Big Bang Theory Season Finale Spoilers!

Monday, May 11
As Sheldon prepares for a three-month science expedition, Leonard and Penny reconsider their feelings for one another.

The Big Bang Theory Heads to the North Pole

Source: Kristin on E!Online

Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory has big finale plans in the works. Seriously. Don’t you see the Snuggie on Johnny Galecki (Leonard)? Crazy, right?  The guys are setting out on a summer adventure to the North Pole and leaving their girl Penny behind. You might be asking yourselves how they could do such a thing, but Jim Parsons (Sheldon) said it best. “I make them an offer they can’t refuse,” teased Jim. “Not that Sheldon’s the Godfather, although I guess in some ways he is the scientific Godfather.” Why the North Pole? “Sheldon is invited to go on a National Science Foundation expedition to the arctic, and we go along as his crew,” said Johnny. “There’s a lot of bracing for three months on an ice cube in a hut—with Sheldon.” Sounds kooky.  And the Snuggie? It’s just a thoughtful bon voyage gift from Penny to Leonard.

Speaking of the twosome, what does this mean for possible romance? Johnny tells us, “Leonard and Penny have to say goodbye for the summer, which blindsides them in a way that they didn’t foresee.” Kaley Cuoco (Penny) agrees. “The whole episode Penny’s acting very aloof. We don’t know until the last line of the episode exactly how she feels. She didn’t realize how much she didn’t want him to leave.”

What about life after the North Pole? Kunal Nayyar (Raj) and Simon Helberg (Wolowitz) have some ideas. Kunal’s suggestions? “We’re all going to come back with beards and bloodshot eyes. Raj has become 300 pounds. We’re all going to look like Joaquin Phoenix.” And Simon? “We’ll be wild animals when we get back. Sheldon should have a handlebar moustache, too.” Kaley’s hoping for some new meat too. “Four new guys, all living with her. Or they should come back and she’s met someone and it is semi-serious.” We’d definitely watch that show!  Now that The Big Bang Theory is coming back for two more seasons, are you as excited as we are to see where things go with Leonard and Penny? What do you think about this North Pole craziness?

Question: Any more Big Bang Theory scoop for the finale?
It’s going to be full of crap! Kaley Cuoco explains: “The [guys] build a toilet and things go horribly wrong. They all find poop hilarious. It’s a space toilet, so I don’t have to use it or anything. Of course, it’s a space toilet on this show!” On the hotly debated subject of a Penny-Sheldon hookup, Cuoco confesses that she’s not a fan of the idea. “I don’t think it makes any sense,” she says. “Sheldon has no use for women. If it happened, I bet it would be a nightmare sequence. Sheldon is nowhere near boyfriend material and Penny loves him that way. [Besides], Sheldon barely lets her into his apartment — how would he get to the point of hooking up with her?” Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: For the love of God, please give me some Big Bang Theory spoilers!
Leonard’s “Stuart” problem rears its nerdy little head again on May 4 when Kevin Sussman’s comic-book guru returns to take Penny out on a date. But as exec producer Bill Prady reveals, “The date doesn’t go well and Leonard comes to possess a piece of information that makes him very happy.” Care to elaborate, Mr. Prady? “I’m not usually cagey, but it’s such a fun reveal at the end of the episode that I’m going to be a little cagey… I will say now that Leonard has this information, he’s going to find the events of the season finale confusing. And he’s going to spend the season finale trying to add up all the information he has and see if he can get it to make sense.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Will ‘Big Bang’ go there with Penny and Sheldon?

Source: The Ausiello Files

Bigbang_lYou’ve been asking me, I’ve been asking myself, and finally, I’ve gone and asked Big Bang Theory executive producer Bill Prady: What the frak is the deal with Sheldon and Penny? “We’re as baffled as Sheldon’s friends are by what his deal is,” never mind what his deal with Penny is, he says. “He doesn’t seem to have any interests that are particularly social, whether they are friendship ones or romantic ones. “I will say this: In our season 2 opener, Sheldon was kind of shocked when Penny casually acknowledged that the two of them were friends,” he continues. “I think just for Sheldon and Penny to have what she will acknowledge as a friendship is remarkable progress for him. She may be the only friend he’s made in a while, so I think everyone’s going to have to call that progress. Hoping for more may be way beyond possibility.” Note that Prady said “may be,” not “is.”

Also note that when Sheldon gets locked out of his apartment in the April 27 episode, “The Vegas Renormalization” — Leonard, Koothrappali and Wolowitz are, as the title suggests, in Sin City — the brainiac shacks up with the girl next door. But what does it all mean, especially in light of what Prady tells me in today’s AA about a potentially huge advance in Leonard and Penny’s relationship in the season’s last two episodes? “You never know,” he teases.

The Big Bang Theory – Episode 2.21 – The Vegas Renormalization – Promotional Photos

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Source: Copyright CBS

The Big Bang Theory – Episode 2.21 – The Vegas Renormalization – Press Release


Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (“Prison Break”) Guest Stars As A Working Girl the Guys Encounter in Vegas “The Vegas Renormalization” Sheldon locked out of his apartment and forced — Leonard and Koothrappali take a heartbroken Wolowitz to Las Vegas, leaving to bunk with Penny, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Monday, April 27 (8:00–8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Leonard…………………………….. Johnny Galecki
Sheldon………………………………….. Jim Parsons
Penny…………………………………… Kaley Cuoco
Wolowitz……………………………. Simon Helberg
Koothrappali………………………… Kunal Nayyar

Mikayla…………………………. Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

STORY BY: Jessica Ambrosetti & Nicole Lorre & Andrew Roth
TELEPLAY BY: Steven Molaro
DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski

Source: CBS

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