New House Spoilers: Season Finale Scoop, House/Cuddy, Cameron/Chase Wedding?

Preview of ‘House M.D.’ 5th Season Finale: Both Sides Now

House recalls his sex with Cuddy while taking care of a patient’s hand which acts on its own will, on the May 11 episode of ‘House M.D.’ Preview of 'House M.D.' 5th Season Finale: Both Sides Now Source: Ace Showbiz TV News See larger image “You will definitely be talking about this ending,” FOX said on its promo for “” season finale. On May 11, House and the team are intrigued by Scott (guest star Ashton Holmes), a man whose left brain and right brain operate independently, leaving him with two distinct personalities and no control over some of his actions. As the two sides of Scott’s brain struggle for dominance, his warring personalities make it increasingly difficult for the team to figure out what is causing the unique problem. The team is forced to use some unusual methods to get him to cooperate with their necessary testing. Meanwhile, when House refuses to make an appearance in the clinic, Cuddy takes an unconventional approach to force House to make up the time with a very particular patient (guest star Carl Reiner). After the talked-about sex scene between House and Cuddy, there will still be more into their complicated relationship. who plays Cuddy gave a nod in a press conference over the weekend on the question whether the relationship will change in the finale. There will be a House and Cuddy sex scene in the next new episode of House, on Monday, May 4. (Watch With Kristin) In Monday’s episode, House suspects his drug habit is fueling his Amber hallucinations, so he decides to quit Vicodin cold turkey. Cuddy comes to his apartment to personally empty out his medicine cabinet, a struggle ensues, and, before you know it, they’re both on the bathroom floor and . . . well. (Michael Ausiello)

Question: Please, give me something about next week’s season finale of House! Ausiello: There’s so much I want to tell you I don’t know where to begin. That’s a lie, yes I do: There’s a wedding! Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: House-Cuddy scoop, please! Will I need tissues? Ausiello: Probably. And just to be safe, pick up some mood stabilizers, because Monday’s finale will have Huddy fans experiencing a wide range of emotions, including (but not limited to) happiness, sadness, and “I’ll cut a bitch”-level anger. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Please tell me House will see one last awesome Amber hallucination in next week’s season finale! Ausiello: Not only will Amber be back, but another memorable Princeton Plainsboro alum will descend from heaven to haunt House next week. Guesses? Head to the comments! Source: The Ausiello Files

House Preview: Things Are Gonna Get “Pretty Hot”

Source: TV Guide Online “Cuddy has a complicated relationship with men, it seems,” says Edelstein. “She likes the screwed-up ones!” Coming up this week on Fox’s House (Mondays, 8 pm/ET), at least one sect of ‘shippers will have their wildest dream come true when Dr. Crankpot and Cuddy (presumably) leave their animus on the nightstand in the name of getting horizontal. “It’s a pretty hot scene,” Lisa Edelstein, who plays Cuddy, tells When we asked the actress if the characters’ coupling was “good” and thus worth the long (long) wait, she answered: “Uh, apparently!” Edelstein also shared during a Friday press conference call that the sex (or is it love?) scene took at least five takes, because “the cameras wanted to capture a lot of different things.” But that was fine by her and longtime pal Hugh Laurie. “I have a great friendship with Hugh,” she said, “and he’s super-sexy — so who could complain about kissing him?” But to paraphrase Sam the piano player: Is a romp just a romp? Will Cuddy and House’s physical encounter lay the groundwork for emotional intimacy as well? “I don’t think it’s a passing thing. It’s been going on a long time, whether or not they’ve acted on it,” said Edelstein. But… “I don’t necessarily think it will be a satisfying relationship in terms of both of them settling in and saying, ‘This is what you’re doing.'” Then again, the increasingly hallucinatory Dr. House could — could — just be imagining the whole she-bang. Allows Edelstein, “There’s a chance for anything, isn’t there?”

Preview of ‘House M.D.’ 5.23: Another Huddy Kiss

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News House and Cuddy have some quality time in favor of their romance, that possibly leads to the talked-about sex, in ‘House M.D.’ episode ‘Under My Skin’. Preview of 'House M.D.' 5.23: Another Huddy Kiss See larger image This could be the beginning of the anticipated House-Cuddy sex at the end of the season finale. The May 4 preview of “” reveals a kiss between the two with Cuddy asking “You want to kiss me, don’t you?” and House answering “I always want to kiss you”. Meanwhile, House and the team take on the case of a ballerina (guest star Jamie Tisdale) whose lungs collapse in the middle of a performance. When the treatment causes her skin to fall off, the dancer faces not only the prospect of never dancing again but also of dying an agonizing death. The team must use their imaginations to carefully choreograph ways to test and treat her delicate body without killing her. House continues to suffer from a severe lack of sleep and is still haunted by Amber (guest star Anne Dudek). While enlisting Wilson’s help to diagnose himself, he is willing to do the unthinkable to make his visions stop. Earlier this month, exec producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore confirmed to EW that there will be a Huddy sex “by the end of the season”.

