New Private Practice Spoilers: A Season Finale Death?

Private Practice Season 3 Finale: Shocking Death! READ MORE HERE

What’s the deal with the Private Practice season finale?! Is Violet being killed off? MATT: What, you don’t think crazy Katie can pull off her first C-section, using just a “how to” manual? And what of Charlotte, who just got canned by Bill Buchanan? I asked Amy Brenneman about both of those possible departures, and she said, “As far as I know,” both Violet and Charlotte will return for Season 3. Brenneman even hinted that things aren’t quite over for Violet and Cooper, romantically. “That’s the eternal love, let’s be honest,” she said. “So yeah, don’t give up hope.” Source: TV Guide Online

I’ve just seen the season two finale of Private Practice, and I’m really shocked! Is Violet going to die? Amy Brenneman tells us, “The way the season went out, it does not seem that I’m OK, [but] as far as I know, I have a job next year.” Does that give you any reassurance? Source: Kristin on E!Online

Is Noah going to be back on Private Practice next season? I’m enjoying the storyline, and their chemistry is off the charts. Josh Hopkins is a welcome addition to the cast. The official word from ABC is that “Josh is part of our pilot, Cougar Town, costarring Courteney Cox Arquette,” so it’s all dependent on whether or not that gets picked up. That said, if ABC passes on Cougar Town, it’s likely that Josh will be back for at least more recurring eps—they can’t be unaware about the fan interest in Noah and Addy. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Violet’s baby drama very definitely ends in a cliffhanger; Addison and Josh do not behave themselves; and Charlotte gets herself spanked, and not in the fun-sex-with-Cooper way. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Private Practice (April 30, ABC)
As the Grey’s spin-off sews up its second season, Addison’s professional and personal worlds collide at the worst possible moment, Violet chooses between Pete and Sheldon, a confession steers Sam and Naomi in a new direction, and an Oceanside faithful betrays their buds. It’s the finale’s final scene, though, that is sure to have the watercooler bubbling the next morning. Josh Hopkins, who plays Noah, tells us that when he first read the script for it, “I was like, ‘What?! Holy….’ I simply couldn’t believe it.” Source: TV Guide

Crazy Private Practice Cliffhanger Alert

Certain events in the season finale will leave you wondering if both Amy Brenneman and KaDee Strickland have been fired. (they’ll both be back.) Elsewhere, there are major turning points in the Violet-Pete and Sam-Naomi romances. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Here is my weekly request for some Private Practice scoop.
Prepare yourselves for the most disturbing childbirth scene since Jessica Lange forced Gwyneth Paltrow to deliver her baby via an oxytocin-laced lawyer cake in 1998’s Hush. Source: The Ausiello Files

‘Private Practice’ won’t be revealing Violet’s baby daddy?!

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Wow, so I just ran into a “Private Practice” source who tells me fans are going to be way pissed when the season two finale of “PP” airs on April 30th. The answer to the question you’ve long been asking — who is the father of Violet’s baby? — may not be answered. According to my tattletale, “Private Practice” will leave us hanging on that all summer long. And as if that wasn’t enough, digest this… As you may have already heard, crazy Oceanside Wellness patient Katie (returning to the show. And, well, she is seeking revenge. Seems she blames Violet for her unsuccessful pregnancy and will hold Violet Amanda Foreman) is hostage, demanding that she handKatie will be wielding a weapon and, word is, she may be playing OBGYN with it. Now, let her baby over as payback. Crazy me tell you, I have not actuallyepisode, but my source seemed pretty solid on the aforementioned information and I just have to say that, if this is true, seen the um, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This storyline is almost as sorry as that stupid “Grey’s Anatomy” bomb-in-a-chest-cavity business. I mean, SERIOUSLY?! I hope my source is wrong.

On the April 30 season finale episode, Violet will make a choice between Pete and Sheldon. (Watch With Kristin)

Private Practice, Paul Adelstein, Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly, Kate Walsh


We’ve got the goods on Private Practice‘s second-season finale, and it is a doozy. Read on to find out which Oceanside Wellness peeps are quitting, getting fired, getting busy with the wrong person and/or very possibly dying.

