Ghost Whisperer Recap: “Thrilled to Death”

‘Ghost Whisperer’: The First Rule of Cancer Support Group…

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Previously on “Ghost Whisperer,” Jim came back to Melinda via a rebirth from the sewer. He now doesn’t really remember anything since the gunshot.

The Mystery of the Week this week revolves around Hillary Duff. She plays a woman named Morgan who is being haunted by a creepy dude named Rick Hartman. He was a pencil-pushing neat-freak who found out he was dying and went all last-day-on-Earth crazy, complete with Bucket List. He died sky-diving in Mexico. The last item on the list? Morgan. Just “Morgan.” As in “to do?” But Morgan doesn’t have any idea who the guy is.

However, it turns out Morgan and Rick were going to a Cancer Support Group together. It’s how they met. Just like Tyler Durden and Marla Singer. Hmmm. Rick’s ghost is back and mad because Morgan isn’t doing anything to save her life. I smell a rat, guys. Eli and Melinda talk to her but Morgan says she’s given up except for an experimental, expensive treatment but she doesn’t have the money and says she won’t ask her family and is just going to continue on with dying.

Melinda and Eli find out she actually *has* no family but was previously married twice. And both husbands died and left her a ton of money. She’s a praying mantis! Melinda says, “Black widow,” but I like praying mantis.

Rick finds out what Morgan really is and goes after her, too late to find out from Melinda and Eli that Morgan donated all the money she inherited from her victims to charity. The Scooby Duo tracks Morgan down on the roof of her building where Rick has knocked her off and she clings to a pipe. They manage to save her and explain to her that Rick wants to punish her.

Morgan explains that she took his money but it was different this time because Rick really cared for her. Melinda dons her Psychologist Hat and traces it back to Morgan’s dead parents. She then figures out the ghost committed suicide by packing his chute wrong (hey, that was on CSI last night!). He made it look like an accident so Morgan could get the insurance money.

Jim walks around trying to regain his old life but no one knows who he is. It’s boring and kind-of pointless. What it boils down to is that Sam has Gen Ed credits so Jim can use those to get started on going to Med School.

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