Supernatural Season Finale Spoilers!

Supernatural: I Know What You Did Last Summer

I heard there is going to be a death on Supernatural, which would be very, very sad! Can you shed some light on that? MATT: Well, one of the big rumors is that our boy Bobby will be the one to buy it. I broached that prickly topic with cast member Jim Beaver himself, and while he would/could not refute it, he noted, “Nobody takes Bobby down easy!” He then teased the “intense and astonishing” May 14 season finale thusly: “People are going to have some of their expectations toppled.” (Much more from the Beav on Thursday.) Source: TV Guide Online

We just chatted up SPN writer Ben Edlund, and he tells us that Lucifer will be more of a looming presence than one specific personage. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Those who think they have Sam and Dean all figured out by now will be rather surprised by their individual reactions to the introduction of their “new brother,” Adam. (TV Guide)

Please tell me that the big Supernatural death is not Bobby.
All we can say is that the big Supernatural death is very sad, but not entirely unpredictable.  Source: Kristin on E!Online

Ariel in Baltimore: Will Ruby or Anna be regulars next year on Supernatural? I want the guys to finally start building families of their own!
While Castiel (Misha Collins) is confirmed to be a regular for Supernatural season five, all we can say about Anna and Ruby is that there are a couple deaths in the finale, and that Sam’s demon girlfriend and Dean’s angelic friend with benefits are not guaranteed to be safe.

Marta in Porto, Portugal: Are we going to see John Winchester this season on Supernatural? Not in the flesh, and not even in the spiritual realm, but we do see John Winchester on Supernatural in photographic form before the end of the season. Source: Kristin on E!Online

TV Guide’s Interview with Supernatural’s Jim Beaver

Source: TV Guide Online

Jim Beaver Turning to Supernatural, I understand an intervention of sorts is coming for Sam….
Bobby and Dean will get together to plot out a way to save Sam from himself. Now that he’s got this demon blood addiction, that’s very troubling to them. But then again, Dean and Bobby don’t completely agree on how to handle it, and things get heated between them as well. What’s Bobby’s take on the brothers’ growing rift?
I think he shares Dean’s concerns about Sam, but Bobby’s always had a pretty good insight into Dean as well, about how much guilt Dean carries for not living up to what he thinks his father would have done. You’re going to see Bobby try to help Dean with that, even in the midst of trying to resolve things with Sam. Has this proven to be some of the more interesting work you’ve done on the show?
Yeah! They keep giving me great fun stuff to do, and there are some luscious scenes coming up – really strong stuff between me and Jensen [Ackles] in particular. The fans are going to get satisfaction, pretty strongly, from these last few episodes. But to balance out that good, there is buzz that Bobby might meet his maker by season’s end. Do you have any words of reassurance for your fans?Beaver: Hmmm… Words of reassurance… Boy, I wish I had some! Maybe, “If Bobby goes down, it won’t be without a fight”?
Well, nobody takes Bobby down easy! What three words would you use to describe the season finale?
Intense … astonishing … and intense again. People are going to have some of their expectations toppled.

Additional reporting by Tina Charles, who recaps Supernatural for

Jim Beaver Interview

LP) Ending with some Supernatural questions; what can you tell us about Bobby’s role for the remainder of the season?

JB) Bobby’s in the last three episodes of the season and I’m most prominent in the next-to-last episode. Three fourths of the scenes probably take place in Bobby’s house so, I’m heavily involved in that one. And I’m… briefly involved in the finale. I mean, not terribly briefly but… anyway. I’m in it – which, I’m happy about because I’ve done the season finale of every season so it’s kind of a tradition.

LP) What does season five [of “Supernatural”] hold in store for Bobby Singer? [addressing speculation that Jim’s character may not live past the season 4 finale]

JB) I… don’t… think I can say. [coyly] Gosh I don’t know what to say. I’d love to help ya out, but… I’m not sure what I could say that would be both truthful and helpful.

LP) No comment?

JB) That’s… probably the best thing I could say.

