts to summon the Smoke Monster ready to be judged. As he seeks redemption, we learn more about Ben’s terrible actions and meet some faces from the past. His relationship with ‘daughter’ Alex is revealed, as is the story of how he came to steal her from Danielle. But what is the truth behind the enmity between Ben and Charles Widmore – and did he make good on his vow to avenge Alex’s death? Source: What’s On TV

Episode 5.13: Some Like It Hoth (Miles-centric) Airdate: April 15, 2009

Suspicions about a possible breach intensify after Ben is taken from the infirmary, and a reluctant Miles is forced to work with Hurley when he’s asked to deliver an important package to a top Dharma official. Guest starring are Francois Chau as Dr. Pierre Chang, Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit, Doug Hutchison as Horace Goodspeed, Patrick Fischler as Phil, Jon Gries as Roger Linus, Eric Lange as Radzinsky, Leslie Ishii as Lara, Brad William Henke as Bram, Dean Norris as Howard Gray, Tim DeZarn as Trevor, Lance Ho as young Miles and Linda Rose Herman as Evelyn. “Some Like It Hoth” was written by Melinda Hsu Taylor & Greggory Nations and directed by Jack Bender. Source: ABC

Special: The Story of the Oceanic 6 Airdate: April 22, 2009

ABC once again invites new and avid “Lost” viewers to take another look at one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed shows. “Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6” will explore the series in a way that will bring new viewers up to date — but which current viewers will also find illuminating in discovering what happened to the Oceanic 6 and the remaining island survivors during the three years after Ben moved the island. Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Claire’s son Aaron otherwise known as the Oceanic 6 were rescued and tried to pick up the pieces of the lives they knew before the crash and to perpetuate the lie concocted to hide the truth about what really happened. But Jack and Ben had to convince all of them to return to the island in order to save those left behind. Although they eventually did go back sans Aaron — what could possibly have been the motivating factors for each, and exactly how and when — did they return? As for those left behind on the island, violent shifts through time were wreaking havoc on their lives. Discover how Locke’s leaving the island under the guise of Jeremy Bentham may have helped end the time rifts, and what led to his eventual death in the outside world. Source: ABC

Episode 5.14: The Variable (Faraday-centric) (100th episode) Airdate: April 29, 2009

Please, any hints for this week’s episode of Lost? Can I expect something between Sawyer and Kate? All we can say is that after you see the finale, you’ll understand why season five of Lost has not handed you Sawyer and Kate on a plate. Source: Kristin on E!Online

[Yes, Faraday is the son of Widmore & Eloise. Faraday arrives back to the island by sub. He tries to get Chang to evacuate the island by telling him the truth about the island and Miles. He ventures into the Other’s camp to talk to his mother who shoots and kills him prior to talking to him. Eloise is not portrayed as a villain because she doesn’t know (at the time she kills Faraday) he’s her son. She learns of his plans through Jack and Kate, and tries to see them through with the help of Richard.] Source: Lost Spoilers

On the 100th episode milestone for the series, the time of reckoning has begun when Daniel Faraday comes clean regarding what he knows about the island. Guest starring are Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Sonya Walger as Penelope “Penny” Widmore, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, Francois Chau as Dr. Pierre Chang, Fionnula Flanagan as Eloise Hawking, Patrick Fischler as Phil, Eric Lange as Radzinsky, Sarah Farooqui as Theresa, Alice Evans as younger Eloise Hawking, Wendy Pearson as E.R. doctor, Todd Coolidge as paramedic, Peggy Anne Siegmund as caretaker, Jennifer Sojot as E.R. nurse, Spencer Allyn as young Daniel Faraday, Michael Dempsey as foreman, Maya Henssens as young girl, Ariston Green as workman, Marvin DeFreitas as young Charlie and Brad Berryhill as anxious guy. Source: ABC

Preview of ‘Lost’ 5.14: Faraday Comes Clean About the Island

While bullets are flying and explosions occur, Daniel Faraday will reveal what he knows about the island, all new in ‘Lost’.

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Preview of 'Lost' 5.14: Faraday Comes Clean About the Island

See larger image

The time has come to unleash some shots in ““. The time of reckoning begins as Daniel Faraday comes clean regarding what he knows about the island. In the preview, Jack and Radzinky are seen firing arms at each other. Taking a two-weeks break, the April 29 episode will mark the series’ 100th episode milestone. The island survivors take sides, some will leave the place and some stay to fight. Most of the filming took place at a mechanic’s area of Othersville, involving Kate, Jack, Daniel as well as some new Dharma members Casey and Emer. According to some leaked scoops, the episode also follows further adventures by Desmond and Daniel that will lead to why Desmond left the army. There will also be an explanation of why Daniel’s notebook stated “Desmond is my Constant”.

Clips From ‘Lost’ 5.14: Evacuation Requested

In the 100th episode of ‘Lost’, Daniel Faraday comes clean about what he knows and asks Dr. Chang to bring people out of the island.

