Lost Episode Recap: “Follow the Leader”

Lost Episode Recap: “Follow the Leader”

On Wednesday’s episode of Lost, Locke, Ben and Sun seek out Richard Alpert’s advice in 2007. Back in the Me Decade, Jack and Kate help Eloise Hawking understand how she came to kill her own grown son. And Sawyer and Juliet’s cover is blown when that surveillance video comes back to haunt them. I’ll post a full recap later; in the meantime, use the space to share your thoughts on “Follow the Leader.”….read more

Lost Episode Recap: “The Variable”

Dan is a man with a plan. After weeks of questioning what exactly Daniel Faraday knows or doesn’t know, and whether or not we should trust him, Wednesday’s episode of Lost, the show’s 100th, gives us a peek into that complicated brainiac’s melon, and what we find out is scary to contemplate. It seems that Daniel wants to prevent the folks at the Swan station from drilling, because it will release a dangerous amount of electromagnetic energy, killing many and launching a series of events that will eventually cause the crash of Oceanic 815. To counter this, Faraday thinks the best course of action is to detonate a hydrogen bomb. Come again, Daniel… while I pick up the pieces of what was once my staggeringly capable brain, read on! Namaste, y’all! Let’s get the Daniel backstory out of the way before we cover Operation Boom-Boom Island Bye-Bye, shall we? (Brain not quite working still. With any luck, my college roommate wasn’t lying when he told me that Newcastle Brown Ale contains important brain-enhancement properties.) Onward!….read more

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