Gossip Girl Season Finale Spoilers, Lily Promo & ‘A Southern Gentleman Prefer Blondes’

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.22 – Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – Promotional Photos

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Source: CW

Question: I read somewhere that the season finale of Gossip Girl includes Serena uncovering the identity of GG. Will she be successful?  Ausiello: She uncovers the identity of someone connected to GG, but not GG herself. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: I need Gossip Girl scoop, preferably about the prom.
Revenge-seeking Chuck, furious at Blair for attending the big ball with Nate, hatches a plan to make Nelly Yuki prom queen. Meanwhile, Dan and Serena end up going together, but as friends, not lovers. Source: The Ausiello Files

‘Gossip Girl’ gets busy again with Chuck-Blair, Blair-Nate, Nate-Jenny, Blair-Dan?!

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

A little “GG” Q&A, answers courtesy of exec producer Stephanie Savage

Have the “Gossip Girl” producers read all the “Gossip Girl” books? I’m curious to know how familiar they are with them. -Kris
Savage told me they read most of the books. And they got familiar with the stories in the ones they skipped by studying summaries. As fans of both the books and the show already know though, the producers are on their own path: “A lot of the stories we’re telling are not in the books whatsoever — the whole Chuck and Blair romance [for example] — so there’s not a lot of material we can draw on. [The show] has to grow and expand and be its own thing.”

Everyone’s all about Chuck-Blair/Blair-Nate blah blah blah. What about Jenny and Nate? I thought they were great together. Will we ever see them reunited?
Sounds like it. Just not anytime soon. Said Savage, “Nate and Jenny is actually a really big story in the books and we sort of dipped our toe into that pool a few times. As the characters get older and start to feel the same age, that is definitely material I think we can revisit.”

There’s no way all the “Gossip Girl” kids would end up staying in NYC after high school graduation. Please tell me that’s not going to happen.
I read this question to Stephanie and she responded by saying, “Well, New York is a pretty big city.” Personally, I think they should let Dan go off to Yale. We can see him every now and then when he comes home to visit or when Jenny goes down to Connecticut for college debauchery weekends with big brother… but somehow I doubt that’ll happen. Still, Savage ensures there will for sure be changes: “It really is kind of a major — and I think very exciting — reconfiguration of the show, to leave high school behind and to allow all of our characters to reinvent themselves outside of that construct. They’ll [discover] what it means to kind of be a part of the bigger world, so you can expect to see new couples, new family configurations, people living in different places than you last saw them. We’re having a lot of fun thinking about that… keep everything that everyone loves [about “Gossip Girl”], but also really kind of move everyone forward as well.”

Is Vanessa going to school next year? Will she continue her education?
Savage said we’ll have to wait and see, but she also said, don’t forget, Vanessa took her SATs.

Any more major “Gossip Girl” deaths I should expect?
Nah. Stephanie doesn’t see that happening. “I think we have a pretty tight cast and I think we would only be interested in adding, not subtracting.”

More Dorota please.
Not to worry, Savage said they knew Dorota was a super star straight away and will continue writing for her. Were you aware that the actress who plays her, Zuzanna Szadkowski, actually speaks Polish, so the producers decide what they want Dorota to say and then rely on Zuzanna to translate it for her character’s lines?

On “Gossip Girl” I need to know, will Dan and Blair ever be romantically involved?
The producers aren’t opposed to it. When I questioned Stephanie about a Dan-Blair pairing, she said, “There are only so many characters on our show, so everyone needs to be open to being with everyone at some point.”

Vicki in Las Vegas: Gossip Girl!
Serena did not really get married, this is a bit of an off week for Blair (she’s in a funk because of her love problemos) and Chuck apologizes to Jenny for that time he tried to get up on her in the pilot (back when Gossip Girl still showed depraved indifference to everything, before it turned into a modern comedy-of-manners masterpiece), but let’s talk about the most important thing: Dorota-sodes are coming! Source: Kristin on E!Online

