New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Season Finale Spoilers – Jim & Melinda New Wedding Photos! Promos!

Episode 4.20: Stage Fright Airdate: April 24, 2009

“On Ghost Whisperer, I play a director of a soap opera, and I’m being haunted,” Kellie [Martin] tells. Source: Kristin on E!Online A soap opera “remote” shoot descends on Grandview, turning the town upside down and Melinda unearths a story as soapy as the show it’s disrupting. Also, a miraculous turn in Melinda’s life changes everything for her and Jim. Guest star: Cally O’Keefe: Kellie Martin, Duff Faraday: Patrick Breen, Grant Harper (Dr. Troy Holdon): Thad Luckingbill, Suzanne Zale (Celeste Barrington): Lesli Kay, Miles Maitland: Johnny Pacar, Janet: Ursula Burton, Brook Dennis: Amelia Heinle, Uniformed Cop: Teddy Lane Jr., Sound Guy: David Carpenter, PA: Kevin Covias, Camera Grip: Jeremy Roberts, Doctor: Fay Hauser.Source: CBS

Ghost Whisperer Stage Fight Promo

James Van Praagh Video Blog: Episode 420: Stage Fright

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Episode 4.21: Cursed Airdate: May 1, 2009

Melinda grows fond of a girl’s dollhouse that appears to be full of ghosts in need. Guest stars: Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell, Drew Stanton: DracyRose Byrnes, Emma Silber: Michelle Page, Waitress: Puja Mohindra, Lucy Stanton: Bellamy Young, Mother Ghost (AKA Holly Silber): Mary Chris Wall, Father Ghost (AKA Jeffrey Silber): J.C. Mackenzie, Zoe: Jaclyn Desantis, Boy Ghost (AKA Jason Silber): Eyad Kurd-Misto. Source: CBS

Episode 4.22: Endless Love Airdate: May 8, 2009

Melinda prepares for her wedding and helps a girl who believes she is being lured by vampires. Guest cast: Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell, Serena Westen: Alexa Vega, Jenn Westen: Gail O’Grady, Dale Westen: Erich Anderson, Andrew Carlin: Jake Thomas, Jonathan: Andrew James, Locksmith: Frank Crim, Zoe: Jaclyn Desantis, Waitress: Becky Wu. Source: CBS

Eli’s ex-girfriend Zoe seems to be a ghost, which she wasn’t a few episodes ago. This could be the death of someone close to one of the 4 main characters.


Episode 4.23: Book of Changes (Season finale) Airdate: May 15, 2009

Wedding bells ring for Melinda and Jim. Source: CBS

Melinda worries for her unborn child when she experiences a visit from a ghost. Guest cast: Gordon Bradey: Graham McTavish, Zoe: Jaclyn Desantis, Jeremy Bishop: Jason Brooks, Carl The Watcher: David Clennon, Faceless Child: Hailey Sole, Thief: Timothy Lee Depriest, Josh Bedford: Bruce Davison, Nurse: Wendy Washington, Det. Sam Blair: Ion Overman, Minister: Alfonso Freeman. Source: CBS


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Private Practice Episode 2.21 Recap!

We’re reeling like an uncontrollable crush on a married guy towards next week’s season finale of “Private Practice“. Everyone is trying to figure out what, and who, they want. Addison and Noah are still dancing around each other, Violet is getting bigger and bigger and the baby daddies are swarming, Sam and Naomi keep prolonging their inevitable reunion, and Dell… well, Dell is surly….READ FULL RECAP

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: 5.20 “Sweet Surrender”

Ellen Pompeo - Grey's Anatomy It’s been a while since the last new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, so here are the things you should remember: Derek and Meredith got engaged, Izzie is dying of cancer, Hunt and Cristina broke up because he almost choked her to death in a PTSD-induced nightmare, and Callie and Arizona are officially a couple.

Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy begins with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) examining her shiny new engagement ring in bed next to Derek (Patrick Dempsey) who is still asleep. When he wakes up, she tells him that she’s not really a ring person, so she doesn’t want to wear the ring. She’s also not a poufy white dress kind of bride. She and Derek joke together that they’ll get married in scrubs with a bouquet of scalpels and clamps. They walk out into the living room where Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Mark (Eric Dane) are making. The air immediately gets frosty because Derek and Mark are still on the outs.

