Smallville Episode Recap 8.19 “Stiletto”

smallstilleto.jpgPreviously on Smallville: Chloe agreed to help Davis work on his homicidal tendencies because she’s just that nice (and stupid).  Clark tried denying that he’s a super-powered alien to Tess Mercer, but she’s way too smart for that.

Lois Lane is turned away from a fancy journalism gala, making her seem overly desperate.  She complains to Chloe about how she can’t get an interview with the Red Blue Blur, or even the lesser superhero the Green Arrow.  How can Tess Mercer figure out all these secret identitites, but Lois, who has been close to both Clark and Oliver, can’t?

A mugger attacks Chloe and knocks her out, but Lois arrives to kick some bad guy butt.  Even in five-inch heels, she still knocks down two grown men without breaking a sweat.  One gets away in Chloe’s car, but she steps on the other’s neck with her heel and gets an idea, so she lets him know that there’s a new superheroine in town – Stiletto.

Chloe wakes up in the hospital, eager to get out and back to Davis in the basement.  Unfortunately, her laptop, complete with all her Justice League notes, was in the car.  Lois is nowhere to be seen as she’s busy writing up a news story about Metropolis’ newest hero, Stiletto….READ FULL RECAP

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