Clips From 'Lost' 5.14: Evacuation Requested
See larger image While taking a one week break, “” has given a sneak peek to the Wednesday, April 29 episode titled “The Variable” through three clips. One of them sees Daniel requesting the evacuation of women and children off the island. The first clips shows Sawyer telling Juliet to confide in him but she doubts him. The second clips sees Daniel frantically coming into Jack’s room to ask him about how Jack gets back to the island. Jack in fact, if according to Daniel’s theory, was not supposed to return there in 1977. Third one sees Daniel telling Dr. Chang to evacuate people immediately out of the island, a move which will be in contrary to the history of the island. Being the 100th episode, “The Variable” is a Daniel-centric episode where he comes clean regarding what he knows about the island.

Episode 5.15: Follow The Leader (Richard-centric) Airdate: May 6, 2009

Jack and Kate find themselves at odds over the direction to take to save their fellow island survivors, Locke further solidifies his stance as leader of “The Others,” and Sawyer and Juliet come under scrutiny from the Dharma Initiative. Guest starring are Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Francois Chau as Dr. Pierre Chang, Doug Hutchison as Horace Goodspeed, Patrick Fischler as Phil, Eric Lange as Radzinsky, David S. Lee as younger Charles Widmore, Alice Evans as younger Eloise Hawking, Leslie Ishii as Lara, Sebastian Siegel as Erik, Kevin Chapman as Mitch, Elisabeth Blake as Vanessa, William Makozak as Captain Bird, Victoria Goring as mother and Maya Henssens as young girl. Source: ABC

Captain Bird: Any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Professional, military background, intelligent and able. Concerned about the safety of his ship’s crew. This role will be in episode 5.15 and in one episode of the finale. Source: Lost Spoilers

Preview of ‘Lost’ 5.15: Follow the Leader

Jack finds out that if they had followed the journal, they would have landed in Los Angeles instead of crashing on the island, all new on ‘Lost’.

Preview of 'Lost' 5.15: Follow the LeaderSource: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image With two episodes left in the season, “” brings an arc story where survivors are trying to cheat the past in order to get out of the island and spare their mystery. Jack and Kate find themselves at odds over the direction to take to save their fellow island survivors. Locke further solidifies his stance as leader of “The Others”. Sawyer and Juliet come under scrutiny from the Dharma Initiative. Titled “Follow the Leader”, this episode airs May 6. The next week on May 13, “Lost” will have a two-part season finale. Someone will revisit the past to meet the characters’ youth. Also, according to E! Online’s spoiler scoop, there will be the re-appearance of Sayid’s tragically murdered wife, Nadia.

Episodes 5.16 and 5.17: The Incident (season finale, parts 1 and 2) Airdate: May 13, 2009 from 9 to 11 p.m.

We will be seeing a 3rd Eloise Hawking. This time played by Alice Evans who will between the ages of the young and old Ellie. The Wedding scene is definitely that of Sun and Jin as has previously been reported and NOT that of Aaron and JiYeon that has been speculated on some sites. Jacob will be in attendance for the ceremony. Source: Lost Spoilers

According to Crissy and Kanahina, on location now, they’re recreating an L.A. street scene. A woman is lying in the road. Sayid comes to her aide. Considering recent reveals about someone visiting both Locke and Sawyer at pivotal moments in their history, and possibly Sun and Jin at their wedding, I suspect the same is happening here. Could this be Nadia’s assassination? Source: The Transmission

We will have a Charlie’s-death-level emotional reaction to the character death at the end of season-there will be wailing, rending of garments and general grief. The writers probably had plenty of doubts about whether or not it was really a good idea to kill this particular character. […] Charlie Pace and the major character that dies this season are polar opposites in at least one key physical attribute. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Fact: Dexter alum Mark Pellegrino (he played Rita’s abusive ex) has been cast on Lost in a pivotal role, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively. Unconfirmed scuttlebutt: He’s playing Jacob in an off-island, circa-’70s flashback involving some very familiar faces! Fact: He turns up in the season finale. Unconfirmed scuttlebutt: One of those familiar faces is *a****! […] We will come to learn that the dude who may or may not be playing Jacob bore witness to pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer. […] An ABC insider confirms that Lost will begin filming a wedding ceremony later today that is slated to air during the show’s two-hour finale on May 13. Who’s getting hitched? Here are a pair of clues: Actors of Asian-American descent are being sought to play extras, and the wedding will take place on the mainland, not the island. That pretty much rules out Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Juliet. “One theory is that it’s a flashback to Sun and Jin’s wedding,” whispers a Lost insider. “But the wild rumor is that Sun and Jin’s daughter will marry Aaron in the future.” Source: The Ausiello Files

I saw them shooting a scene for (confirmed by crew member) the season 5 finale on Kalakaua Ave. Mark Pellegrino was reading a book on a bench outside a building when BAM!! Locke falls eight stories out of the window and lands behind him. While people cry out for help and to call 911, Pellegrino (Young Jacob?!) calmly puts a bookmark in his book and casually walks over to Locke’s body in the grass and kneels down next to him. I wasn’t sure who the guy was on the bench but after seeing his picture on the site, it was DEFINITELY Pellegrino. Terry O’Quinn was laying on the ground for a good amount of time with bloodied make-up and fake glass on/around him (I even went back and found some fake glass later!). […] Rose, Bernard and Vincent will all be appearing in the finale. Source: Lost Spoiler

New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Previews “Thrilled to Death” & Season 5, Melinda’s Baby, the Watchers & Book of Changes, Melinda & Jim Getting Married Again!