In the hospital, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) is recovering from her successful brain surgery (with a full head of hair, no less) by poring over bridal magazine. Also, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) kiss on the stairs, in full view of the hospital staff, so obviously their relationship is going well. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has the day off, but she is at the hospital because she wants to watch Arizona perform a certain surgical procedure. Arizona starts to tell her about her relationship, but Bailey’s all, “Don’t do that thing where you tell me about yourself.” Their conversation shifts, and Arizona susses out that Bailey hasn’t yet told her husband that she wants to do a peds fellowship.

Izzie is pacing in her room back and forth, talking to purveyors of bridal stuff on her Bluetooth, capitalizing on her cancer to get them to deliver the dresses. Dr. Swender, in about the two seconds that she appears in this episode, is worried that Izzie should be conserving her strength because after her chemo treatment today, she’s really going to want to die….READ FULL RECAP

Smallville Episode Recap 8.19 “Stiletto”

smallstilleto.jpgPreviously on Smallville: Chloe agreed to help Davis work on his homicidal tendencies because she’s just that nice (and stupid).  Clark tried denying that he’s a super-powered alien to Tess Mercer, but she’s way too smart for that.

Lois Lane is turned away from a fancy journalism gala, making her seem overly desperate.  She complains to Chloe about how she can’t get an interview with the Red Blue Blur, or even the lesser superhero the Green Arrow.  How can Tess Mercer figure out all these secret identitites, but Lois, who has been close to both Clark and Oliver, can’t?

A mugger attacks Chloe and knocks her out, but Lois arrives to kick some bad guy butt.  Even in five-inch heels, she still knocks down two grown men without breaking a sweat.  One gets away in Chloe’s car, but she steps on the other’s neck with her heel and gets an idea, so she lets him know that there’s a new superheroine in town – Stiletto.

Chloe wakes up in the hospital, eager to get out and back to Davis in the basement.  Unfortunately, her laptop, complete with all her Justice League notes, was in the car.  Lois is nowhere to be seen as she’s busy writing up a news story about Metropolis’ newest hero, Stiletto….READ FULL RECAP

Supernatural Episode Recap: 4.19 “Jump the Shark”

Jared Padalecki, SupernaturalTHEN: Lilith returned to Supernaturalall grown up and wanting to have sex with Sam as part of a deal to stop breaking the Seals.  That didn’t happen, but we did find out that a prophet named Chuck has seen the future, and it’s not so good.

NOW: A woman is terrified in her house so she locks herself in her bedroom.  Too bad for her the monster is under the bed and it drags her down.  While being taken, she knocks over a picture frame.  A picture frame containing a photo of…John Winchester!

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean wake up from a night of sleeping in the Impala, and you’ll be happy to know Sam is dedicated to dental hygiene, brushing his teeth on the side of the road.  A call comes in on one of John Winchester’s old phones, and Dean answers it, telling the kid on the other end that John has been dead for two years.  The kid says he’s John Winchester’s son…READ FULL RECAP

24 Season Finale Spoilers!

24 (May 18, Fox)
What do you do on a typical day from 6 to 8 am? Because Jack Bauer is spending those two morning hours wrapping up his latest day from hell. Will Jack, who has taken an especially hard licking — addled by a lethal pathogen and what not — keep on ticking? And who else from this season will survive another harrowing 120 minutes and partake in the Fox series’ next “day” to be set in New York City? Tune in and keep your eyes on the clock. Source: TV Guide Online

Season 7 Finale Preview of ’24’: Kim Held Hostage

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Fox will close the seventh season of ’24’ with two-hour event full of terror and action that had Jack Bauer pleading for death in peace.