LP) Any other “Supernatural” spoilers you can drop for us?

JB) Let’s just say that the conflict between Sam and Dean comes to a real head, and over the course of those three episodes it really comes to its boiling point and beyond. By the next-to-last episode and the last one, it’s bubbling over and things change. The next-to-last episode is mainly Bobby and Dean trying to confront the differences between Dean and Sam and so, there’s a lot of Bobby and Dean on one side and Sam on the other. Source: Celebrity Cafe

Supernatural: Episode Titles for the End of Season 4

Source: BuddyTV

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, SupernaturalSupernatural is heading into the home stretch of season 4. With only five episodes left, every minute counts as Sam and Dean Winchester race to stop Lilith from breaking the remaining 66 Seals and bringing Lucifer to Earth.

Unfortunately, fans may not get to see these final episodes uninterrupted. Early, unconfirmed reports suggest that more breaks are scheduled, and the scheduling of these final episodes might leave fans hanging for longer than they’d like. There are also recently released episode titles for all the remaining episodes, though they might give away more than you’d like.

SPOILER WARNING: Read no further if you don’t want to know what the final Supernatural episodes are called.

This Thursday brings the highly meta “The Monster at the End of This Book,” in which Sam and Dean discover a book series called Supernatural about themselves. That paradox will leave fans scratching their heads for three weeks, because Supernatural is taking yet another break.

The next batch of episodes return April 23 with “Jump the Shark,” and based on that title, fans could be in for a third straight “funny” episode. However, that paves the way for the final three very serious-sounding episodes.

April 30 brings “The Rapture.” This religious title certainly suggests that the angels will play a key role as Dean nears his ultimate destiny.

The penultimate episode of the season airs on May 7 and is called “When the Levees Break.” That bodes poorly for the Winchesters as it portends plenty of bad things ahead.

According to a blog post on Saving Faith’s Sandbox, the next week will be excruciating for Supernatural fans as the show will take yet another break on May 14. It’s not until the next week, May 21, that the Supernatural season 4 finale will air.

But it’s a big one, because the episode is called “Lucifer Rising.” Aside from being a brilliant companion title to the season premiere, “Lazarus Rising,” this episode promises to deliver what the whole season has been leading up to. Will Lucifer rise? Given this show’s history with season finales, I’d have to bet ‘Yes.”

Based on absolutely nothing but my own wild speculation, here’s my current theory: in the final moments of the season, Lucifer rises after the final Seal is broken. However, in order to walk the Earth, Lucifer must take a human body just like all the other demons. What body does he choose? Wile Sam might be the obvious guess, I’m leaning towards the even cooler possibility that Lucifer will take the form of John Winchester. I know the evil father is a bit of a cliche, but it could still be undeniable cool.

Do you think Lucifer will walk the Earth? And if so, whose body will he possess?

Episode 4.19 – Jump the Shark – Synopsis

ANOTHER WINCHESTER BROTHER EMERGES — A 19-year-old boy named Adam (guest star Jake Abel) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) looking for John Winchester, claiming to be his son. Dean and Sam meet Adam, assuming he’s a demon trying to lure then into a trap. However, they find out that John was indeed the boy’s father and Adam tells them of his “normal” upbringing, which infuriates Dean. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

Source: CW

Episode 4.19 – Jump the Shark – Promotional Photos

Source: CW

‘Supernatural’ 4.19 Clip: Dean Points Gun at Third Winchester Brother

In ‘Jump the Shark’, Sam and Dean put their suspicion of 19-year-old Adam under the table where a gun is pointing at the lovechild of John Winchester.

'Supernatural' 4.19 Clip: Dean Points Gun at Third Winchester Brother

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image A clip is released for the April 23 episode of ““. Adam, a 19-year-old boy who calls Dean and Sam to look for John Winchester, is at a diner with the brothers, recalling his childhood experience with John. Dean is suspicious of him but soon draws the gun underneath the table. Adam, who is played by Jake Abel, claims that he is the son of John with a nurse. Dean and Sam agree to meet him with the assumption that he is a demon trying to lure them into a trap. When they found out that Adam is really part of their family, Dean is infuriated by the fact that Adam was raised “normally”.