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.23 – The Book of Changes – Press Release


“The Book of Changes” – Melinda worries for her unborn child when she experiences a visit from a ghost, on the fourth season finale of GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, May 15 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad
Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim
Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy
Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders

Gordon Bradey………………. Graham McTavish
Zoe…………………………………… Jaclyn Desantis
Jeremy Bishop………………………. Jason Brooks
Carl The Watcher………………… David Clennon
Faceless Child………………………….. Hailey Sole
Thief…………………………. Timothy Lee Depriest
Josh Bedford……………………….. Bruce Davison
Nurse………………………….. Wendy Washington
Det. Sam Blair……………………….. Ion Overman
Minister…………………………… Alfonso Freeman

WRITTEN BY: Executive Producer John Gray
DIRECTED BY: Executive Producer John Gray

Source: CBS

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.22 – Endless Love – Press Release


“Endless Love” – Melinda prepares for her wedding and helps a girl who believes she is being lured by vampires, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, May 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad

Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim

Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy

Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders


Sam Lucas……………………….. Kenneth Mitchell

Serena Westen………………………… Alexa Vega

Jenn Westen………………………….. Gail O’Grady

Dale Westen………………………. Erich Anderson

Andrew Carlin……………………….. Jake Thomas

Jonathan…………………………….. Andrew James

Locksmith……………………………….. Frank Crim

Zoe…………………………………… Jaclyn Desantis

Waitress…………………………………… Becky Wu

WRITTEN BY: Executive Producer P.K. Simonds

DIRECTED BY: Executive Producer Ian Sander

Source: CBS

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.21 – Cursed – Press Release


“Cursed” – Melinda grows fond of a girl’s dollhouse that appears to be full of ghosts in need, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, May 1 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad

Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim

Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy

Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders


Sam Lucas……………………….. Kenneth Mitchell

Drew Stanton………………… Dracy Rose Byrnes

Emma Silber…………………………. Michelle Page

Waitress…………………………….. Puja Mohindra

Lucy Stanton………………………. Bellamy Young

Mother Ghost (AKA Holly Silber)………….. Mary Chris Wall

Father Ghost (AKA Jeffrey Silber)………….. J.C. Mackenzie

Zoe…………………………………… Jaclyn Desantis

Boy Ghost (AKA Jason Silber)………… Eyad Kurd-Misto

WRITTEN BY: Laurie McCarthy

DIRECTED BY: Executive Producer Kim Moses

Source: CBS

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.21 – Cursed – Promotional Photos

Source: Copyright CBS

2.23 Book of Changes (Season finale) – Airing May 2009

Melinda’s dreams and visions about her baby tie in with a mysterious “Book of Changes” that everyone wants to get their hands on. Jeremy Bishop: In his mid 30s, good-looking, tall, and mysterious, he meets with Zoe to discuss a special collection of books that are being sold to support the university. His interest in the tomes is sinister, and he can turn from pleasant and charming to ice-cold in an instant. (SpoilerTV)

Season 5 Spoilers!!!

Ghostly whispers about next season (yes, next!), include: Dr. Jim (?!), a certain baby’s special gifts, the “Book of Changes” and a possible Grandview space-time continuum!

Are we going to see more of the Watchers on Ghost Whisperer?

Ghost Whisperer show runner P.K. Simonds says we will “definitely” see more Watchers and begin to learn about how the “very important” Book of Changes relates to their abilities: “Over the very, very long span of time that they’ve been watching, [the Watchers] have observed that history tends to repeat itself. That gives them a certain ability to make a pretty good educated guess about what the future is. They are able to know something about what’s taking shape, let’s say, in a character’s womb. And yes, it’s possible to know certain things about the gift that might be growing.”

Do you have any inside info about Ghost Whisperer?

Show runner P.K. Simonds broke the news to us that Melinda is preggers with Jim’s baby, but that’s not all he had to say about Ghost Whisperer‘s newest castmember: It’s a “very special baby with an important role to play,” who will inherit unique abilities from Melinda. But Melinda’s “new, young apprentice,” says Simonds, also possesses “other kinds of gifts that we haven’t explored on the show yet.”

So great that Jim remembered himself on Ghost Whisperer, but what’s next? Do they still have two guys playing one character?