Season 7 Finale Preview of '24': Kim Held Hostage
See larger image The clock has returned after a full spin, “” will end the seventh season on Monday, May 18 with a two-hour finale. “Day 7: 6:00 AM-7:00 AM” and “Day 7: 7:00 AM-8:00 AM” 2-hour season finale episode airs on FOX starting 8/7c. After 22 hellacious hours underscored by the loss of innocent lives, the evil betrayal of Tony Almeida, the First Gentleman’s kidnapping and shooting, a vicious siege on the White House, heroic sacrifices, a conspiracy, exposure to a lethal pathogen and an unthinkable bio-weapon attack, Jack Bauer reaches an emotional breaking point as this remarkable day reaches its climactic conclusion. “24” has been ordered for an eight season and casting calls have been conducted. One particular important character which will be introduced next season is a 4-year-old girl named Teri who is described as Kim Bauer’s daughter.

Question: Tell me something about the 24 finale. I’m dying to hear anything! Ausiello: Can’t help you with the finale. Can help you with Monday’s penultimate ep, which finds Jack Bauer going all Jack Bauer on Tony. It’s a brutal scene, so if extreme violence isn’t your thing, run for cover right around the halfway point. Just make sure you come back in time to catch Chloe and Janis’ hilarious sneer-off. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: 24 scoop, please? Ausiello: I actually do have something about the finale: Kim will play a major part in it. And you’ll find out why next week. Source: The Ausiello Files

Chloe is back next week. After being hit by the news of Bill’s death and getting updated on the terrorist’s next plans, she will have some hard and fast personal decisions to make. (TV Guide)

3:00 AM-4:00 AM – Airing April 27, 2009
The nation remains vulnerable as Starkwood mastermind Jonas Hodges (guest star Jon Voight) remains at the epicenter of the mounting terrorist threat. Meanwhile, the FBI and the administration scramble to provide security and justice, and Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) questions a key suspect. (Fox)

4:00 AM-5:00 AM – Airing May 4, 2009
While lives remain on the line, some are lost, and an emotional Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) copes with the declining conditions. With only three hours left, the devastating day worsens when the politicking inside the White House corners the divided administration. (Fox)

5:00 AM-6:00 AM – Airing May 11, 2009
With the countdown on and innocent lives still targeted, Jack handles the situation and his imperiled daughter, Kim (guest star Elisha Cuthbert), gets involved. Meanwhile, the imminent threat stokes the heated rivalry between Chloe O’Brian and Janis Gold (Janeane Garofalo). (Fox)

6:00 AM-7:00 AM / 7:00 AM-8:00 AM Season Finale – Airing May 18, 2009
After 22 hellacious hours underscored by the loss of innocent lives, the evil betrayal of colleagues, the First Gentleman’s kidnapping and shooting, a vicious siege on the White House, heroic sacrifices, a conspiracy, exposure to a lethal pathogen and an unthinkable bio-weapon attack, Jack reaches an emotional tipping point as the remarkable day ticks toward its climactic conclusion. (Fox)

Question: News on Tony and the 24 finale? Ausiello: Speaking of Tony, the evil douche was the topic of conversation at Tuesday’s finale screening in Hollywood. Kiefer Sutherland admitted that Carlos Bernard wasn’t expecting fans to hold him personally accountable for his character’s actions. “Two episodes in he started getting hate mail,” he said. “Then he started getting the hate phone calls. It made him a little nervous.” For his part, Bernard views Tony as a victim. “I don’t perceive Tony as evil. He’s gone through really traumatic events. He’s a damaged individual. He’s a guy who doesn’t trust anybody anymore, feels abandoned and feels he has to take matters into his own hands.” Exec producer Jon Cassar urges viewers to reserve judgment until after Monday’s finale. “I know right now they are kind of upset that he’s bad, but it all kind of becomes clear in episode 24. We really wanted [the season] to end with Tony and Jack, and that’s how it’s going to end.” Fellow e.p. Howard Gordon was slightly less apologetic. “If people are disappointed or don’t like [how Tony’s arc is resolved], too bad.” (Make that a lot less apologetic.) Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Do you know if Janeane Garofalo will be back on 24 next season? I’m kind of digging Janis. Ausiello: Sorry to disappoint, but Janis will not be making the trek to New York. “I think the secret of this show is knowing when characters have had their story,” explains exec producer Howard Gordon. “And to transpose everybody [from D.C. to New York] starts feeling very coincidental. Even getting Chloe there … you have to explain how she got from Washington to New York and what happened. You can’t do that for everybody.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Any scoop on the 24 finale? Ausiello: “Renee is all over the place in these last two episodes,” reveals Annie Wersching. “I got to do my favorite stunt [of the season] — and they let me do it myself. It involves hanging off of a car and shooting and saving someone. It was really cool.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Bones Season Finale Spoilers!

