90210 Season Finale Spoilers: A Death, Whose? Silver Leaves West Bev & Annie Goes Wild!

Who dies on 90210? We won’t know until next year. We’ll see what appears to be a dead body in the 90210 finale, but the person’s face will remain hidden. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Naomi’s awful older sister, Jen (Sara Foster), will turn up on “90210” tonight and, as I first reported back in February, she’ll catch the eye of a certain teacher who totally hooked up with Kelly Taylor last week. Yes, Mr. Ryan Matthews will take a liking to Jen, not realizing at first what a psycho she is. But maybe “90210” could use that sort of excitement right now.

‘90210’s’ new boss lady talks about the dismissal of Dustin Milligan, the veteran actors & more

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So, what exactly does Kirshner Sinclair want the new “90210” to look like, sound like and feel like? KTV correspondent Marisa Roffman tracked the show runner down to find out…

As a fan of the original series, I have to ask, did you watch “Beverly Hills, 90210”?

R: Yeah, that was my era. I grew up with those girls [from the original show]. What they wore to their prom was the same thing I wore to mine. It was that black, sleek dress with a giant white bow over the shoulders. And there was this whole plot of how [Kelly and Brenda] both wore [the same dress], and I had already gotten it first, so [when it aired] I was like, oh my God, that’s my dress! And some girl at my school wore it as well.

So you had your own Brenda and Kelly dress fiasco at your prom! Will your familiarity with the original series impact how you run “90210”?

R: Yeah. [“Beverly Hills, 90210”] was a zeitgeist when I was growing up. I’m honored to pay homage to that show, but what I’m excited about is when fans can almost forget there was an old show and [“90210”] feels like a new thing that really reflects the zeitgeist now. There was some magic when [the original] started and it really struck a nerve, and I can’t even begin to analyze how that came about, but [for this show], I’d like to begin by writing about real teenagers and a real world.

Fans were shocked when news broke that Dustin Milligan (Ethan) won’t be returning next year. Can you talk about the reasons behind cutting Ethan?

R: I honestly think Dustin is such a good actor and such a lovely person. He is incredibly smart and perceptive and I loved working with him. At the end of the year [when I joined the show], I was really encouraging a dialogue between the writers and the actors and he was somebody who took me up on that. He was so thoughtful and careful about his ideas, and I was really impressed. So in my mind, it wasn’t about not liking Dustin, but [about] the character of Ethan. I felt [Ethan] didn’t allow me the freedom that I wanted. I really wanted a range between the characters and I didn’t feel like I could do with that character what I wanted to do with one of my core people. I think Dustin is amazing and he’ll do great. I was very honored to work with him, but he won’t be back.

Will Dustin ever show up in a season 2 episode to wrap up his storyline?

R: I’m not absolutely sure, but I don’t think so.

Do you have plans to add any characters in the near future?

R: I’d love to! There’s a range of teenagers I’d love to see. I’d love to see a surfer girl. I’d love to see a tennis player guy. I want to bring in the sunshine and sexiness of LA and balance our mix and allow our kids to find who they are.

It’s been reported that you are planning on cutting the vets from the original series in the future. Does that mean Jennie Garth (Kelly) won’t be recurring next season?

R: I honestly feel that interview might not have reflected my real feelings [on the topic]. I’m not interested in casting people just for stunt value. I’m not interested in looking at it like, oh my God, that’s Madonna walking across the screen. If Madonna wants to play someone’s mom at the school, that’s fabulous. To me, I really care about the new generation of kids, that’s where my heart is, but I think all those people [from the original series], it’s been an honor to work with them and I’m open to any of them [returning]. I just don’t want to do it for stunt value or shock value. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to [use the vets again]. If someone falls into the world, I’m all for that.

So Kelly’s sticking around?

R: Yeah. You’ll see more of Kelly for sure.

I know the show has gone through changes over the season, but it seems like some storylines have been brought up and then never addressed again, i.e. Harry’s missing son. Do you have any plans to revisit that?

R: Anything is possible, but I don’t think my goal will be to answer every question, but rather to set forth a new drama. That’s not to say some of the [unanswered] stuff isn’t [important] — everything will have to be judged specifically — but I think there may be some leaps in that this is a new incarnation and a new thing.

Is there anything you can tease to for the finale?

R: A lot of drama goes down. It’s the end of the school year, it’s the end of the season. Some decisions are made that will change a lot. People make some really bad decisions, people open up their hearts and, for one character, there is something [that happens which] is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. People are becoming who they could be [in the future]. There is some real growth and evolution in the characters as a result of the events that happen at the end of season one.