According to Ghost Whisperer show runner P.K. Simonds, “We might catch a couple of glimpses” of Kenneth Mitchell, the actor who plays Sam, during the remainder of the season, but that’s it. And we’ll see David Conrad as Jim, but everyone on the show still perceives him as Sam. “He can’t resume [his Jim life] exactly, because Sam Lucas doesn’t have a license to practice emergency medicine, but obstacles are also opportunities. He finds a new direction that actually allows him to go after a specific dream he’s always had.” Like, say, Jim’s dream of medical school? Looks like Grandview residents might eventually enjoy Jim’s bedside manner via Dr. Sam Lucas… Source: Kristin on E!Online

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.20 – Stage Fright – Press Release


Thad Luckinbill (“Young and The Restless,”) Amelia Heinle (“Young and The Restless,”) Lesli Kay (“Bold & the Beautiful”) and Kellie Martin (“Life Goes On”) Guest Star

“Stage Fright” – A soap opera “remote” shoot descends on Grandview, turning the town upside down and Melinda unearths a story as soapy as the show it’s disrupting. Also, a miraculous turn in Melinda’s life changes everything for her and Jim, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, April 24 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad

Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim

Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy

Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders


Cally O’Keefe………………………… Kellie Martin

Duff Faraday………………………… Patrick Breen

Grant Harper (Dr. Troy Holdon)……………. Thad Luckingbill

Suzanne Zale (Celeste Barrington)…………………… Lesli Kay

Miles Maitland………………………. Johnny Pacar

Janet…………………………………… Ursula Burton

Brook Dennis……………………….. Amelia Heinle

Uniformed Cop…………………… Teddy Lane Jr.

Sound Guy……………………….. David Carpenter

PA………………………………………. Kevin Covias

Camera Grip………………………. Jeremy Roberts

Doctor……………………………………. Fay Hauser

WRITTEN BY: Mark B. Perry

DIRECTED BY: Eric Laneuville

Source: CBS

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.19 – Thrilled to Death – Press Release


Hilary Duff (“Lizzie McGuire”) Guest Stars as a Beautiful Woman of Mystery

“Thrilled to Death” – Melinda and Eli help a ghost settle his unfinished business with a mysterious young woman who may be involved in the death of a man, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, April 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad

Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim

Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy

Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders


Sam Lucas……………………….. Kenneth Mitchell

Morgan Jefferies……………………….. Hilary Duff

Rick Hartman………………………. Currie Graham

Jack Pimsler…………………… Kieren Hutchinson

Bobby Tooch……………………. Dariush Kashani

Mrs. Blakelock………………………. Susan Ruttan

Counselor………………………………. Tom Wright

Wife…………………………………… Debi Gutierrez

WRITTEN BY: Laurie McCarthy & Jeannine Renshaw

DIRECTED BY: Gloria Muzio

Source: CBS

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.19 – Thrilled to Death – Promotional Photos

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Prom Set Photos!!!

Gossip Girl – Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Set Photos – 1st April

Source: Source 1 | Source: Source 2

Gossip Girl – Some more Set Photos — The Prom

Gossip Girl – Set Photos March 31st

Gossip Girl – New Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Set Photos 31st March

Source: GG Media

Gossip Girl – Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Set Photos

Gossip Girl – Leighton Meester on Set – March 27th

New Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena’s Married in ‘Seder Everything’? Plus The Future of Chuck/Blair/Nate!

Exclusive: ‘Gossip Girl’s’ Stephanie Savage gives the Chuck-Blair-Nate goods

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester

It’s the moment so many of you have been waiting for, begging for, blogging for, bitching for…All “Gossip Girl” die hards are well aware that we’re hanging on the precipice of graduation and meeting Dan and Serena’s half sibling and of course the “Gossip Girl” spin off. And we will get to all that in due time. But I think I’d be risking an internet lynching if I didn’t deliver the big news right now. What’s the deal with the Chuck-Blair-Nate triangle? Will it be but a blip in the total “Gossip Girl” time line as I promised weeks ago. Well, yes. The short answer is yes. I spoke with executive producer Stephanie Savage on Friday, as many of you already know, and what I took from our talk is, though this Blair-Nate pairing won’t go away next week, and you will have to live with it for a time, the two are not exchanging rings.

“We are definitely out there [online], kind of listening to what people are saying. We are very aware there is a lot of interest in having the Chuck and Blair story come to fruition… and that’s what we’re thinking about right now,” Savage told me. And what exactly does “right now” mean? Well, “GG” season two has already wrapped and when I asked Stephanie to clarify, she did say Chuck-Blair would be a top priority for season three… and as long as the writers manage to drum up the same heat that Chuck and Blair had in the backseat of that limo when they begin writing for fall, I’d say the show is on track.

But does that mean Blair and Nate — What are we calling them now? Nair? ‘Cause they stink? — will be a big part of year two’s five remaining episodes? Sounds like it. “They have a little run,” Savage revealed. “I don’t want people to not be invested in that story because I think that when the Nate and Blair story finally ends, people will understand that it was necessary growth for both of the characters. They come out in a different place.”