Episode 4.26: The End in the Beginning (Season finale) Airdate: May 14, 2009

Everyone is a suspect when a body is found murdered at a popular nightclub known as “The Lab.” In an unusual twist of storytelling, Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian team take on various roles outside their normal duties, including serving as the nightclub staff as well as local law enforcement. A slew of special guest stars, including Max Keenan, Jared Booth and the members of Motley Crew, pay a visit. Guest Cast: Motley Crew (Mick Mars as Mick Mars; Nikki Sixx as Nikki Sixx; Tommy Lee as Tommy Lee; Vince Neil as Vince Neil); Ryan O’Neal as Max Keenan; Brendan Fehr as Jared Booth; Eric Millegan as Zack Addy; Patricia Belcher as Caroline Julian; Carla Gallo as Daisy Wick; Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray; Joel David Moore as Colin Fisher; Ryan Cartwright as Vincent Nigel-Murray; Eugene Byrd as Clark Edison; Pej Vahdat as Arastoo Vaziri; Sean Blakemore as Grayson Barasa. Source: FOX

I need news about Booth and Brennan hookup on Bones this Thursday! Yes, the Booth and Brennan hookup is baby-making sex, but it’s not just a clinical, uh, insemination. (Are we allowed to say insemination on the Internet?) From what we’ve seen, there’s a lot of romance and sensuality involved in the long-awaited consummation of Booth and Brennan’s relationship. Whee! Source: Kristin on E!Online

Bones Season Four Finale Pics, Season Five Preview

On May 14, Bones concludes its fourth season with an episode titled “The End in the Beginning” and a seminal scene in the show’s history: Brennan and Booth… in bed! While we haven’t uncovered any photos of the naked characters, post-coital, we have found a few spoiler pics from the season finale. To wit:

In the Lab

Booth and Brennan ImageBrennan and Booth PhotoThe LabBones Finale Scene

Meanwhile, star Emily Deschanel recently spoke on how the season finale will affect things heading into season five. “I’ve heard many little things about Season 5. You know they’re just beginning to write that now so you know I know less than what they know and they don’t know very much. So I know kind of because it ends with a kind of cliffhangerish thing,” Deschanel said, adding: “I know a little bit what happens after that but it’s hard for me to talk about it without people having seen the episode. But definitely Booth and Brennan will have a new dynamic the beginning of Season 5. As you would imagine since we end up, we’re in bed together in the end of Season 4 but it will, we will have a whole new dynamic the beginning of Season 5. Our relationship will change.”

Source: TV Fanatic

“Bones”: Are Booth & Brennan really having the sex? Ain’t so sure

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

“Bones” fans were delighted earlier this year when it was revealed that — after four years of the will-they-won’t-they dance — Booth and Brennan will hit the sheets in the season finale. The powers that be have been very clear that the Brennan/Booth sex isn’t a dream sequence or a hallucination (as Booth is experiencing in tonight’s ep). But as information has been leaking out about the final episodes of the season, you have to wonder if they might be planning some other kind of weird move. When I talked with creator Hart Hanson back in May of ’08, he mentioned that he was hoping to do an alternate reality episode… an episode where we would be seeing fan favorites return and also get a glimpse of Booth and Brennan leading a more couple-y life together.  Well, the season finale, “The End in the Beginning” is being called  “an episode with a twist” and it finds “Bones”‘ dynamic duo as owners of a club called “The Lab.” Um, pretty safe to say that ain’t happening in Kansas, Toto. That’s definitely not the world “Bones” viewers have come to know and love… not to mention that there will be a bunch of returning characters in the hour — including Zack, Jared, and Max — which has me further convinced that this could be the alternate reality episode Hart Hanson told me about. So now, the million-dollar question is whether the Booth-Brennan sex happens before the weirdness starts or if it takes place in the alternate reality. I’m really starting to think it’s the latter. Considering that spoilerphiles know Booth is having some major surgery this evening, one has to wonder if this much buzzed about hookup will actually end up being an anesthesia-induced, alternate reality copout. If that ends up being the case, will you cry? Or be cool with it?
-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