Except for the coma-inducing Sam-and-Naomi stuff, loving Private Practice lately. Got scoop?
Amanda Foreman is back as delusional Katie for the April 30 season finale, and she’s bringing some weapons-grade crazy with her for the big cliffhanger. And a weapon. Yes, she’s also bringing a weapon. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Is there any chance we’ll be seeing Dell and his daughter Betsy together again on Private Practice?
Dell’s daughter Betsy will definitely be back. But who’s leaving? If next week’s season finale is to be believed, Naomi (Audra McDonald), Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) or Violet (Amy Brenneman) might not be back. Which one could you most stand to lose? Post in the comments. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Is Private Practice getting a third season? Any scoop on Addison/Noah?
Private Practice
will almost certainly be picked up for a third season—in part because it’s been doing great in its new post-G.A. slot. (Yay and yay.) As for Addison-Noah-Morgan, sigh. Deep, depressed sigh. Does Shonda have something against marriage? Can anyone name one single committed Shondaverse relationship that hasn’t been devastated by infidelity or indiscretion of some kind?! Why are all her couples actually threesomes? Grumble. The kids on Gossip Girl are better relationship role models. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Private Practice, KaDee Strickland, Paul Adelstein

ABC/Ron Tom

Private Practice Preview: Will Addison Succumb to a Married Man?

Source: TV Guide Online

Josh Hopkins, Private Practice

This Thursday at 10 pm/ET, ABC’s Private Practice returns with the penultimate episode of its second season. Will Addison act on her urges with the married Noah? As his wife endures a difficult pregnancy? Josh Hopkins shared a look at the torrid twists ahead. Plus: What does he not miss about his Swingtown days? Call me old fashioned, but I’m not really feeling the romance here in the Addison-Noah story. So sell me on it. Should I be rooting for this illicit hook-up?
Josh Hopkins:
I don’t know that you should be rooting for it or not, but it makes for interesting TV. It’s just such a real-life situation where someone has the very best intentions, but still their emotions take them towards something that might not be exactly right. There’s a lot of grey in the real world, and I think it’s interesting that they would take this story on. Is Kate Walsh at all concerned about how this might paint her character? Or is she relishing the complicated material?
There’s got to be some concern. She’s obviously grown so far with this character, and she knows her better than anybody. But I think [she] sees the benefit of doing a complicated storyline rather than… Go for the low-hanging fruit of an easy romance.
Yeah. That her character would be attracted to someone is married is realistic. It’s just about how you handle it. But how can you do this to sweet little Amanda Detmer? She has the face of an angel!
I know, she really does. Every time she does her scenes where she doesn’t know what’s going on, I’m like, “Wow, I am such a jerk.” By the end of the season finale, will Noah and Addison have taken either the next or final step in their would-be romance?
I can’t really say, but they realize that there is something to this, something perhaps bigger than what they can control. Speaking of the finale, a lot of crazy stuff goes down. When you saw the script, did you ask yourself, “What show did I sign up for here?”
[Laughs] Yeah, I was like, “Wow!” If you are a Private Practice fan you are going to have to see the finale, because it’s chock-full of action. I mean, the very final scene of that episode is just….
Yeah, in the read-through I was like, “What?! What is going on? Holy….” I couldn’t believe it. You know, we still get mail here from people missing Swingtown.
People stop me all the time and tell me how much they loved it. I’m so proud of it. I think the expectations were that it was some salacious show about swingers, when every other show I’ve done has actually shown more sexual activity than Swingtown ever did. It was insinuated, but…. You lucked out in not having to wear a porn ‘stache like Grant Show. But what was the worst thing you had to wear for that series?
Oh, man – in the pilot I wore some “Mom jeans.” They were just really high-waisted, and at one point I was riding a bike. Plus most of the clothes were vintage. So they stunk. I don’t know how much worse it could get! If Private Practice gets picked up for a third season, is the plan for you to still be around?
Possibly. I did a pilot for ABC, Cougartown, where I play a neighbor of Courteney Cox’s. Our characters don’t get along, but there’s a mutual attraction kind of thing going on. Swingtown, Cougartown….
I know — I’m just going town to town!

‘Private Practice’ covets in a crazy way

Source: Recaps

It’s the season finale of “Private Practice” and we end this season with mixed-up embryos, crazy on drugs, crazy off drugs, two very pregnant women, no babies, a firing and a hiring, and lots of coveting.

Violet and Pete and Sheldon

Pete decides to follow Sheldon’s lead and tells Violet that he should have fought for her, and that he wants her, and the baby, and in a very touching moment, that he loves her. Violet pushes him away. As Pete and Sheldon point out later, together, Violet is pretty much unable to realize happy when presented with it. But pregger hormones win the day out for Violet, and she realizes that she could indeed learn how to be happy, and with Pete.