Sneak Peek of Huddy Sex Scene in ‘House M.D.’ May 4 Episode

Finally, House and Cuddy get physical in the ‘House M.D.’ episode ‘Under My Skin’ where it all started out with a kiss. Sneak Peek of Huddy Sex Scene in 'House M.D.' May 4 EpisodeSource: Ace Showbiz TV News See larger image There is one more reason to watch “” on Monday, May 4. FOX has just released a rather short promo that shows House and Cuddy building momentum that leave them taking off each other’s clothes at the end. In a scoop by EW’s Michael Ausiello the sex episode goes as follows: “House suspects his drug habit is fueling his Amber hallucinations, so he decides to quit Vicodin cold turkey. Cuddy comes to his apartment to personally empty out his medicine cabinet, a struggle ensues, and, before you know it, they’re both on the bathroom floor and… well… roll the clip.” Earlier this month, exec producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore confirmed to EW that there will be a Huddy sex “by the end of the season”. The episode is called “Under My Skin”. House and the team take on the case of a ballerina (guest star Jamie Tisdale) whose lungs collapse in the middle of a performance. When the treatment causes her skin to fall off, the dancer faces not only the prospect of never dancing again but also of dying an agonizing death. The team must use their imaginations to carefully choreograph ways to test and treat her delicate body without killing her.

House‘s Lisa Edelstein Kisses and TellsLisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, House

Source: Kristin on E!Online

The time has finally arrived. It’s been built up for seasons on end, talked about ad nauseum and debated to death. Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) are finally going to do the nasty. But is it all the promos crack it up to be? We caught up with the better half of Huddy to get the details on what’s to come, what it means and where it’s going. You might just be surprised at her answer to the question on everyone’s mind: Will it just be one big fat hallucination, or are Huddy really hooking up?

How was the new kissing scene with Hugh Laurie? It was great. I wouldn’t complain. I have a great friendship with Hugh, and he’s supersexy, so who could complain about kissing him?

We know that House and Cuddy have sex soon. So tell us, was the sex good? [Laughs] Apparently! You’re not gonna see me get naked or anything, but it was a pretty hot scene.

Are Cuddy and House more than a passing comfort to each other? I don’t think it’s a passing thing. It’s been going on for a long time whether or not they’ve acted out on it. I don’t necessarily think it will ever be a satisfying relationship in terms of both of them kind of settling in and saying this is what we’re doing. But she has a complicated relationship with men it seems. She likes the screwed up ones. I totally relate. It’s a beautiful, complicated adult relationship between those two characters. Neither person is one thing or another. They’re dynamic individuals.

Is there a chance that there is a twist that the Huddy hookup is some sort of dream or hallucination? Well, I mean, there’s a chance for anything isn’t there?

What will sex do to their relationship? You’ll have to find out.

Will we find out how the relationship changes in the finale? Yes.

Can you tell us more about the backstory of when House and Cuddy first met and how they became so close? Initially, he was kind of legendary in the school she was an undergraduate in. And she, I think, was maybe even a little obsessed with him, and she ended up auditing a class that she knew he would be in. I think he was doing a brushup class, and she audited it to check him out because he was exactly the kind of lunatic she likes. I related to her taste in men. I definitely don’t have the best taste in men. I don’t know that intelligence and taste necessarily go hand in hand. I think what we’re attracted to in finding a partner is usually something that resolves some complicated piece of our past. And for Cuddy it’s House, and it always has been.

How does the staff react to Huddy getting together? I think that the rest of the staff is pretty much waiting for them to get together. I don’t think it’s a secret. Sometimes when people have chemistry with each other, it’s just so obvious. It’s not like he doesn’t talk about it. He’s constantly referring to her body and teasing her in front of everybody else. It’s like schoolyard banter. He might as well be chasing her and pulling her braids.

Is there jealousy with Cameron? I don’t think Cameron feels jealous. Part of her sees the House-Cuddy relationship as the right thing, and maybe a part of her will always have that crush on House. Like we all carry a torch for somebody. But no, I think if anything, Cuddy worries about Cameron.

What was your favorite moment on the show so far? I loved the way they got House and Cuddy together. I loved that she was suffering so much and he was suffering so much and that’s what brought them together initially. I thought that was a beautiful moment of writing.

Any truth to the crazy rumor that you end up pregnant with his twins? [Laughs] Oh really? I haven’t the faintest idea. I have not heard anything to that affect. I don’t know that Cuddy should be wandering around the hospital carrying twins.

