Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: 5.21 ‘No Good at Saying Sorry’

How’s Izzie doing on Grey’s Anatomy?
Sharon Lawrence makes her debut as Izzie’s mother this week, and according to Izzie’s mother’s psychic, Izzie is going to be just fine. You will be shocked to learn Izzie’s mother’s psychic is not reliable, and in point of fact, Izzie’s cancer is getting worse, not better. [Dear Shonda, Please play God and give Izzie a miracle. We want her to live. Love, Team WWK] Source: Kristin on E!Online

Any scoop for this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy?
Mer steps over the line with a patient this week, and that causes the fight of the century between her and the Chief. She also uninvites him from the wedding! By the way, you can check out Mer and Der’s official wedding website if you happen to be wondering about the special day. Source: Kristin on E!Online

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 5.21 Preview: Meredith Could Get Fired

Admitting a victim of gunshot, the Seattle Grace Hospital staff are divided when Meredith takes side on the suspect.

'Grey's Anatomy' 5.21 Preview: Meredith Could Get Fired

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

See larger image Meredith is jeopardizing her career as a doctor when she takes side on a crime suspect. In the next ““, a little girl is accused of shooting her father 17 times and Meredith stands up for her. The controversial medical case causes her and the Chief bitterly fighting against each other with the possibility of Meredith being suspended. As preparations continue for Meredith and Derek’s wedding, Izzie receives a surprise hospital visit from her handful-of-a-mother, Robbie. Meanwhile, a newly sober Thatcher visits his daughters, Meredith and Lexie, in order to make amends. “No Good at Saying Sorry” airs April 30. On another news, who said it herself at Paley Fest that she would appear in the season finale, has withdrawn from the contract. ABC released a statement, “Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts on behalf of ‘‘, Kaley Cuoco regrettably will be unable to guest star on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Kaley is a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy and hopes to work with them in the future.” The statement was issued on April 23 and later that day, Cuoco’s rep e-mailed to EW, “To clarify, it was a publicity related commitment, not a production conflict.”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Mer & Der’s Wedding Website makes me want to…

…makes me want to nothing.  I saw the site and sighed. Okay, whatever, anyway, Meredith and McDreamy have set a date — May 14th — and Izzie — self proclaimed “wedding planner extraordinaire” — has put together a sweet little online celebration at If you’re into “Grey’s” and Mer and Der and pretending Seattle Grace exists in the real world, you should totally give it a look. Something certainly worth your time? Their registry. No, really. In lieu of gifts, the couple asks that you contribute to one of three charities, each has a special significance to one of the three people (ahem, fictional characters) mentioned in this post.

Casting News

Shannon Lucio to Replace Kaley Cuoco by Ingrid Diaz on April 23rd, 2009
According to an EW exclusive, it seems that the “publicity conflict” blamed for Kaley Cuoco pulling out of her scheduled Grey’s appearance is actually not a publicity conflict after all. Instead, CBS is being blamed. The network apparently pulled the plug on the entire operation because (according to an insider): “They didn’t want one of their biggest stars appearing on one of ABC’s biggest shows. It’s that simple.” CBS fail. Cuoco’s replacement is now said to be Shannon Lucio, whom you might remember from The O.C. as Caleb’s illegitimate daughter. The question still remains what the role is. An Izzie relative might still be a possibility. Even with the recasting it doesn’t sound particularly farfetched. Source: EW

Blind Item – Latest from Ausiello

This is a blind item, so this could apply to any countless show. This may or may not apply to Grey’s Anatomy. Congratulations are in order! A major female character on a popular and highly rated hour-long drama series will learn that she’s pregnant next month. Come to think of it, hold off on the congratulations. This is far from a happy occasion. You see, the expectant mom will be none too thrilled to find herself with child. For starters, the timing couldn’t be worse — both professionally and personally. And then there’s the baby daddy. He’s been, um, going through some stuff lately. Personal stuff. The kind of stuff only a psychologist and/or a surgeon can fix. A kid is an extra dose of crazy he probably doesn’t need right now either. On the other hand, maybe a new life is exactly the kind of game-changing event these two do need. As the saying goes, good things come in initially small packages. Of course, there’s an added wrinkle I have yet to mention. The bun in her oven? It may have company. Who will unexpectedly find herself in a family way and then some? Deliver your best guesses to the comments section below! Source: EW

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