Team Sheldon slinks away to the background. Sigh.

Naomi and Charlotte and Sam and Cooper

Naomi’s medical license took a short walk off a long pier this evening when she realized she’d switched some embryos and implanted them in the wrong moms, and to make matters worse, one of the moms, Amelia, used the last of her dead husband’s sperm to get, technically, Zoe pregnant. “No do-over” indeed. But Zoe wants to terminate and start over, and Amelia threatens to carry Zoe’s child through to term and then keep it. The doctors bring in Duncan the lawyer, who recommends paying them off. The moms agree in the end to carry the babies to term and then switch them off. No harm, no foul.

The mess-up doesn’t effect William’s offer of Charlotte’s job, however. He doesn’t care about the mistake, and he still wants Naomi. Not Charlotte.

Charlotte is fighting for her job, but she’s done fighting for Cooper. Cooper tells her Violet is getting together with Pete, and so he’s finally free to focus on Charlotte, but she shows him the door. I thought she was over all that jealousy? Wasn’t there girlfriend bonding and toenail painting? William, however, tells her that he needs someone with a heart to run his practice, and shows her the same door.

Sam, meanwhile, FINALLY admits his love for Naomi. But, she doesn’t reciprocate, and takes William’s offer to leave Oceanside. So both Sam and William want Naomi. Charlotte cuts Cooper off, deservedly, but is cut off herself. Naomi 2, Charlotte 0.


Dell is the fall guy for Naomi’s mistake, whether or not he was the reason for the mix-up. He’s benched from practicing and as he’s dealing with that, Heather comes back, high as a kite, and offering Betsy back for $10k. Sam gives Dell the money, and when Heather returns with Betsy, he threatens to call the cops. He doesn’t give the money to Heather, and she bolts.

And finally, Addison

Noah’s wife Morgan is back, ready to deliver the baby, and boy, can she read some body language. The chemistry between Addison and Noah is coming off of them in waves. So Noah decides to tell Morgan of the feelings he has for Addison so that they can be together, but Addison blocks him from doing it at the last minute. However, she doesn’t block him from almost consummating their cheating relationship. Morgan’s going into labor does that. Addison is  unable to deliver the baby though… the world-famous OBGYN is so distressed over her personal life that she, too, bolts, and makes Dell deliver Noah and Morgan’s baby.

In the scary meantime, Katie, the delusional patient who lost her baby in utero a few episodes ago, is back, and off the meds. Moments after Violet basks in her future happiness with Pete, Katie shows up at her door with a syringe full of some paralyzing agent and a medical kit. She’s rescuing her baby from Violet’s body! She knows she’s not crazy, and that her baby is talking to her through Violet’s stomach! AAAIIIIIEEEEE! Pregnant women everywhere will now stop answering their doors. Cooper almost walks in to stop the C-section homebirth, but is called away by Charlotte, crying that she lost her job.

And so the cliffhanger of Season Two is watching Katie put the scalpel to Violet’s pregnant belly, Morgan about to deliver, Naomi leaving Oceanside, Dell getting Betsy back, and Charlotte calling Cooper back after setting him free.

Amy Brenneman: Private Practice Season Finale Is Like a “Quentin Tarantino Movie”

