Greek Season Finale Spoilers: Casey & Cappie Soul Mates

Give us some dirt on Greek!
How about some sexy dirt? “Expect some hot girl-on-girl action,” says Greek girl Amber Stevens, who plays Ashleigh. “And great relationship stuff happens coming up with Frannie and Evan.” Paul James says he’s excited about his juicy upcoming storyline: “At the end of the season, I get a love interest, played by Gregory Michaels.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 2.15: Evasive Actions Airdate: April 27, 2009

When Frannie challenges the sisterhood of ZBZ girls, Casey retaliates by challenging the IKI’s to a game of dodgeball. Which soroity will take the least amount of hits? The dodgeball game is also part of the effort by Casey and Ashleigh to win over Jordan, ZBZ’s new pledge, who reveals that she doesn’t think the sorority is the place for her. Determined to change her mind, Casey and Ashleigh attempt to give Jordan a ZBZ makeover. Meanwhile, Rusty struggles with the fact that Dale is so in love with their new apartment that he never leaves, so Rusty enlists the Kappa Tau’s to invade the house to scare him away. But the plan backfires when the landlord shows up the next morning with a tour (they live in a model apartment), and upon finding remains from the night’s escapades, evicts the boys much to the chagrin of Casey, whose name is on the lease! Source: ABC Family

Episode 2.16: Dearly Beloved
Airdate: May 4, 2009

Casey’s grand-big sister, Kiki (Collette Wolfe), is back at Cyprus-Rhodes University for her wedding and all the ZBZ girls are invited. Amidst all the wedding frenzy, Max decides it’s time to take his relationshipwith Casey to the next level and gets down on one knee. How will Casey react to Max’s bold move? Meanwhile, with Andy out of town, Jordan ends up dragging Rustyaround town to help pick up the flowers for Kiki’s wedding. When the two discover that the order was never placed, they have to come up with a plan of action — a plan that backfires and puts both of them in the emergency room with identical allergic reactions. The unexpected common bond leads them to share a kiss. Rebecca, in the meantime, soon finds herself in new territory as she kisses Ashleigh’s openly gay big sis, Robin (Anna Osceola), in one of the bachelorette party game – sparking Rebecca’s curiosity. Source: ABC Family

Episode 2.17: Guilty Treasures Airdate: May 11, 2009

Dr. Magda Stephanopoulos: In her 50s, attractive and intimidating, with long hair and a professional, stylish-looking suit, she is a renowned, extremely intelligent scientist who has come to campus to recruit research assistants for a month-long project at Oxford. Dr. Magda is tough to impress, and always wants what she can’t have. Dr. Broom: In his 50s, uncongenial, he’s an engineering professor who piles on the workload and makes life unpleasant for Max. He’s annoyed when Max crashes a science faculty party. Omega Chi Pledge: 18-20, male, this Omega Chi Pledge accuses Cappie of theft and is confused when Evan contradicts him. Waitress: 20s. This waitress at Gentleman’s Choice tells Wade that the disco balls he’s brought belong to the other club. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2.18: Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood Airdate: May 18, 2009

While completing his community service, Rusty discovers a symbol for a secret Amphora Society that is actively recruiting members. Knowing that Cappie was on a search to find the hidden lair during his freshman year, Rusty gets Dale to help him solve the mystery to get back in Cappie’s good graces. Will Cappie be impressed? Meanwhile, in Ashleigh’s absence, Casey has to decide if she should allow some of Frannie’s IKI defectors back into the house. And when Rebecca goes on her first date with Robin, she turns to Calvin for advice, but Calvin has some dating troubles of his own. Source: ABC Family

Episode 2.19: Social Studies Airdate: May 25, 2009

Delia: 18-20, female, sexy, sharp and flirty, she’s a women’s study student who knows Cappie well, and plans on studying with him for midterms. Michelle: 18-20, female, equally sexy and sharp as Delia, she’s also a women’s study student who knows Cappie well, and plans on joining him and Delia for a study session. Tiny: Late 30s to 40s. Male. He is the rather large owner of a car impound lot.

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2.20: Isn’t It Bro-Mantic? (Season finale) Airdate: June 1, 2009

“The finale has a really good cliffhanger,” Scott Michael Foster (Cappie) revealed at Saturday’s GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles. “And Jesse McCartney plays a really big part of that cliffhanger. It has a lot to do with him and Rusty …. I guess I get some action, too. In my women’s studies class I’m the only guy, so the ladies are like sitting ducks. Of course, he will always be at least partly stuck on Casey.” What’s Casey doing while Cappie’s getting busy? She’s getting busy herself! “She gets a lot of action … from multiple sources,” confirmed Spencer Grammer. “Cappie is her soul mate, but she’s young and she doesn’t always see that.” Source: The Ausiello Files

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  1. I love Cappie and Cassie together. They make sense n the chemistry is off the charts. Makes you believe in love. Even the cynical!

  2. If feel sorry for Max. He is such a nice dude. He should end up wit someone nice like maybe Ashley, but definately not cassie- that wud suck coz Cappie is HOT n SEXY!

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