Question: Thanks for the Emily Deschanel Q&A. Now tell us what she said about the triangle with Booth’s bro! Ausiello: The events of the season finale will further complicate the triangle, she told me. “Booth’s suspicion of his brother and his inability to fully trust his brother [is heightened]. It will give us some different dynamics to play next season.” Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Emily said the sex between Booth and Brennan isn’t going to be a dream. What about a hallucination? Ausiello: She also confirmed that it is not a hallucination. I suspect it’ll be something in between the two. A dreamination, if you will. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Can you ask Emily Deschanel if, before joining Bones, she had read the books by Kathy Reichs? Ausiello: Sorry, got your question too late. Can I interest you in this answer she gave me about the show traveling overseas again next season? “We’re not traveling at the beginning of the season, but we may go away at the end of the season or the beginning of the next. The intention is to travel again. But the way the next season is going to begin it wouldn’t make sense.” Hmm … the way next season is going to begin? There’s a clue in there somewhere.  Source: The Ausiello Files

Emily Deschanel on Booth-Brennan sex: It won’t break ‘Bones’

Bonessex_lEmily Deschanel admits she finds all the hype surrounding Booth and Brennan’s hookup on Bones next Thursday a little mystifying. “It’s only a few minutes on camera,” she says, “so it feels weird to talk about it so much.” I couldn’t agree more. And to prove it, I’m not going to ask Deschanel… wait a second, did she say a few minutes?! Let’s dish, sister friend!

A lot has been made about what affect the sex will have on Booth and Brennan, but I’m curious what the whole experience has been like for you and David.
It probably strengthened our friendship, even though this kind of thing can probably ruin a friendship. Honestly, he was such a sweet guy. He was more supportive and concerned for me before we started filming than I would be. He had meetings about it. He’s like, “I don’t want anyone around.” He practically kicked out everyone — even the people who had to be there filming! And it’s a fairly tame scene. He was so protective of me; it was very sweet, actually. He wanted to make sure I felt comfortable. Of course, he also made jokes.

It must have been awkward.
It was awkward, but we were prepared for it. I laughed really hard during our kissing scene last season; it’s just really weird to kiss your co-star. I laughed this time in rehearsal, but I was really proud of myself for not laughing when we actually shot it. And honestly, it is a job. There were technical things we had to worry about.

How drastically will the sex alter the Booth-Brennan relationship?
It definitely changes the dynamic between the characters. But it’s done in a very clever way. [Series creator] Hart Hanson wrote the episode in a way that gets these two characters together — which a lot of the audience was waiting for — but doesn’t dissipate the sexual tension between them and, therefore, ruin the show.

Can you say whether Booth’s medical issues are a factor?
Let’s just say there’s definitely a twist. It’s not a dream, but there are twists. And there are [other] twists at the end of the episode that will be shocking as well.

Does the finale end with a cliffhanger?
A little bit, yeah. It’s not a matter of life or death, but it’s kind of huge. There’s a cliffhanger and it has to do with Booth and Brennan relationship. It puts their relationship in jeopardy.

Is anyone leaving the show?
Not anyone that people love.