So the lady’s got a plan, you guys. It’s all going to work out and, actually, she can even explain the reasoning behind this Nate and Blair reunion and why it makes sense right now: “It felt like, given the history that they had — when we met Blair, her whole story for the first half of the first season was very much about them feeling like they were destined to be together — it is very realistic. Especially since Blair has been feeling insecure lately — she’s found out that she’s not getting into Yale, her life isn’t going to end up like she thought it would and she’s kind of off the path she’d planned — Nate offers security, familiarity, and just kind of that nostalgia for that vision of herself that she had as a young girl, wanting to see that come to fruition as high school culminates. This is your high school boyfriend, this is who you always dreamed about finishing high school with. And when that dream presents itself, it’s going to be pretty appealing.”

Makes sense to me. But for those still worried the show is simply stalling on Chuck and Blair and that “Gossip Girl” will forever avoid a relationship between the two till we hit the series finale, there is more promising news.

When I asked Stephanie whether or not a Chuck-Blair pairing could work without tanking the drama, she seemed pretty confident that it would: “We think we had good success on [our first series] “The O.C.”, for example, with the Seth and Summer storyline, where they were really together as a couple for the vast majority of the show. We told stories where they were having issues and they were having obstacles, but in the context of them as a couple. So it’s not necessarily the case that once a couple comes together, they stop being interesting or stop being able to generate story.” Satisfied? This is all good, no?

And in the meantime, as Chuck has to wait out the whole my-best-friend-is-banging-my-girl storyline, the Vanessa thing will continue for a bit. But Savage explained that it certainly won’t have the same resonance as the Blair-Nate situation. And yes, I know some of you are disgusted by the temporary coupling of Chunessa, but come on, don’t you think it’s even just a little hot? They come from two completely different worlds and perspectives, they despise each other, and yet they’re finding comfort in one another while on common ground for the first time. You can at least agree that this is better than Chuck Basshole chasing after some stupid secret nanny prostitute or whatever that whole thing was, right?

Also, Stephanie told me she and her writing staff have not forgotten the fact that Nate and Chuck are supposed to be loyal to each other, given their longstanding friendship. Apparently the two boys have a very sweet story which will play out at the end of the season as they “kind of figure out the Blair of it all.” That’s a direct quote.

As for the whole Uncle Jack Bass-Blair of it all, the ball was not dropped on that storyline after all and will, in fact, come to full blossom in “Gossip Girl”‘s season finale. What happened — and as Stephanie told me, this is some good behind the scenes scoop — is the writers had originally planned for the big “what went down with Jack & Blair on New Years” reveal to play out in an episode earlier this year. The scene with Chuck finding out was even shot and partially shown in a preview for that episode. But when the producers watched the cut of it, they just felt like it wasn’t dealt with properly. It seemed as though an important piece of drama was being rushed through, so they ultimately decided to hold that information back and get a bigger story out of it at the end of the year. Mystery solved. So, thoughts?

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.21 – Seder Anything – Synopsis

SERENA RETURNS FROM SPAIN — Serena (Blake Lively) returns from her trip to Spain with Poppy (guest star Tamara Feldman) and Gabriel (guest star Armie Hammer). Blair (Leighton Meester) makes a secret deal with Nate’s (Chace Crawford) grandfather, William (guest star James Naughton), and Nate learns some disturbing information about his father’s arrest. Dan (Penn Badgley) takes a job as a cater-waiter to earn money for college, but is distressed when he discovers the gig is a Passover seder at the Waldorf penthouse and several of his friends and family are guests. Taylor Momsen, Ed Westwick, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. John Stephens directed the episode written by Amanda Lasher (#221). Source: CW

Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, Armie Hammer

Zarina in Connecticut: On Gossip Girl, Serena got married to Gabriel? OMG!
Darn you, promo monkeys! Always with the misdirection! But we can save our OMGs on this one, because Serena did not get married for reals.

When does Georgina return to Gossip Girl?

Georgina returns April 27 and sticks around for the last four episodes of the season (the finale is on May 18). Georgina may have become a good Christian girl, but Michelle Trachtenberg teases that she’s still causing her fair share of trouble, “Her last name is Sparks, so sparks will fly.” Michelle adds that she is “causing quite a stir, as Georgina does,” before the end of the season. Why kind of stir? Well, sources whisper that Blair had better beware. (Eeee!) Source: Kristin on E!Online

The season finale will have multiple cliffhangers, one of which may include an appearance by Rufus and Lily’s presumed dead love child. (Michael Ausiello)

Gossip Girl – Upcoming Episode Titles

Season 2, Episode 23: Lovechild
Season 2, Episode 24: Eyes Wide Open
Season 2, Episode 25: The Curious Case of Bart Bass

Gossip Girl – Ed Westwick Talks Season Finale

Ed Westwick is almost as crafty as the sly cad he plays on “Gossip Girl.” So, getting any kind of scoop from the British actor about the fictional life he leads as Chuck Bass on the CW drama is a nearly impossible task.

“Well, you know, we like to keep our audience on their toes,” he told MTV News about the current bed-hopping ways of the show’s New York City teens. “We just shot the finale for the season, and there’s an interesting conclusion. A happy one, I hope everyone will think.”

Westwick, who is currently dating co-star Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) in real life, also wouldn’t say whether Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester) will eventually rekindle their flame.

