Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap 4.21 “Cursed”

‘Ghost Whisperer’ welcomes you to the dollhouse

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Melinda is pregnant, she and Jim are in love, Delia and Eli are going to throw her a baby shower, spring has sprung, and we have one of the seriously creepiest episodes of “Ghost Whisperer” we’ve had in a long while.

Drew is a little girl who has a decidedly creepy dollhouse full of ghosty dolls tucked away in her attic. The custom-made dollhouse is modeled after the house her cousin, Emma, lived in as a child. Emma’s family all died three years ago, and she now lives with Drew and Lucy, her aunt. Drew confides to Melinda that the dolls miss their daughter… and they want her with them.

After Melinda has a vision of bodies laying around and someone slitting their wrist, she goes to check out the dollhouse. Drew tells her the dolls move around on their own, and she hears them whispering. Lucy tells Melinda the original house was torn down, and that she’s keeping the dollhouse for Emma when she’s older. She’s all weird about the dollhouse, and Emma, and she’s just as freaking scary as the dollhouse herself. That night, Emma finds Drew talking to the dolls, and then sees and hears them moving around herself. They then lock her in the attic with them.

The next morning, Emma brings the dolls and the dollhouse to the store, and asks what Melinda might know. Melinda says she’s seen visions of her family, and that their spirits are connected to the dolls and the dollhouse. Emma explains that the dollhouse belonged to the house, not to her family. She’d never seen it before Drew found it. And she wasn’t the one who cut her wrists.

That evening, Melinda gets some one-on-one time with the dolls, who show her that Lucy was the one who cut herself, and that someone’s broken a promise they made. Eli talks with another Rockland U professor who teaches about voodoo, and she thinks Lucy’s blood sealed the spirits into the house, and by demolishing the real house, they’re trapped in the dollhouse. Additionally, Emma has a bunch of her parents’ money coming to her when she turns 18… or Lucy would get it, if Emma died.

Inexplicably, the dollhouse returns to the attic, where Emma finds a tiny note saying “Get out. You’re next.” She asks Drew what the dolls have been saying, since now she believes her family’s spirits are living in the dolls. Drew tells her they’ve said Lucy hurt them, and that she’s going to hurt Emma. Emma realizes that Lucy killed her whole family. Emma tries to run out, but before she can leave, she has a moment with the spirits of her family, freed from the dolls. And while that moment freaked me out, someone get that nice lady playing Emma’s dead mom some hand lotion.

Once Melinda realizes that Lucy had taken the dollhouse back, she runs back to the house. Meanwhile Drew watches her mom doing spooky voodoo over the dollhouse. Drew freaks out, and tells her mom she’s now scared of her, and has a big old knife to protect herself. At this point, the whole house – not the dollhouse – begins to shake, and Lucy says “they’re out.” Emma comes back to protect Drew, but Lucy grabs Emma, and yells that she’ll kill her if “they” don’t stop.

Melinda swoops in at this moment, and the spirits explain about the night they died. They believed Lucy killed them for their money, but Lucy was just looking out for Emma, who she thought had been out partying that night. She’d peeked in their windows to check on Emma but the spirits thought she was checking to make sure they were dead. Then scary Lucy turns back into sweet Lucy, who can still perform complicated voodoo spells, but I digress, and the family heads into the light. And the dollhouse is now just a dollhouse, but still creepy.

During this episode, Melinda can’t find the wedding rings she’s worn on a chain since the night Jim “died.” In the end, Jim tells her he’d taken them to the jeweler to get engraved with the word “forever.” And then Jim asks Melinda, again, to marry him. Nice moment, but “Jim” has only been gone nine weeks, right? Grandview is going to be buzz-ing about “Sam.”

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