Question: I miss the old Silver on 90210. Please tell me she’s going to return!

Ausiello: I’m told prom is going to be the eye-opening event that resurrects the Silver we all know and love. Speaking of 90210, Rob Estes says this of the season finale: “There might be a death, perhaps a murder. I don’t know if they will actually die because it is a cliffhanger. We left it open-ended. There may be a death in the finale. I can only promise bodily harm. Expect bodily harm.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: I heard the Ryan Eggold is moving over to the new Melrose Place. Is that true?

Ausiello: Let’s ask Ryan himself: “I don’t know if it is happening or how exactly they would do it,” he told us at Saturday’s PaleyFest ’09 event honoring 90210. “We’ve talked about me being the crossover character but they say I will still be on 90210 as well. I think it would be really cool if it happened, but it’s too early to say it with certainty. If it does happen it will be the same character on both shows. It would not make any sense if I was playing two different characters.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Shenae Grimes will be sticking around. (TV Guide)

Naomi’s special brand of emotional terrorism will again set its laser sights on Annie toward the end of the season. (TV Guide)

Are any of the cast of 90210 heading for Melrose Place?

No one has been officially confirmed, but Rob Estes tells us, “My money’s on Ryan, he’d be a perfect crossover.” Who do you think should make the leap over to 90210‘s sister show? Source: Kristin on E!Online

What’s the deal with Dixon’s biomom coming on 90210?

Dixon’s (Tristan Wilds) biological mom does come back in the picture, which causes quiet the emotional meltdown with the family. And though the promos tease a big reunion, don’t expect it to be as special as they’re selling. Rob Estes tells us, “We may see [Dixons mom], but do we meet her? She shows up and then disappears for a while. They actually go after her, they go looking for her.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

AnnaLynne McCord, Matt Lanter, 90210 Jordin Althaus/The CW

I knew Dustin Milligan was leaving 90210, but now Silver? What’s going on?

Silver is leaving West Bev High, but Jessica Stroup is not leaving the show. That is, if her character doesn’t die in the season finale. Source: Kristin on E!Online

More Matt Lanter on 90210 please!

Liam’s causing some drama and really turning into the Dylan McKay we’ve been waiting for. Matt Lanter says, “Liam takes out Ethan to a camping trip. Ethan’s trying to find himself and Liam encourages that from people, trying to find what’s deep inside. He gets Ethan into some trouble. Liam’s presence is being felt in a pretty major way.” That’s not the only 90210er he’s messing with. His new romance with Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) is headed for a rough patch. “By the end of the season, there’s going to be some major drama with [Naomi] and her sister and possibly Annie. There’s some problem with her sister. She comes in and she definitely makes things tough in 90210. People are definitely going to be angry and betrayed,” adds Matt. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Death Comes Knocking On 90210‘s Door

90210, Shenae Grimes, Jessica Lowndes, Michael Steger, AnnaLynn McCord

Michael Desmond/The CW

Sex, drugs, alcohol and murder. “Oddly enough all of those things [happen in the finale],” teased 90210 star Rob Estes at last night’s Paley Festival event.

Wait, murder? ” There may be a death at the very end of the season.” That’s right kids, someone in America’s most famous zip code may be saying goodbye for good.

Also, not one, but two students are leaving West Beverly High, and we have the deets on a freak-out that will shock you, especially since it comes from someone other than resident bi-polar gal-pal Silver (Jessica Stroup).

Death Strikes 90210: Executive producer Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair tells us, “There are some rash actions at the end of the season where one of the characters makes some decisions that may have very serious consequences, life and death consequences if you will.” Though everyone assumes Ethan will bite the dust, since Dustin Milligan is leaving 90210 this season, Rebecca confirms that the cliffhanger death has nothing to do with Ethan. So where does the big death take place? “A lot of stuff happens during prom. There’s love that’s finally fulfilled and yet because of various circumstances, potentially destroyed forever. There’s love, there’s death, there’s heartache, heartbreak,” says Rebecca.

90210, Tristan Wilds, Jessica Stroup Michael Desmond/The CW

Leaving West Bev: Ethan’s not the only one saying goodbye to the high school. Silver actually makes her exit in Tuesday night’s episode as well. Because of her breakdown, little Silver can’t show her face at school without being scrutinized, so she’s heading off to an all girls Catholic school. Jessica teases, “As far as the recovery goes though, she’s trying things out. When we come back, she’s already on her medication. She’s going through a routine instead of just being out with her friends and letting too much influence her, and let her emotions get to her too much and go into another episode. As far as the rest of the season, it’s figuring out what works for her and getting back to Silver because she loses touch with that again.”