Source: TV Guide Online

All is not entirely well with the Oceanside Wellness gang as ABC’s Private Practice serves up its second season finale this Thursday at 10 pm/ET. As Addison fights her feelings for married dad-to-be Noah and one of their own “betrays” the practice, pregnant Violet is thrust to a genuinely shocking set of circumstances. Amy Brenneman spoke with about where her complicated shrink has been and where she is about to go. First off, congratulations on the Season 3 pick-up. Were you concerned at all?
Amy Brenneman:
Uh, no. No. Not really. It would have been odd if we didn’t [get picked up]. How do you think Violet has changed since Season 1? Was there anything you had hoped for or asked for?
In Season 1 we met Violet at a pretty heightened point in her life, and I always thought she’s not go to stay in this place of feel jilted and hysterical. I told [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes], “Listen, I will do whatever you want to do, go as far out as you want me to go, as long as Violet can always have that moment of being self-aware.” I always find it heartbreaking that she’s a professional shrink, but that doesn’t mean she can stop her [destructive] behavior. And the revelation about the sexual damage in her life – the rape stuff – makes total sense too. That kind of feeds into what’s go on with her now. She doesn’t bond romantically well or that often. Obviously Cooper is her surrogate everything. They did a nice job this season evolving Charlotte into a worthy rival for Cooper’s affections.
I totally agree. I think that between KaDee [Strickland]’s work and Paul [Adelstein], who is so wonderful… . The way he looks at her says it all. Cooper is just smitten. What was your reaction when you learned Violet would be pregnant for a large portion of this season?
I was excited! No small vane part of you was saying, “Oh, man“?
My god no, I’ll do anything! I should have more vanity. [Laughs] What I did think of was how on Judging Amy I hid two of my actual pregnancies; can I ever be pregnant at the same time?! Last year Shonda and I were sitting around shooting the s–t — at the time, Addison was facing fertility issues, and Naomi already is a mom — and I said, “I would love it if Violet did not want to be a mother.” Because I feel that is a choice that is not respected in society. Then I said to Shonda, “Then that’s the character you should knock up.” Tim Daly has grumbled that this storyline sent a confusing message, that most women would kill to have two great guys clamoring to be the father of their child.
Oh, that’s just his ego. I’ve heard him spout off about that too. [Laughs] Tim is a total feminist — I would kick his ass if he wasn’t — but sometimes when he reacts to things it’s because the genders are reversed. We don’t find it shocking if you have a man ambivalent about two wonderful women vying for him… But a pregnant woman with two wannabe dads is supposed to thank her lucky stars.
I guess! I said to Tim, “She is self-sufficient, she gets her emotional needs met through Cooper, so she’s not asking anything from Sheldon and Pete.” I understand it can be upsetting from the guy’s point of view — “That may be half my kid” — but it’s the woman’s prerogative. At the time Private Practice was cast, you already knew Tim well from working with his sister [Tyne Daly] on Judging Amy?
Oh yeah. Can you tell? [Laughs] What was your reaction to the season finale script, especially Violet’s storyline?
I was pretty psyched. Everybody does great work and the stakes for everybody are really high. That said, what’s interesting about the structure of the last half is everybody else is sort of in the normal Private Practice world, and I’m in this Quentin Tarantino movie. It’s a whole other thing going on. Talk about ending the season with some watercooler buzz.
There you go!

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  1. Bored

     /  April 14, 2009

    Saw the finale rough cut. Remember the series premiere? Tile counting lady? Well Violet, and her crappy storylines ruin this episode too.

  2. Robyn

     /  April 14, 2009

    I think Amy Brenneman plays Violet perfectly. That character is amazing, I would hate to not see her next season.

    I would do without Naomi. I am so over the Naomi/Sam thing, it would work for me if she wasn’t around. He would be able to move on, hopefully should would too. If not, Ghost Whisperer crossover? I kid.

  3. Joyce

     /  April 30, 2009

    As much as Violet got on my nerves with the “I am not naming my baby’s daddy” thing, I was horrified to see that she may die a horrible death at the hands of crazy Katie. Out of the 3 possibilities of characters not returning, I vte for Charlotte leaving.

  4. Great choice, Joyce.

     /  May 1, 2009

    I’m betting that you’re right, Charlotte is the only one that they can stand to lose. They have to get rid of one of them and she’s the worst character and actress on the show, and it doesn’t really matter what ABC execs say considering their track record of lying about everything. William said what most of the audience thinks of the character right in this episode: “your staff DOESN’T LIKE YOU, you use them as pawns.” That about sums it up.

  5. Liz

     /  May 1, 2009

    Well, maybe I’m the only one but Charlotte and Violet are my favorite characters. Mostly Charlotte, and honestly I would rather Naomi leave than her. Or like, have Naomi as more of a background character. If Violet dies and doesn’t get to keep her baby on the season premiere in the fall, I will stop watching. As soon as Grey’s goes off, so will my TV. Yeah, Char’s a bitch and her staff and MOST of the audience don’t like her, but this gives her room to grow in Season 3. Is it September yet??? Anyway, that’s my 2 cents…

  6. Bianca

     /  May 2, 2009


    I chose Naomi to leave, I am tired of her.
    I LOve Charlotte and coop, and violet and pete!