Booth and Bones are getting together in the Bones season finale, airing May 14 on Fox! According to Emily Deschanel, “It should be surprising and good. The way it happens is surprising…I’m glad we waited this long. I think Hart [Hanson] wanted to find a clever way to put them together that wouldn’t forever taint everything on the show, and I think he figured a very clever way to do it.” (Watch With Kristin)

Fox has confirmed that Motley Crue will guest star on the May 14 season finale of Bones, performing “Dr. Feelgood.” This sounds like one of Booth’s hallucinations to me, but maybe not. A corpse is found at the popular nightclub, The Lab, where the Crüe plays, and the team investigates with “Booth and Brennan working together like never seen before.” Source: Entertainment Weekly

In the season finale episode, a body is found murdered at “The Lab,” a popular nightclub, and everyone is a suspect. In an unusual twist of storytelling, Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian team take on various roles outside their normal duties, including serving as the nightclub staff as well as local law enforcement. Motley Crew, Ryan O’Neal, Brendan Fehr and Eric Millegan guest-star. Source: FOX

When Booth’s brother resurfaces this week, his feelings for Brennan haven’t really died, so a bit of a love triangle happens and it likely lasts into next season. (TV Guide)

Episode 4.25: The Critic in the Cabernet Airdate: May 7, 2009

The team is on the case when human remains are found inside a barrel of wine during a wine tasting. When the victim turns out to be a wine critic whose scathing reviews were capable of sending a vineyard to its ruin, everyone from the winery’s owner to the victim’s own wife becomes a suspect. Meanwhile, Brennan decides she wants to have a baby and surprises Booth with the request to father her child. The unexpected request dredges up a host of unspoken feelings and unresolved issues between the two of them, and Booth becomes consumed by the prospect of having another child. The stress of the situation, coupled with Booth’s undiagnosed health issue, paves the way for a surprise visit from Stewie Griffin (guest voice Seth MacFarlane), Family Guy‘s diabolically clever baby who offers Booth advice in his inimitable style. Guest Cast: Seth MacFarlane as “Stewie Griffin”; Joel David Moore as Colin Fisher; Jeff Yagher as Sean Mortenson; Scottie Thompson as Kim Mortenson; Scott Alan Smith as Bruce Hanover; Latarsha Rose as Jenny Holt; David Greenman as FBI Forensic Tech Marcus Geier; Chad Willett as Charlie Dunwood; Steven Meek as Dr. Les Granger; Kelly Noonan as Rachel Granger; Deborah Lacey as Nurse. Source: FOX

What happened to the episode of Bones that Fox planned on pushing till next year?
“The Beaver in the Otter” is now going to air on April 30. (Yippee!) The title may make it seem like it’s the Booth and Bones sex episode, but it’s actually not. Emily Deschanel teases, “We’re having a lot of fun talking about the Beaver, who is a real person—his name is Beaver, and the otter is the costume he’s in.” No sex yet, people, but keep your eyes peeled because it’s coming. Source: Kristin on E!Online

The Girl in the Mask – Airing April 23, 2009
When the sister of Booth’s (David Boreanaz) Tokyo-based detective friend Ken Nakamura (guest star Brian Tee), goes missing in DC, Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are on the case. But after they find her decapitated head in a canal, Ken joins Booth and Brennan to trace his sister’s secret life away from home. (Fox)

The Beaver in the Otter – Airing April 30, 2009
When the body of a fraternity brother nicknamed “Beaver” is found inside the mascot uniform of a rival school, Brennan and Booth discover that “Beaver” was making a killing of his own through a money-making operation on the side. Meanwhile, Booth offers to help his brother Jared (guest star Brendan Fehr) find a new job after his dishonorable discharge from the Navy. (Fox)

The Critic in the Cabernet – Airing May 7, 2009
Brennan decides she wants to have a baby and surprises Booth with a request to father her child. The unexpected request dredges up a host of unspoken feelings and unresolved issues between the two, and Booth becomes consumed by the prospect of having another child. The stress of the situation, coupled with Booth’s undiagnosed health issue, paves the way for a surprise visit from Stewie Griffin (guest voice Seth MacFarlane), FAMILY GUY’s diabolically clever baby who offers advice in his inimitable style. (Fox)

The End in the Beginning Season Finale – Airing May 14, 2009
In the season finale episode, a body is found murdered at “The Lab,” a popular nightclub, and everyone is a suspect. In an unusual twist of storytelling, Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian team take on various roles outside their normal duties, including serving as the nightclub staff as well as local law enforcement. Mtley Cre, Ryan O’Neal, Brendan Fehr and Eric Millegan guest-star. (Fox)

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