‘House’ The long awaited Huddy kiss

Source: Recaps

Tonight’s episode of House rehashed story lines that were far more interesting during season 3, when Tritter was around to add some suspense to it all and force him to do what he didn’t really want to do.

Before I go into my rant, here’s the POTW: she’s a ballerina who gets dropped by her boyfriend (a male ballet dancer) who has a weak back and a shrill attitude.Then her lungs collapse and they inexplicably can’t get them back up again. However, they do manage to make 80% of her skin fall off, so there’s that. Also, they stop her heart for an MRI, which shows a shadow. Or an artifact on the monitor. In the end game, it’s gonorrhea on her heart – which is discovered by Taub, who also uses a long shot treatment to save her hands and feet from amputation. I know I usually give a bit more info about the POTW and how the case is solved…but honestly? This was a minor part of the show.

OK, I can wait no loner. My rant: is it me, or has this season just been weak sauce for the most part? Sure, there’s been some shinning moments, but overall? I’m feeling pretty disappointed, which hurts me to say as I have been a long time fan of House and have never missed an episode. I own all the DVD sets and a couple t-shirts as well. I’m not a moderate fan by any stretch. But tonight was…boring. It felt like the plot was phoned in 40 minutes into the episode. And it was a plot we’d already seen. The short of it is that House is hallucinating because he needs to detox from the Vicodin. Yet, even when he slips up and admits to Wilson that he’s hallucinating Amber – it’s barely a blip on the radar. Not even Wilson tries to analyze what that means or why House lied to him about it.

Rehab is the last thing House wants to try, really. In fact, he tests for infection, MS and severe mental illness before accepting it’s the drugs. The big dramatic gesture is sending himself into insulin shock – which was a treatment used mainly in the 1940’s – in order to determine if it really is psychosis. And Amber does disappear for a few hours, but that’s hardly a realistic lifestyle option. So, he concludes that it’s the Vicodin. I cannot ignore that in order for House to believe that his hallucination is caused by the drug, despite the lack of any other symptoms, he would also need to believe the convulsive therapies had a 100% success rate – or near enough to it. And there is no way that would happen.

House asks Wilson to make arrangements for him to go to rehab. However, partway through packing, he admits that he will cheat (as he did last time) and therefore decides not to go at all. Instead, he returns to the hospital, admits everything to Cuddy and asks her to help him detox. Which can apparently be accomplished overnight. Certainly, medical fallacy has been pointed on on the show before, but one night of sweating, spasming and vomiting does not get you clean enough from an opioid addiction to go back to work the next day.

Of course, he and Cuddy don’t actually go back to work. Yes, the moment millions of Huddy fans have been waiting for arrived: he totally pushed her against a wall and made out with her before end credits. And it was HOT. The implication – backed up by the previews for next week – is that they totally get it on. But given that I didn’t totally buy House’s decision to detox with just Cuddy helping him – with him revealing all his secret stashes and holding her hand all night – I have difficulty believing that they bonded so much over the night-o-detox that they can’t keep their hands off each other the next day. It just didn’t pack enough umph! for me.

The side story is Cameron’s revelation to Chase the she still has her dead husband’s forzen sperm. This plot line completely confuses me, because I don’t really understand what she wants. Chase says it’s a liquid pre-nup in case things don’t work out for them, but I am having difficulty wrapping my head around that. Because it makes no sense. She doesn’t want kids now but she wants his sperm in case she does want them later but they are divorced? How many men’s sperm does she need for her back up plan? There is also the idea that Chase would ask her to ditch the frozen sperm, which Foreman warns could make him worse than the guy that left her as it would make him the guy that killed her theoretical kids. But again, this makes no sense – why does it matter that she has sperm on ice if she isn’t planning on using it anytime soon, if at all?

In the end, Chase says he can’t do it, because he is sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and he will wait for her to be sure too. Did I miss something? Can someone explain any of this to me? Are they not getting married now? And on Huddy – do you buy it? Would you rather Amber have been the result of mini strokes or brain tumors rather than his pill popping? Is anyone else as disappointed as me or are my expectations too high?

Week of April 27, 2009:

Question: Would you please do a House-only AA? Look, I’ll even get it started: What is this “important decision” that House “struggles” with? House isn’t crazy… so what would cause him, (if anything), to go into a House_lpsych ward? Ausiello: House-only AA? What a brilliant idea! And just to clarify, I never said House was for sure checking into a cuckoo’s nest. I was merely making an assumption after connecting a few dots. But if it turns out that he is headed to the funny farm, I would imagine an extreme case of insomnia might be behind it. And I do mean extreme: Poor guy hasn’t slept a wink since Kutner died.

Question: I haven’t been able to find any spoilers for tonight’s House. Do you know anything? Ausiello: I know the ep focuses on Chase’s bachelor party, but Fox’s promo already gave that away. What the promo didn’t reveal, however, is the identity of the  person throwing the little shindig: House himself!