Love Lost: With Ethan exiting, there’s a flurry of questions as to why he’s saying goodbye. As Rebecca teased above, there’s a couple who finally find love, but ruin it forever. You’ll be surprised as to who that couple actually is. Says Jessica, “Ethan’s character has also gone through a lot, you’re going to see in the next couple for him that he’s exploring life and trying to get out of his little bubble of a world that he’s been living in. In a lot of ways Silver and Ethan do have a lot in common and they’ve known each other for a long time. It’s understandable they would have feelings for each other, so they possibly may try to do something.” Does that mean Silver and Dixon are on the outs? “There’s going to be a lot of problems up and down. They’re working out whether or not it works for them anymore and if he’s supportive enough. In the end do they stay together? You’re going to have to see,” adds Jessica.

Shenae Grimes, 90210 CW

Annie Flips Her Lid: Silver can’t be the only one to hog the crazysauce spotlight. Rob spills, “In the final episode of the season, Annie (Shenae Grimes) blows her top. It’s the cliffhanger from hell. It’s a great surprise. Liam just keeps pressing her, saying ‘When are you going to lose it? You’re not really as good as you pretend to be,’ and she’s not.” Matt Lanter innocently says, “Liam is doing some teasing, but he teases everyone.” Oh it’s much more than that. Adds Ryan Eggold, “Annie definitely goes crazy. Not in the way Silver does, more like ‘What the heck am I doing in my life kind of thing.’ She has a very interesting last moment in the finale.” Could Annie be on a death-ward spiral? You’ll have to tune in to the finale.

Donna Martin, Welcome Home: Donna Martin returning to 90210 is by far the best thing that could’ve happened. Putting Kelly (Jennie Garth) and Donna back together is comedic gold, especially when the pair accidentally end up in a gay bar. Tuesday’s episode sets up for an extended Donna stay, but no hope in sight for David to swing by. For now, Donna settles with helping Kelly find her “six pack,” which coincidentally turns out to be Ryan. Spoiler alert: Kelly and Ryan have the sexiest make-out sesh in Tuesday’s episode, and it’s so hot and heavy you may turn away from your TV. But don’t expect happiness for the pair. Shannen Doherty will be back in the finale to stir the pot, along with introducing Naomi’s sister, Jen Clark (Sara Foster), who’s around Ryan’s age and loves to start drama.

Who do you think the big death is? And are you looking forward to Tori Spelling?s hilarious return? The comments section is yours for the taking!

‘90210’ stars talk about sex, partner swapping & Tori Spelling at Paley 2009

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Diablo Cody is a “90210” fangirl.  If you follow her on Twitter, you’ve probably seen her gushing about filming her cameo on the show alongside original series stars, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.

And on Saturday night in Beverly Hills, Diablo had no reservations about showing her “9-0” love and expressing her feelings about the show’s storylines as she moderated The Paley Festival’s panel honoring the drama.

After a screening of the Rob Estes-directed 20th episode (airing 4/21), Diablo declared that the couple who gets engaged in the closing minutes of the hour should not get married, she told Rob (Harry) that she gets “anxious” whenever Harry and Debbie fight, she asked Ryan Eggold (Ryan) if he felt his character belonged with Kelly, and she confessed that she was very invested in his answer. Plus, she corrected Shenae Grimes (Annie) on the proper pronunciation of Andrea Zuckerman’s first name.

Love it.

And what did the stars of “90210” have to say that night?

Well, first things first, everyone was talking about Donna Martin’s return to Beverly Hills, which happens this evening — you have seen the preview clips, yes? — and can I tell you how nice it will be to have Ms. Martin back in the neighborhood?

Watching the Kelly/Brenda dynamic was cool — all my love to Shannen, always — but Kel’s connection with her BFF is different. I only wish that Donna’s homecoming didn’t spell trouble for her and the husband… yep, the Donna-David union is dealing with some serious problems at the moment.

Hey, ‘member when Donna finally gave it up to him back on college graduation night in 1997? With the white lingerie and the candles everywhere?

I don’t know why I just brought that up…

Anyway, moving on, the new guy in town, Matt Lanter (Liam), said he’s of course heard all the comparisons between his character and Dylan McKay. Having just finished watching the first season of the original series on DVD, Lanter told me, “They’re both independent guys. They don’t put up with people’s BS. [Dylan] was this bad boy character and I guess Liam is [a bad boy] of sorts.”