  7. Jamie

     /  May 3, 2009

    I am horrified Cooper wasnt there to save Violet from Katie. So close yet so far away. I was moved to tears( yes actual tears) when Violet sucummbed to the fact that she was going to die but that she needed to save her baby by telling Crazy Katie what to do. I only pray that Violet lives and she gets to keep her baby. I would rather see all of three of the ladies that might be going away stay and rather see cutie Dell leave. He has been a weak link as of late. Oh well Still have to wait all summer long for the details. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  8. Ann

     /  May 6, 2009

    This seems to be all about voting for who should stay and go and, honestly, I want them all to stay. Yes, Charlotte’s a bitch but when she shows her vulnerability I find her quite entrancing. Though I am tired of her push/pull with Cooper. It’s a little childish at this point. And I think Naomi should stay, partly because I’m not convinced that she’s entirely over Sam and I love them together. Obviously Violet must stay now that she and Pete might work out, and because she seems to have gone through the most evolution over the past several episodes and I like that.

    But more importantly, I was absolutely horrified by the ending of the finale. It was deeply disturbing. I could not fall asleep after the episode was over. My hands were shaking. It crossed the line for me into some other genre and if they have more scenes like that on this show I won’t be able to watch it anymore. Adrenaline and suspense are fine. Violence, horror, and sinister elements are not okay with me as a viewer.

    And of course I am with you all – it sucks we have to wait until September to find out what happens next. At least we know Amy Brenneman still has a job so that must mean somebody saves Violet somehow.

  9. emma

     /  May 12, 2009

    well i’ve not seen the season finale cause i’m not america,but i’ve quite understood what has happened..obviously violet will not die,cause amy brenneman said she still has a job..but i have a question for you:is there any possibility to see violet and cooper together?or the thing between them has completely finished?thanks and sorry for my english

  10. B+B

     /  May 27, 2009

    You guys are all crazy for wanting naomi off why because she is black you guys never want the black people to be in Any leading roles We get hated on in real life and on the screen DAMN let us have something. This is for all my beautiful black women. Get use to it we aren’t going anywhere. HA!!!!!!

  11. Robyn

     /  May 27, 2009

    I think it’s pretty lame that you pulled out the race card. It has nothing to do with her being black. To me it’s because she is the weakest character with annoying plot lines. Talk about reverse racism.

  12. Zloytl

     /  May 31, 2009

    I have to say I love charlotte and hope she stays her relationship with coop is funny and brings some light entertainment I feel.

    I hope Violet lives but i really don’t want her with Pete at all I hope she ends up with sheldon there characters suit each other.

    I am not keen on Naomi but I think that is because she is a weak character but then again so is Sam at this point neither have any compelling storylines and i hope that changes in season 3.

    I would really like to see Addy with Pete (I know lame) but I think they suit each other and could make each other happy.

    Roll on season 3 I can’t wait to see what unfolds

  13. gabby

     /  July 13, 2009

    I would appreciate if maybe they could change the time for Private Practice. Wouldnt you? Due to my work schedule I cant watch it because it is to late. I wish they would have kept it like it was the first season. On a different night and at 8 or 9pm.

    Please Help! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Private Practice.
    But I hate that I can’t watch it!

  14. Of course Naomi can’t leave the show; she’s Addison’s best friend and th whole reason why Addison moved down there! They’re creating a whole new level of tension/conflict by putting Naomi in charge of the competition. It’ll be interesting to see how Charlotte recovers: will she learn some humility–or just become even more hostile?

    I just watched the season finale again online; what a GREAT cliffhanger it was. I love how Brennaman said she felt like she was in a Tarantino movie while everybody else was in normal PP drama. I am totally hooked on PP and can’t wait to see what happens next!

  15. alysse

     /  October 1, 2009


  16. Ashley

     /  October 2, 2009

    I just watched to Private Practice Season 3 Premire on DVR due to working 3rd shift and it was fanominal!!!! By Far the BEST season opener I’ve ever seen! It gave you a mix of feelings and that’s the type of show that will keep you coming back for more each week! I wish they would have told who the babies father is but i’ve heard that will be coming in the 3rd or 4 th episode. I love Gray’s but Private Practice far out shines them as far as story line and the “keeping you glued to the TV” factor. I’m already counting the days till Thursday at 10.(friday morining for me 😦 ) Best show out there right now and I hope it keeps getting picked up for seasons to come. I do think all 3 women should stay. I think Charolette brings a certain “sass” to the show and Naomi is hilarious. I think they should have more of a story line for her tho and of couse Violet can’t go she’s tangled up with too many people right now.

    I would like to add that I don’t think if they cut Naomi it would have anything to do with race but i sure hope that she stays!

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