“I can’t reveal these kinds of things,” he said, advising fans, “Watch! Watch. You have to watch!”

Although he knows how his own character will finish out the season, Westwick is apparently still in the dark about the soapy details of with Lily and Rufus’ presumed-dead secret lovechild. “I don’t know what’s going on,” he said, before warning us, “I’m not revealing anything, you know. You’re not gonna get me.”

Westwick was more open to talking about his ink, especially the “Heartbreak Hotel” tattoo that has captivated fans’ interest after he showed it off in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. “Elvis Presley,” he said of the inspiration for it. “That’s one of my old ones. Would have thought you would have mentioned one of the new ones. You’ll have to wait and see [them] when my shirt comes off in a photo shoot.”

Source: MTV

‘Gossip Girl’s’ Nate & Switch…

There’s no new “Gossip Girl” this coming Monday, but this should help satiate your Upper East side appetite. Makes boring Nate look kind of not boring at all, no?

New ‘Gossip Girl’ Guide: ‘Nate and Switch’

on which girls Nate has been kissing in past.While having a story of Nate-Blair-Chuck, ‘Gossip Girl’ give an insight

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A new edition of Gossip Guide for “” has been released. Called “Nate and Switch”, the speak of the week is the adventurous love life of Nate Archibald who has been with almost all the girls in the series. In the first season, Nate started out as the boyfriend of Blair but had an affair with Serena. Post separated from Blair, Nate met Vanessa and dated her. In the second season, a twist of fate also brought Nate to Jenny’s arm and it caused a love triangle between them and Vanessa.
In the up and coming episodes, Nate will be fighting for his chance to get back to Blair since he knows that Chuck is also taking her heart. The synopsis for the April 20 episode is “When Blair and Chuck team together to expose Serena’s new beau, Nate sees a bond between them and tries to compete with Chuck by asking Blair to move in with him, which causes rivalry between the two and starts a game of ‘Who Will Win The Waldorf’ with unexpected results.”

Gossip Girl 2.21 “Seder Anything”

Preview of ‘Gossip Girl’ 2.21: Serena Elopes

Looks like Serena is having trouble that requires the intervention of the law in the next ‘Gossip Girl’.

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Serena might be in for the hugest mistake in her life. During a crazy night out, she said “si” to her new beau, which means that a marriage was happening. Also in the upcoming episode of ““, Blair and Chuck team together to expose Serena’s new boyfriend. The bond between Blair and Chuck prompts Nate to ask Blair to move in with him, a competition that would soon expand to a game of “Who will win the Waldorf?” that ends with unexpected result. The catty Georgina Sparks and Aaron Rose’s father Cyrus are back. About her come back to the Upper East Side, who plays Georgina, said previously, “I think there are definitely evil elements that Georgina can never leave behind, but you will be seeing a different, let’s say reformed, side of Georgina.” Meanwhile, in a previous casting report Armie Hammer has been cast to be the new love interest of Serena named Gabriel Serrano. This would be the kind of man that she never dated before, a European gentleman. However, Gabriel has met Serena’s friend Poppy Lifton first before her. The character will stay at least for three episodes.

Gossip Girl – Official 221 Promo (#2 . Extended : No Tradition Is Sacred)

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.21 – Seder Anything – Promotional Photos

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New 90210 Spoilers: 1.18 ‘Off The Rails’ & Season Finale Scoop!

4/7 New ‘Off The Rails’

90210On a very special 90210, Ryan attempts to calm Silver down after reactions to her video, but she disappears before he can help. Dixon reveals the situation to Debbie and Harry, who are shocked at the details and confront him about not seeking their help sooner about Silver’s behavior. Kelly and Ryan search the streets and show up at Jackie’s (guest star Ann Gillespie) home looking for Silver, but the visit proves pointless when harsh words are exchanged. Adrianna is unsure how to care for a child, but when she and Navid offer to babysit for Kelly, the two prove to be better at the situation than they thought. Kelly and Silver’s friends fear the worst and search for her, not knowing where she is or what is causing her emotional behavior.

‘90210’ returns Tuesday with departure rumors, a Dylan imposter & a couple dying relationships

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

90210” finally returns tonight after a seven week break and since the West Bev population has been MIA for so long, I figured we should talk about what’s coming up. Your questions, my answers…

Korbi, Is it true about Ethan leaving “90210”?
Though the network and studio aren’t confirming anything, it seems Dustin Milligan will indeed be stripped of his series regular status come next season. I recently spoke with him on set and he said that Ethan’s sort of searching right now, becoming more introspective. I got the feeling that Ethan’s quest for meaning may be what ultimately takes him out of the picture. Perhaps Beverly Hills isn’t the best place to grow and gain character?

I don’t understand why Dustin Milligan would want to leave “90210” now. Does he have another show lined up?
I don’t think leaving the show was really Dustin’s decision. Word is, he was not thrilled to get his walking papers from new exec producer Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair.