And now that it’s been confirmed that Liam will be back as a series regular next season, Lanter has many hopes for his character. “I’m looking forward to developing [Liam],” he admitted. “There are a lot of layers that haven’t been peeled back yet and they need to be peeled back. I think we’re going to learn a lot about Liam and what drives him, and his family life, and why he is the way he is. I’m anxious to get into that.”

And what’s next for Silver, whom we last saw breaking down like a total lunatic?

Post-hospitalization, Silver is going to struggle to get her life back on track, and there will be some drastic changes, including a transfer to a new school, which I told you about first last month.

“This is a lifelong thing, so it’s so fresh,” Jessica Stroup (Silver) said, referring to the bipolar disorder that her character will be diagnosed with this week. “It’s so new for her, so for the rest of the season, it’s all about finding the balance. It’s about whether the friends she has at West Beverly will respect her again, if Dixon will stick by her with this [illness]. She is going to go through the ups and the downs of the recovery and, in the end, can she really come back to the Silver we all loved?”

One thing, however, that won’t change in Silver’s life is her tempestuous dynamic with Mr. Matthews. Ryan Eggold shared that he’s a bit disappointed their relationship doesn’t change tremendously, even after everything that’s gone down between them. “It would have been interesting [if it had shifted],” he said. “They sort of have their moment together and then it’s back to the grind.”

And I agree with Eggold that that’s sort of weird. I mean, the girl did break into his apartment, threaten him and smash a bunch of things…

But anyway, one person who will definitely be sticking close to Silver is Kelly. In tonight’s episode, she spends a lot of time trying to help her little sister and get her back on solid ground, while Silver just rebels against that. “She doesn’t want to go to bed at a certain time and take this certain [medicine],” Stroup revealed. “But [Silver ultimately] realizes that this is now her life.”

What else? Oh, partner swapping.

“There’s a lot of teasing coming up with Liam and Annie,” Lanter shared. Shenae laughed when a possible Liam/Annie relationship was mentioned because the two apparently only share a couple scenes this season, but she did admit that she and Matt have discussed those scenes and think a romance might be coming.

That’s not to say things won’t be hot and heavy with Liam and Naomi in the coming weeks. In the 20th episode, Liam and Naomi have a pretty major make out session at the opening of Donna’s new store (yep, she’s opening a BH location). Naomi seems to have fallen quite fast for Liam, so it’s definitely just a matter of time before she’ll be wanting to claw Annie’s eyes out over him.

Another possible love connection that will grow over the next batch of episodes? Silver and Ethan. While it might seem unlikely since Silver’s still with Dixon, Jessica said she can understand why something might start between them. “The interesting thing with Ethan is that his character is going through a discovery of life all over again because he’s been stuck in this bubble,” she mused. “And Silver is definitely a different kind of girl [for him]. But whether or not he makes an advance, that is yet to be seen. Dixon and Silver are going to see some trouble though [either way]. It all kind of happens around the same time, so we’ll see what goes down.”

And back to the whole Ryan-Kelly thing that Diablo brought up, it seems the two will take their relationship to the next level in episode 20, but that does not mean they’ll be a couple. “There’s more love on the way,” Eggold said with a laugh. “[Ryan]’s a little mixed up with the ladies. He’s got some interesting issues I think. There’s a lot of off-and-on, start-and-stop. He’s got a thing with Kelly that is back and forth. There’s a new female character that’s introduced that is another romantic interest for him.” That new love interest? Naomi’s sister. Remember, I mentioned this a while back?

Anyway, Eggold — whom I heart because he never censors himself — also said that he would like for Ryan’s multiple partners this season to be explained by something like sex addiction. Sadly for him, they probably won’t go down that road…

Looking forward, there’s of course Prom and the season finale right around the corner. The cast seemed really excited about the final episodes… though it doesn’t sound like anyone is going to have a particularly pleasant time at the big school dance.

Shenae lamented that it won’t be so great for Annie — I was on set while they were filming that episode, and yeah, she accepts her date’s invitation out of pity — and according to Matt, Liam goes to the dance “kind of, in a way” with someone — ahem, Naomi, ahem — and that “there is some drama that happens in and around prom.”

And the adults are not immune to the tension. Rob told us that Debbie and Harry will have some marital issues to contend with and said, “In the last episode, you find [Harry and Debbie] in a very, very compromising position. It’s very interesting.”

Of course, Brenda will be back, but don’t expect a repeat of the Ryan/Brenda hook up situation. Said Eggold, “[Ryan] got burned pretty bad with Kelly the last time [when Kelly found out he slept with Brenda], so I don’t think he would dare [go at it with Ms. Walsh again].”

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