Petra in Austin, Texas: What’s the buzz on the Gossip Girl spinoff pilot?
Apparently “Lily” [sic] is not a full pilot. Rather, the ’80s flashbacks are half of a Gossip Girl episode (tied into Serena’s storyline), so it’s hard to judge the series as a whole, but from what insiders have seen so far, it looks good, and Krysten Ritter and Brittany Snow in particular are supposed to be awesome. Yay! Source: Kristin on E!Online

First Look: ‘Gossip Girl’ spinoff’s Brittany Snow as totally ’80s Lily

We already know that Brittany Snow will play the younger version of Kelly Rutherford‘s Lily in the “Gossip Girl” spinoff set back in the 1980s, but now you can see her in all her over-mascara’d, totally ’80s glory. As you can see from this poster obtained by Spoiler TV, Snow as Lily has run into a bit of trouble in a flashback for the May 11th “Gossip Girl” episode, “Valley Girls,” which will act as a backdoor pilot to the spinoff.


And yeah … it looks like Serena got her wild child ways from her mother!

‘Gossip Girl’ 2.22 Preview: Georgina Is Back in Town

Georgina, who has an unpleasant history with Serena, is back to Upper East Side with unknown motive in ‘A Southern Gentleman Prefer Blondes’.

'Gossip Girl' 2.22 Preview: Georgina Is Back in TownSee larger image Georgina is back in town. In the next episode of ““, the frienemy of Serena will return to the Upper East Side after undergoing a major transformation. “Her last name is Sparks, so sparks will fly,” teased on the impact of Georgina’s arrival, adding that she will be “causing quite a stir, as Georgina does.” Also in the April 27 episode, Chuck and Nate find themselves at a major crossroads in their relationship as it pertains to their mutual interest in Blair. Serena finds her relationship with Gabriel growing more complicated.

On another “Gossip Girl” news, is said finding difficulty in committing to the show and taking on a new project, ““. A source told E!, “There’s a big overlap of when he’d have to shoot Footloose and the next season of Gossip Girl.” Reps for Chace and the movie have not given any comment.

‘Gossip Girl’ 2.22 Clip: Blair Finds Out Gabriel’s Secret

Thinking that Gabriel is hiding a skeleton in his closet, Blair does Serena a favor by spying outside his apartment.

'Gossip Girl' 2.22 Clip: Blair Finds Out Gabriel's Secret
See larger image A scene is clipped from the upcoming episode of ““, showing Blair as the spy. Concern about Serena’s complaint that Gabriel just disappears, Blair waits outside his apartment only to bump into Chuck and later discovered Gabriel with another girl. Serena herself finds her relationship with Gabriel growing more complicated. Also put on spotlight in the particular episode, returns as her troubled character Georgina, looking forward to stir things up after undergoing a major transformation. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate find themselves at a major crossroads in their relationship as it pertains to their mutual interest in Blair. In a photo released for the episode, Nate and Chuck will be in a game of basketball. “Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” airs on Monday, April 27 on The CW.

Gossip Girl 2×22-“Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” Extended Promo

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.22 – Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – Sneak Peek – Synopsis

A transcript of a new sneak peek that we’ve not been able to the video for yet. Once we have it we’ll be sure to post.

Vanessa is sitting, sipping a beer at the kitchen counter, when Dan walks in.
Dan: Hello. Since when did my apartment become your watering hole of choice?
Vanessa: Rufus and Jenny let me in on their way out. Thought I’d wait for you and we’d play a little ‘I Never!’ I kind of already started.
Dan: Yeah, I can see that. *cracks the top off a beer*
Vanessa: I’ll go first…I never slept with Chuck Bass. *CHUGS* (Dan looks hilariously disgusted) That’s why I’ve been avoiding you. I know, it’s…repulsive!
Dan: It is…completely repulsive. But you’ve gone through a lot lately. I mean, the whole Blair/Nate reunion and all, (something I can’t understand) so you get no judgment from me. Everyone makes mistakes, at least once. I never…nearly slept with Georgina Sparks. *drinks*
Vanessa: I never slept with Chuck Bass twice *chugs again*
Dan: *chokes*
Vanessa: *still drinking* Dan…you’re lucky. However bad your life sucks right now, you didn’t need an STD panel this week. (they both laugh)
Dan: yeah…there’s that. Wait, why does my life suck right now?

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