Are Annie and Ethan done now?
Not yet. They start tonight’s episode as a couple… that’s not really talking. But by the end of the hour, Annie will be laying on the hood of a car up at make out point with some other dude.

So this kid Liam is supposed to be the new Dylan McKay? I don’t see it. Dylan is Dylan. The guy would have to be pretty special to be compared to the great McKay
Shenae Grimes (Annie), who is the only regular cast member that knows the original “90210” well, was skeptical about this Liam is the new Dylan business too. She told me she wasn’t buying it at first, but after seeing Matt Lanter work, she changed her mind. Me? After seeing this evening’s hour, I’m still not convinced, but I’ll give it some time. He doesn’t have to be Dylan reincarnated, I just need him to be interesting, worthy of our attention, you know?

I remember you saying that Liam is going to have relationships with both Naomi and Annie. Is that still the plan?
Naomi will fall hard for this dude right from the start. And though he completely blows her off tonight and doesn’t seem at all interested, she will win him over. I think he may even be taking her to the prom in May. His relationship with Annie, however, will build slowly. Shenae said Liam sort of challenges Annie. He doesn’t believe that she’s really as nice and sweet as she tries to come off. I guess he antagonizes her a bit and it sounds like the whole dynamic just reeks of sexual tension.

Korbi, Can you just tell us which long running “90210” couple will break up for good by next season? It’s gotta be Silver and Dixon, but not knowing for sure is driving me crazy.
All I can say is Silver and Dixon are definitely in for more difficult times. As I first told you back in January, Silver is about to suffer a mental breakdown and her issues with Dixon will set off a major episode tonight. I’ll speak plainly, the girl done lost her mind.

Any news on my favorite “90210” character Navid?
I don’t think he appears in this evening’s new episode, actually. If he does, it’s briefly. But he’ll be back in a big way soon, don’t worry. Like I said before, he and Adrianna are not done.

Preview of ‘90210’ 1.18: Silver Losing Her Mind

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
In ‘90210’ episode ‘Off the Rails’, Kelly sets out on a search for Silver who goes out of town with unstable mind.

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Things are spiraling down further for Silver whose sex tape with Dixon is getting out of control. In the April 7 episode of ““, Silver is losing her mind as Dixon creates a strain within their relationship. Thus she travels to Kansas in order to learn who she really was. However, the trip is alluded with her fragile mental instability that gets her involved in a difficult situation. According to a scoop by E! Online, Silver’s bipolarity will erupt in a train station and Kelly is forced to go on her own trip to find her. Meanwhile, Kelly once again faces her troubled mother Jackie. Ann Gillespie guest stars as her role in the original series, Jackie Taylor. is back behind the lens for the episode which is called “Off the Rails”.

So I watched “90210” last night, I thought it was alright. When will
Dustin Milligan’s last episode be?
Dustin will at least stick around till the show breaks for summer. When I spoke with him on set a couple weeks ago, he was filming the second to last hour of the season (prom night, he was all monkey-suited up). He told me that next Tuesday’s episode — which Jason Priestley directed — picks up right where last night left off with Ethan and Annie breaking up on that make out cliff or whatever you want to call it. Apparently it’s going to be a crazy dramatic hour that takes place after dark as Silver continues to melt down and everyone goes in search of her. Oh, and p.s., Jackie Taylor (Ann Gillespie) is back. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Hey Korbi, is it true that Ethan starts to fall for Silver by the season finale?

That’s what I’m hearing. I guess he’s going to develop quite a thing for her before he goes and his feelings are not lost on Dixon. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

First look ‘90210’ photos of Donna (Tori Spelling) and Diablo

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Our girl Donna (Tori Spelling) isn’t returning to “90210” until April 14, but we know what her first episode is about and have the pictures to prove it.


In “Okaeri, Donna!” Ms. Martin will return from a sojourn in Japan and head straight for Kelly and Silver’s house.

What I’ve heard is that Donna’s excuse to come back is Silver’s hospitalization for bipolar disorder. Word has it that she returns without David because he’s stuck in Japan, his work is there, he wants to stay there … but Donna is unhappy and wants to move back home. She contemplates opening a store in Beverly Hills, but would that exacerbate their marriage issues … ?


Meanwhile, the new West Beverly kids go on Spring Break. Annie and Dixon take a road trip while Ethan, Liam and Naomi volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Then, as if she didn’t have enough of the real thing during her travels, Kelly and Donna hit a sushi restaurant where writer and self-confessed “Beverly Hills, 90210” fan Diablo Cody (guest starring as herself) will convince Donna to design her a dress for an upcoming Hollywood shindig.


What do you think? Can Donna Martin cure what ails “90210”? Are you more or less excited to see her than Kelly and Brenda? Can things be the same without David Silver being present?

‘90210’ shocker: Leading man Milligan to exit

by Michael Ausiello

Dustinmilligan_l90210‘s new boss lady, Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair, recently told me that the soap’s second season would be “significantly” different than the first, and, man, she wasn’t kidding.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Dustin Milligan, who plays affable jock (and one half of 90210‘s central super couple) Ethan, won’t be returning to the show in the fall — at least not full time.