The episode is called “Jump the Shark” and reportedly, there will be a tribute to the late Kim Manners which can only be spotted by an eagle-eye viewer.

Episode 4.20 – The Rapture – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“The Rapture”

CASTIEL RETURNS TO HIS HUMAN FORM — Castiel (Misha Collins) appears to Dean (Jensen Ackles) in a dream and says he has something important to tell him but they need to meet somewhere private. Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) go searching for Castiel but instead find Jimmy, Castiel’s human vessel, who has only a spotty recollection of being an angel. Jimmy wants to return to his family and normal life, but Dean and Sam are concerned about his safety.

Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver

Source: CW

Episode 4.20 – The Rapture – Promotional Photos

(Click to Enlarge)

Source: CW

‘Supernatural’ 4.20 Preview: Castiel in His Human Form

Having little memory of who he really is, Castiel transforms into Jimmy and wants to lead a normal life, all new on ‘Supernatural’.

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image” gives an episode focused on Mischa Collin’s character Castiel who has turned into his human form. The angel appears to Dean in a dream and says he has something important to tell him but they need to meet somewhere private. Dean and Sam go searching for Castiel but instead find Jimmy, Castiel’s human vessel, who has only a spotty recollection of being an angel. Jimmy wants to return to his family and normal life, but Dean and Sam are concerned about his safety. The show will have its finale in May and rumor has it, there will be a major death that will be rather sad. Words are rive that it will be Bobby who takes the fall but the depicter himself Jim Beaver told TV Guide, “Well, nobody takes Bobby down easy!”

Episode 4.21 – When The Levee Breaks – Synopsis

“SUPERNATURAL” (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“When The Levee Breaks”

DEAN AND BOBBY TRAP SAM IN THE PANIC ROOM — Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) lock Sam (Jared Padalecki) in Bobby’s panic room so he can detox from the demon blood. However, as Bobby sees more seals are being broken he tells Dean they should let Sam out to help them fight the impending apocalypse. Dean disagrees and goes to Castiel (Misha Collins) for help. Sam and Dean have a big blowout confrontation.

Robert Singer directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.

Source: CW

‘Supernatural’ 4.21 Preview: Sam Addicted to Demon’s Blood

In ‘Supernatural’ episode ‘When the Levee Breaks’, Dean locks Sam up to detox him from being addicted to Demon’s blood.

'Supernatural' 4.21 Preview: Sam Addicted to Demon's BloodSource: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image Next on ““, Dean and Bobby lock Sam in Bobby’s panic room so he can detox from the demon’s blood. Writer-producer Ben Edlund explained the addiction to E!, “The model of an addict bottoming out and becoming basically something else, almost a creature of reflex, is one of the things he’s going to have to face. And that’s going to make trouble for Dean and Sam-they don’t agree on this particular issue. Dean’s not happy about it.” However, as Bobby sees more seals are being broken he tells Dean they should let Sam out to help them fight the impending apocalypse. Dean disagrees and goes to Castiel for help. Sam and Dean have a big blowout confrontation. Called “When the Levee Breaks”, the episode airs May 7. who plays Sam mentioned in an interview with Pop Culture Zoo that this would be the most intense episode in the season that he has shot. “The first half, you’ll know,” he said shortly.

Supernatural Season 4 Episode 21 & 22 Preview

Episode 4.22: Lucifer Rising (Season finale) Airdate: May 14, 2009

Ausiello updated his asterix hint to this: Sam learns in the season finale that ******i** ****** is the ***** **** that has ** ** broken ****** ******* can ***e. Source: The Ausiello Files [A possible answer to the riddle is “Sam learns in the season finale that murdering ****** is the final seal that has to be broken before Lucifer can rise.” A few site visitors believe that the person who must be killed is “Lilith”.  Another version of the possible answer with “defeating” instead of “murdering” as Brandon suggested.]

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