Question: Anything worth sharing on House? Ausiello: A major character will suffer a life-threatening medical emergency tonight. Hint: A clue about what triggers it can be found in last week’s 30 Rock. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: Is Chase’s bachelor party part of House’s hallucination? Ausiello: No. House also doesn’t imagine ordering Foreman and Thirteen to go to a strip club to pick out the evening’s, ahem, entertainment.

Question: I’m a little shocked to see Wilson at Chase’s bachelor party in this promo. How’d that happen? Ausiello: Let’s just say House arranged it so that he had no other choice. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: How long ’til House starts banging his hallucination? Ausiello: Sit down, relax, and flash back to Jan. 26. It was on that day that I first broke news of the forthcoming plot involving Anne Dudek’s dead doc. It was also on that day that exec producer David Shore went on the record as saying, “It would never be a dead ghost sex love triangle thing like on [Grey’s].” Fellow e.p. Katie Jacobs added: “I think that would make a large [number] of people switch off their TVs. I think if we tried that, heads would roll.” And that concludes our trip down memory lane. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: A lot of Huddy fans fear that the House-Cuddy sex might not happen this season after all. Could you please reassure us? Ausiello: I’ll do you one better. For the first time, I will run the actual transcript of the interview we did with David Shore and Katie Jacobs at House‘s 100th episode party back on Jan. 21. If this doesn’t calm your nerves about the impending Huddy nookie-nookie, nothing will… EW: What’s the latest on House and Cuddy having sex? Katie: We have definitely figured how the act will play out. And true to vibe of the show and the characters and thanks to David Shore’s wonderfully creative twists and turns, it won’t be what you expect. We have to be careful about making moves like that. We do not want to disappoint fans and just do something out of left field.” David: Yes we have figured out the details surrounding Huddy having sex. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for fans of Huddy hoping for a hookup. It definitely won’t be what people expect. We have to do things our way, the House way. We wouldn’t want to have the characters do anything out of character. EW: Just to be clear, the sex will happen by the end of the season? David: Yes. Katie: Yes. Now that we’ve given you that scoop, you have to leave us alone on everything else! Source: The Ausiello Files

‘House’: Will Cameron & Chase actually walk down the wedding aisle?

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

So, last week we lost Kutner. And this week — if you haven’t seen last night’s episode of “House” you should stop reading now — Cameron and Chase got engaged. For a show that’s supposed to be about medical cases as opposed to the character’s personal lives, there sure is a lot of personal business going down at Princeton Plainsboro lately, no? But I actually like it. And I like how all this stuff is happening in the episodes leading up to the season finale instead of cramming every big reveal into one last hour. Maybe that’s just me. What do you think? Would you like to see Cameron and Chase actually tie the knot? Or do you think the producers put them in this position for the sole purpose of tearing them apart? And do you think this storyline will fold them back into “House”‘s main storylines for the remainder of the season? Or are you still unsatisfied?

‘House’ spoiler alert: ‘Chameron’ twist revealed!

Source: The Ausiello Files Houseengagement_lWarning: Stop reading if you haven’t seen last night’s House. Everyone else, onward and downward… As I’ve been teasing for much of the past week, Chase and Cameron broke up on tonight’s House. But as I’ve also been teasing for much of the past week, there was a humdinger of a twist that followed the duo’s split: They quickly got back together and engaged! I know what you’re thinking: Does this mean Jesse Spencer will make good on the promise he made earlier this year to up and quit should the day come when Cam and Chase march down the aisle? What?! You don’t recall him making such a threat? Allow me to copy and paste his exact quote again: “If there is [a very special Chase-Cam wedding episode], I’m out. I’ll walk. I’m freaking done. I think they are wary about getting into too much relationship stuff. It’s a procedural show at its core. That’s why people like it. That’s why I like to watch it.” Hmm… was Spencer just being his usual silly self or does he know something about where the Cam-Chase story is headed that we don’t? Interestingly, Spencer also went on to predict that due to “[exec producer] David Shore’s general disdain for life, you can rest assured that what we won’t be doing next season is getting happy. You won’t see Chase and Cameron making a home and having babies and other greeting card stuff.” Added Jennifer Morrison: “We’ve been happy for way too long for this show. Something is probably coming. I can’t imagine that some happy-go-lucky fairy tale is in store for Chameron. I think [David Shore] will probably find some very unique bizarre way to make us miserable.” Whatever happens next (bachelor party!), I would advise Chameron fans to enjoy their favorite couple’s pre-honeymoon honeymoon period while it lasts. I would also advise them to answer the following Qs in the comments section: Was the episode everything you hoped it would be and more? Do you think their engagement will lead to an actual wedding? Was Cameron being honest about her feelings (or lack thereof) for House?

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