Reps for The CW and producer Paramount declined comment, but a 90210 insider confirms that Milligan’s contract option is not being picked up for next season. The source adds that the door is being left open for the actor to briefly appear in the fall to wrap up Ethan’s story.

All indications are that Milligan’s exit was strictly a creative decision. “Everyone loves Dustin,” maintains the insider. “There was just a feeling that the character had run its course.” (Curiously, the news comes just days after Milligan’s newbie co-star, Matt Lanter — a.k.a. bad boy Liam — confirmed that he was being promoted to a series regular next season.)

The departure of one the show’s most high profile leading men is the clearest indication yet that Sinclair’s ongoing reboot of the reboot will be anything but minor. Viewers will get their first taste of the Gilmore Girl alum’s new vision when 90210 returns from its winter hiatus this Tuesday with a hilariously campy outing that features the primetime soap trifecta: stalkers, street-racing, and scenery-chewing!

Looking ahead to season 2, Sinclair said last month that she wants to “reconceive things visually. There are opportunities to embrace California culture visually in terms of fashion and style; I want it to be more contemporary.

“If Gossip Girl is about youth in New York,” she elaborated, “I want to [make 90210] about youth in L.A. and Beverly Hills.”

The writer-producer also plans to rely less on 90210 vets such as Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, and Tori Spelling to boost ratings. “The show tried to be a lot of things to a lot of people in its first season,” she conceded. “I think the center lies with the generation of kids that are in high school now. I’m not interested in casting people for stunt value.”

Sinclair, who replaces original show-runners Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs, said the show will benefit from having a singular vision. “The advantage of having one person — me — [in charge] is that scripts, what happens on the set, casting… it all speaks in one voice.”

Thoughts on Sinclair’s new 90210? Waiting to pass judgment until you see this season’s remaining episodes? Is the loss of cute-but-boring Ethan a step in the right or wrong direction? Sound off below!

New One Tree Hill Spoilers: Peyton’s Car Accident

4/20 New ‘I Would For You’

When Peyton’s pregnancy is threatened, Lucas struggles to pick up the pieces. Victoria (guest star Daphne Zuniga) returns to lure Brooke back to Clothes Over Bro’s. Haley and Nathan clash over the decision to pull Jamie from his school. Mouth tries to mend fences with Millicent.

Question: Desperately need some scoop on One Tree Hill. Are Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray returning next season?
They’re negotiating new deals now. Everything you’ve been hearing, reading, and seeing about how Warner Bros. and the CW don’t want them back is bunk, so don’t fall for it.

A baby will be born on the One Tree Hill finale, but whether baby and/or Peyton survive is another question. (Watch With Kristin)

One Tree Hill 6.20 Promo “I Would for You” {Returns April 20th, 2009 ~ ONLY 5 more episodes left!!!}

‘One Tree Hill’ Preview: Pregnant Peyton Bleeding

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Nick Lachey, tragedy in Peyton’s pregnancy and a shocking secret.‘One Tree Hill’ will take two-weeks worth of break but will be back with

See larger image

” will not return for another two weeks, but a long promo has been given to highlight on the remaining five episodes. “I Would for You”, the episode that airs April 20 meanwhile, is not yet given an official synopsis. Among the things happening to the Tree Hill residents are Brooke discovering a secret of Samantha, Mia meeting , Hayley making out with Nathan, and pregnant Peyton involved in a car accident and bleeding. It was revealed that Nick’s cameo will be aired on April 27 and rumor has it creator Mark Schwan has asked the singer to stick around for en extra week and he had agreed. With 5 more episodes left, the fate of and in the show is still blurry. One source from the set said that although both actors have given cryptic message to their fans regarding their leave, producers are letting things come out that way since there has been no script developed for their characters yet.

New Supernatural Spoilers: Season Finale Clue & Meet the New Winchester Brother!

Sam learns in the season finale that ******i** ******* is the ***** **** that has ** ** ****** ****** ******* can ***e.

First Look at Third Winchester Brother in ‘Supernatural’ 4.19 Preview

Adam reveals to Sam and Dean that he is John’s son but he takes a sharp left turn when he transforms into something horrible, all new in ‘Supernatural’. See larger image” will take a two-week break and a promo for the April 23 episode is available. Called “Jump the Shark”, this would be the episode where a third Winchester brother is introduced. Played by Jake Abel, the character is named Adam Milligan and he is conceived while John Winchester set out on his hunting adventure and met Kate Mullany. In the episode, Adam’s life is changed after he transitions to be a monster. Creator Eric Kripke explained the addition of the third brother to TV Guide, “When we were breaking the story about the third Winchester brother, we knew the fans would scream that we had jumped the shark. Of course, adding a new sibling or relative to an established series is a classic and cherished shark jump, Cousin Oliver being the patron saint of the practice (Brady Bunch).” He continued, “For fans who are worried that we are truly jumping the shark… watch the episode, decide for yourself. Personally, I don’t think we’re gassing up the motorcycle quite yet, but you tell me.”

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